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Kristen Stewart Wishes She'd 'Tear Sh-t up on the Dance Floor'

Kristen Stewart Wishes She'd 'Tear Sh-t up on the Dance Floor'

Kristen Stewart flaunts some major midriff while heading out of her hotel solo on Sunday afternoon (August 9) in New York City

The 25-year-old American Ultra actress appears on the new September 2015 issue of Elle UK magazine where she was interviewed by Juliette Lewis.

In her interview, Kristen admits she has “no rhythm” but wishes she could “tear sh-t up on the dance floor”!

Also pictured below: Juliette grabbing lunch at Joan’s on Third before hitting the Farmer’s Market that same day in Studio City, Calif.

FYI: Kristen is wearing a Jonathan Simkhai top and L’Agence shorts. Juliette is wearing a Splendid top.

10+ pictures inside of Kristen Stewart and Juliette Lewis out and about…

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  • amelie

    what the hell is she wearing?

  • beyonce is bae

    i actually don`t mind the girl at all but damn does she have a nasty and racist fanbase. after fka twigs lolla performance i looked up her instagram and OMG it was like a car accident i couldn`t look away. “kristen is pretty, you are ugly. kristen is a queen you are a monkey. rob will never love you he will always only love kristen. kristen is the best and you are just an ugly black n*gger” and so on . i think i reported at least 50 different accounts. so disturbing.

  • Lilly

    She looks adorable and beautiful and I’m excited about promo week , there’s some really cute pics with her and fans in New York today so you can scurry back to robs board we know who you are .

  • Lilly

    Love her and there’s cute promo photoshoot pics with Jesse today on her sites they look so adorable .

  • AngiePangie21

    I love that Kristen likes girls… Check out these two lipstick lesbians first date on YouTube

  • jason

    she dresses gay now

  • Heidi

    While I don’t condone racism , they are right about krlsten being pretty and her being ugly , but she can’t help that neither can krlsten control what her fans say . Rob had vile fans who said very bad things for seven years and still are I don’t expect him to control that either , as for he IG she Invited the hate with her twitter comments and stupid pics she posts, people will comment and she knows it .

  • Heidi

    No she’s always dressed comfy and dressed up for events , so if she wears Chanel couture to premiere tomorrow you will say she dresses gay?

  • beyonce is bae

    WHAT.THE.HELL? for your information i happen to think that fka twigs is prettier than kstew. it all depends on taste but thank you for proving to me again how nasty you kstew fans are. i will pass that message along.

  • illumina

    Stop after your first sentence. You DO condone racism.

  • beyonce is bae

    seriously! what is this joke of a human?

  • niagirl

    Slay this promo, girl.

  • amelie

    ??????????? oh jesus…..note to self never ever look at a kristen stewart article ever again.

  • lulubean

    She is amazing, and enjoying her fans in New York!! She is such a terrific and hard working actress. Great role model for young people today. She has her head on straight, no drugs and hard partying or getting into any other crazy a** sh*t!. Sure she has made mistakes when she was younger, but who hasn’t? She has learned from them, owned them and moved on. I think she is fantastic. Wish her the best always.

  • twigs fan

    oh look kristen stewart has her own article but it`s still not enough for her nasty fandom. they still after one year go to every twigs article and spread their vileness and hate. right thulla and niagirl for example? and looking at twigs twitter and instagram kristens nasty fans are also still bombarding her with racism and hate daily. are you not even ashamed for how vile you people are? would kristen like this kind of behaviour from her fans? i think she would be ashamed of you! when are you going to grow up and move on? twigs has nothing to do with kristen. why do you hate on her? if you are so happy for kristen then why be so bitter and hateful to kristens ex new gf? doesn`t make any sense it just makes you people look insane.

  • twigs fan

    YES EXACTELY they are insane! what a disgusting fandom.

  • Lola

    I’m sorry but as a Kristen’s fan myself, I can assure you not all her fans are batshit crazy and would never harass someone like that, so please don’t generalize. I love twigs and also find those comments disgusting but sadly people won’t change. Now, not that it’s an excuse but Robert’s and her fans are really dirty with Kristen’s as well so you can call it a “fanbase war”. It’s ridiculous.

  • Nina

    The same with rob fans… They still cant let go
    No one is better than the other..

  • janet

    Whey does she hide her lover… Be gay and proud, Kristen? You loving the butch life!!

  • twigs fan

    what is this sorry excuse???twigs has NOTHING to do with that! and YES RACISM is WORSE! why the hell are kristen fans hating on twigs? she has NOTHING to do with kristen! kristen and rob had something to do with each other. are you kristen fans so insanely bitter or what is your problem? or are they just sick in the head? are rob fans stalking and being abusive to kristens gf too? because i never heard of that. but it seems like kristen fans can`t see straight anymore because of all the hate inside of them. they are abuser!

  • twigs fan

    that`s nice that you love twigs but again what does twigs have to do with that?? why is she the target? are rob fans stalking and being that abusive to kristens gf? 85% of twigs abusers are kristen stewart fans. why????? what is going on with them? they are NOT normal. they are racist abusers and i am sick of them.


    Lying britshit aliens. Those pics aren’t even New York City and Los Angeles. They’re not even America.

  • Lilly

    That would be wise on your part I’d say.

  • Lilly

    Well I myself think Zoe kravitz is stunning twgs is just ugly pretentious and sings like a dying cat what’s racist about that? I’m sure from reading above comment that’s the same idea I got , shes just not attractive it doesn’t apply to race!

  • Lilly

    Why are you here? Go complain to your fellow disgusting fandom who did this times ten to krlsten for years as she didn’t whine on twitter like this pretentious idiot, if she can’t handle the pressures of celebrity she should quit .

  • Lilly

    Go preach to your fandom were here to enjoy Kristen’s AU success not listen to you whine

  • Lilly

    Yet you’re here she owns your ass , go preach to new MJ twigs I heard she wants to be white now with green eyes lmao

  • Lola

    Whoever Robs dating right know, even if it wasn’t Tahliah, would be the target so don’t take it so personal. Why? Because Kristens been bullied at the point to get death treats by Rob’s fans for 7 years and counting (tiring right?) and she never whine about it. That’s the main reason some of her fans would never do the same to another person because trust me we know how horrible it is, but some others think it’s just not fair that Kristen got all that hate just by dating Rob while T is just being loved. As I stated before, it’s ridiculous. Oh and as for Kristen’s girlfriend (?), they’re abusive, just not directly because neither she or Kristen are public in social media but they’re really nasty on Twitter and other blogging platforms.