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Henry Cavill Plays Coy About 'Fifty Shades Darker' Casting Rumors

Henry Cavill Plays Coy About 'Fifty Shades Darker' Casting Rumors

Rumors have recently surfaced that Henry Cavill will be joining the Fifty Shades of Grey sequel Fifty Shades Darker in the role of Anastasia Steele’s new boss Jack Hyde.

The 32-year-old Batman v Superman star talked with two different outlets about the rumors and played very coy!

“Basically what I can say is I can’t say anything about it right now,” Henry told E! Online when asked if he would be joining the series. “How can I make this interesting? I think it’s probably best that I say nothing for now,” Henry told ET as well.

Meanwhile, Charlize Theron was also rumored to have a role, but she shot down the story.

“I hadn’t heard that one,” Charlize told E!. “Wow, I’m just learning so much about myself on this carpet tonight.”

WOULD YOU LIKE to see Henry Cavill star in Fifty Shades Darker??

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  • elisa

    If he was my boss i would leave Grey in a heartbeat, he is too hot for the role

  • Nikki Tomas

    He is too good to be in these shit abuse is romantic movies. Don’t do it! Don’t ruin your reputation like others did.

  • Delores Pauldo

    That’s what it calls for. But don’t care if he get the role of have gotten it. Wish that Hayden christensen would have gotten to play in the series. Can play darker roles like that. And don’t say he would have messed it up. People always get actors that has wore our their welcome on the big screen. Nobody ever think to hired him for roles like that. Hayden could have been recommend to play the part. Hayden got stop been too picky about roles.

  • Apple

    It would be interesting if Henry does take it (spoiler alert!) Jack is gay and has a boyfriend.

  • lshelton22

    He and Jamie Dornan look so much alike though. They could be brothers.

  • shoes4life

    His career will be ruined. Henry keep in mind this could affect how people see you as Superman, don’t do it!

  • ed

    LOL two years ago he was to good for Grey and now he “can´t talk about it” ja.. everything comes full circle

  • Eman Ahmed

    No I don’t want him to play this role. He played an important rolls. This will be a mistake in his history

  • Mads_22

    Wasn’t he in the running to play Christian before they casted Charlie/Jamie?

  • harrietfordypa

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  • Arrow 12

    Ooh that is a good one

  • LiiL

    exactly! her boss have to be not this kind of sexy, otherwise women would start to ship Ana with him..

  • b324

    So FSoG started as Twilight fanfic and Stephanie Meyer wrote Twilight with Henry in mind for Edward but he didn’t get the part because he was too old to play a 17 y/o. So I can see why rumors or people behind the scene would like to try and get him involved in some way with this movie. But good lord, Henry run. RUN! You’re to good for this franchise.

    I’m embarrassed to say I read the books, but holy crap, I thought Stephanie Meyer was awful. That book read like essay papers 14 year olds wrote in high school who didn’t know how to write and just ran to a thesaurus to include as many words as they could to get a good grade.

  • random87

    Nope not going to work he is way to good looking to play that character i never thought of her boss as good looking when i read the books.

  • Lilly

    He would make an awesome jack and Theron would be terrible as Elena , she’s too young and doesnt fit the role but sharon stone would be perfect for Elena .

  • Lilly

    600 million for a R rated movie says otherwise.

  • Bella Novela

    please don’t do it
    the first movie was a complete cringe fest, and I don’t think the second will be any better if not worse
    Henry is a good actor (unlike the cast of 50 shades of shit) .. he will lose people’s respect if he associated himself with that trash

  • PlayNice

    Don’t do it, Henry!!!! For the sake of your career. Take GOOD and intriguing roles, not sh!t roles…

  • My Take

    Hardly think anyone’s reputation was ruined participating in this franchise. The movie and books have been hugely successful worldwide, and both lead actors have gone on and made several films since this movie. All things considered, their gamble is paying off.

  • Nikki Tomas

    Yes they did. I have multiple friends in the industry. Some people only give them jobs because they want press for films and some want nothing to do with them because the film was shit.

  • Nikki Tomas

    Yes but how many walked out? How many hated it and wont see the second one? Quality not quantity. It tanked the next week and got pulled out of the theaters early and went fast to dvd. The next shit movies will not make as much and Universal knows that and are scrambling to get big names in the movie and quality well know director and they cannot because it is shit.

