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Michael B. Jordan Perfectly Answers Offensive 'F4' Questions

Michael B. Jordan Perfectly Answers Offensive 'F4' Questions

Michael B. Jordan, Kate Mara, and Jamie Bell pose for photos while making an appearance on the talk show El Gordo y La Flaca on Friday (July 31) at Univision Studios in Miami, Fla.

Earlier in the week, Michael and Kate did an interview for a radio station and were asked about their characters Johnny Storm and Sue Storm being siblings.

“From what I’ve seen, you’re brother and sister. Am I missing something?” an interviewer asked them.

When they said “no,” the reporter said, “But you’re white and you’re black. How does that happen?”

Michael gave a perfect response (via Buzzfeed): “They could be raised as brother and sister. There’s a whole bunch of family dynamics that could be without the ‘obvious adoption.’”

FYI: Michael is wearing a Simon Miller top. Kate is wearing Jimmy Choo shoes.

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Credit: Alexander Tamargo; Photos: Getty
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  • FrenchGirl

    I think it was a legitimate question.
    To be raised as brother and sister is different to be brother and sister by adoption or by biological link
    You can marry him/her in the first case whereas you can’t in the 2nd case

    I don’t watch the movie but when I learnt the characters are brother and sisters,I though they or one was adopted

  • KeithAdams

    Now that’s the geniune, classy way to answer a question.

  • devvv

    How many times are interviewers going to ask this question? A part of your job as a journalist is to do research before the interview. Michael, the cast, and the director have answered this question multiple times. It’s not a hard concept to grasp.

  • Conte435

    How’s that a offensive question.

    O because a black actor got casted for a white person role and they have to do some ridiculous added story to explain it and anytime someone touches on it even a reasonable question it’s ” offensive ” to the Stalin like media we have these days

    How dare someone point out the obvious.

    We’re living world were loser people get to say anything they don’t like is offensive and the rest of us have to all along and pretend, sorry not me .

  • BczIcan

    apparently, that up to date, on point reporter didn’t read the article about the white woman who married a black man and had twins, one black, one white. Full biological sisters. Reporter needs to come into the 21 st century and do his homework.

  • Camila Oliveira

    But what are the story of them being siblings?

  • Jon M’Shulla

    Boycott the Fantastic Four film.

    It sucks anyway. Save your money.

  • Jon M’Shulla

    No….he was telling them they are jerks and their movie is trash. You need to read between the lines.

    The FF reboot film sux anyway.

  • Jon M’Shulla

    He said the question that you heard but, the real translation means…The Fantastic Four film is garbage and you are all trash that won’t burn.

    Figure it out.

  • Jon M’Shulla

    Classy? Maybe? But a lie. MICHAEL’S true answer is: “We suck and our film does too.”

  • Gina

    Maybe it was a legitimate question for someone who lacks common sense & critical thinking skills.

  • Gina

    Maybe it was a legitimate question for someone who lacks common sense & critical thinking skills.

  • Gina

    White people are constantly cast in roles that are historically & factually meant for people of color but nobody ever questions that (I’m talking actual real life people being played by white actors). But when a black guy is cast to play a FICTIONAL character everyone throws a fit. Everyone is expected to ignore these double standards, sorry not me.

  • KeithAdams

    Did you even see the movie? Did you get an advance copy of the movie and watched it? If not, your comment makes no friggin’ sense whatsoever! Unless you’ve seen it before it came out (not the trailers or clips or photographs, the whole movie itself), stop being such an major league troll!

  • VanityInsecurity

    It happens both ways.. There has been white roles written in FACTUAL characters that Black actors portrayed.. Not one white person complained. If you’re going to acknowledge double standards then acknowledge them on both parties. Making a big deal on this issue is one sided of you & most people who have no real knowledge on the subject.

  • LaCroix

    So it’s offensive to ask a question that has been an issue with comic book fans, in how they are going to address the sibling story? This topic has been so one-sided.

    I don’t think they would have cast a black actress as the ONLY female lead in the movie, to balance the symmetry of the siblings. But they cast a black actor for the male part. People should be more offended over that.. because they need a WHITE actress to pull in the male demographic. Honestly it isn’t at all ground breaking to cast Jordan when you really analyze their(studio) strategic moves.

  • Gina

    Gimme a break. A white person playing a person of color’s part happens far more often. Only recently have black actors been given a chance to play parts that they would have been excluded from in the past because of their race. You’re lying if you say white people haven’t complained. Many white people are so use to getting their way that when they don’t they have a total meltdown. You clearly have no real knowledge on the issue of white privilege.

  • Jay

    They ruined the movie but casting a nig as the Human Torch.

    Since 1961 when the Fantastic Four were created, the Invisible Woman and the Human Torch have been biological white siblings.

    Don’t change the origins so you can cast a nig!

    I will never watch or support this movie.

    I would have bought a ticket opening day had the Human Torch been white like Stan Lee created him to be.

  • Jon M’Shulla

    No. Nope. It is trash. Everyone but, you seems to hate it.

    Plus….Fox has been making crap FF films forever. They need to sell the rights back to Marvel. When this movie bombs it will help make the world a better place.

    BOYCOTT the Fantastic Four reboot movie.

    Thank you.

  • KeithAdams

    You see, you’re not making any sense again! I never stated that I have seen it nor have I implied that I’ve seen it. You’re jumping to that conclusion! I will reserve my own judgement of the movie.

    Boycott the movie your damn self!

    Thank YOU…..for the meaninglessness of your nonsense.

  • Carletta Starks

    OMG! Jay literally went there! What is wrong with you people? It’s a fictional movie, not anything of historical significance. Boycott all you want. In fact, why don’t you boycott the human race, you obviously do not belong in it.