  • My Take

    Well, we’ll see what the future holds for the franchise as well as the lead actors. For a movie that was shit, it broke multiple records worldwide. Additionally, it is even more curious then that the “Grey” book released subsequently sold extraordinarily well and also broke some records. Apparently there is a large market for this franchise regardless.

    Dakota just finished filming “How to Be Single” as a lead character. I believe her role was originally slated for Lily Collins but then given to Dakota. I don’t think that would happen if she was a crap actress. She is also in “Black Mass.” Again, that is not a movie that needs “press” as there are big name actors in it. Her name has also been mentioned in Variety recently I believe as a possible contender for an Oscar nomination for supporting actress in “The Big Splash.” These projects don’t sound like small potatoes.

    Jamie, too, has made several movies since FSoG playing lead roles. He also already had acclaim for his role in “The Fall.” I wish he gave a stronger appearance in FSoG, but he can turn it around in the sequel which is supposed to be more of a thriller.

    Bottom line, many if not most actors at some point appear in movies that are less than stellar. It doesn’t ruin their careers. At all. What ruins their careers is to give consistently weak performances. IMO

  • Nikki Tomas

    Dakota gets jobs because of her name and that FsoG was “popular”. That is how Hollywood works.Get people in movies that are in the now to get more press for said movie. Grey sold a bunch but if you read reviews it got slammed and many many people came out and talked about how it really showed the abusive side.

  • My Take

    Disagree that Dakota gets parts because of her name. No producer in his right mind would risk his investment by putting a relatively unknown actor in a role because of their family name. Also, her father, Don Johnson, and step-father, Antonio Banderas, has said in several interviews that Dakota never used her family connections for parts and never asked for help getting parts. In fact, she often would not even tell casting agents who she was because she wanted to get the parts on her merits. She has gotten good reviews in everything she has been in and that is why she is getting roles. Has nothing to do with her family connections.

    Still, your post does not disprove my contention that these actors have not harmed their careers by participating in FSoG. So what if the Grey book got slammed? So didn’t the FSoG books. That did not stop people from going to the movie or buying the Grey book after seeing FSoG. This franchise is going to continue to make money. Dakota and Jamie will be fine as long as they give the best performance they can with the script they get for FSD which I believe will have better dialogue than the first FSoG script. At least I hope so. :-)

  • GingerGirl

    Henry is GORGEOUS and one of the best actors of today. He was only joking …

  • Vonny Indriani

    I picture him as Dr Flynn.. As Henry is British, and so is Flynn..

  • Nikki Tomas

    Can’t believe people are excited about this crap that romanticizes abuse. Something is wrong with people. It will make money, not as much but sadly it will but then it will go away. Can’t wait for that day. As for Dakota and Jamie I would rather get roles based on my talent then what horrible but popular movie I was in. Once the hype of this crap goes down I bet they won’t be getting as much roles. Hollywood wants who is popular to bring in crowds. If you think no one knew who Dakota was when she went in for auditions for are a fool.

  • My Take

    Clearly from your post your issue really is about the FSOG subject matter that you find distasteful. That is a separate issue from whether participating in the franchise will hurt the actors careers. I stand by my contention that the only thing that will hurt their careers is if they give weak performances in their recent projects. Dakota got very good reviews for her portrayal as Ana, and she has been reviewed positively in virtually everything she has appeared in. Jamie needs to give a stronger performance in FSD–which will be more of a thriller, and he, too, has received positive reviews for his acting in The Fall. If they receive good reviews in their current projects then I think all will be fine for their careers. IMO

  • Nikki Tomas

    She got good reviews because they changed the character to be stronger. Many people have said that the studio heads wanted to really change her because they thought it would not translate well onto the screen. Even they knew it. It will “help” there careers because they are not well known, it was popular so they will get jobs because studios want to get as much press as they can. While someone like Cavill who is well known already would probably hurt his career. Charlie Humman knew it so he left. And don’t think it is because scheduling issues like they said in the press. He knew it was shit and didn’t care if it would make money.

  • My Take

    It doesn’t matter whether they changed her character or not. It is a matter of whether she can act, and she obviously can thus the good reviews. Once again, this seems to come down to the subject matter of the movie for you. That is fine. However, because you hold a negative view of the franchise does not mean Jamie and Dakota’s careers are over because they appeared in it. LOTS of big name actors have appeared in bad movies over the course of their careers. It is more about the performance they give with the material they are given. That is my take and really all I have to say about it. We just see the situation differently.