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Kristen Stewart Can't Stop Smiling in New York City

Kristen Stewart Can't Stop Smiling in New York City

Kristen Stewart steps out of her hotel with a big smile on her face on Sunday (August 9) in New York City.

The 25-year-old American Ultra star couldn’t keep the smile off of her face as she greeted fans and headed down the crowded street.

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Kristen is on this month’s new issue of Elle UK where she actually talks about smiling and her classic “resting b-tch face” – be sure to check out her interview if you missed it!

FYI: Kristen is wearing Ileana Makri jewelry.

25+ pictures inside of Kristen Stewart with a big smile on her face…

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kristen stewart cant stop smiling in nyc 01
kristen stewart cant stop smiling in nyc 02
kristen stewart cant stop smiling in nyc 03
kristen stewart cant stop smiling in nyc 04
kristen stewart cant stop smiling in nyc 05
kristen stewart cant stop smiling in nyc 06
kristen stewart cant stop smiling in nyc 07
kristen stewart cant stop smiling in nyc 08
kristen stewart cant stop smiling in nyc 09
kristen stewart cant stop smiling in nyc 10
kristen stewart cant stop smiling in nyc 11
kristen stewart cant stop smiling in nyc 12
kristen stewart cant stop smiling in nyc 13
kristen stewart cant stop smiling in nyc 14
kristen stewart cant stop smiling in nyc 15
kristen stewart cant stop smiling in nyc 16
kristen stewart cant stop smiling in nyc 17
kristen stewart cant stop smiling in nyc 18
kristen stewart cant stop smiling in nyc 19
kristen stewart cant stop smiling in nyc 20
kristen stewart cant stop smiling in nyc 21
kristen stewart cant stop smiling in nyc 22
kristen stewart cant stop smiling in nyc 23
kristen stewart cant stop smiling in nyc 24
kristen stewart cant stop smiling in nyc 25
kristen stewart cant stop smiling in nyc 26
kristen stewart cant stop smiling in nyc 27
kristen stewart cant stop smiling in nyc 28

Credit: T. Jackson; Photos: INFPhoto
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  • Ash

    Wow, this is the prettiest I’ve ever seen her whilst wearing her comfort clothes. She probably has makeup on for a working day but nevertheless she looks refreshed and very lovely.

  • Suchafan

    Such a gorgeous girl and great actress!

  • carol buss

    Kristen is beautiful anytime but it’s been a long long time since she has faced the paparazzi with the happiness just radiating off of her. Wonder what lies the tabloids will come up with to try to explain this. Let’s watch what X17 and CDL come up with. The Duck signs off.

  • val

    she’s very man-ish

  • valy

    omg really? your fake aunty, got a fake car, working from her imaginary home?? i guess we should all click on your fake link and get a real computer virus then shouldn’t we!


    didnt she just said in an interview that she would never smile for paps? she’s totally contradicting herself

  • amanda

    she’s smiling to the fans

  • guest

    she is a fake

  • Ann-Sophie

    she should do something about her racist, vile fans. most disgusting fandom out there!

  • Hola

    My she is radiating. So good to see her so happy

  • Ann-Sophie

    A kristen stewart fan on twigs instagram making death threats:

    “Robert is not comfortable with a bitch like her, indefatigable running even rumors that he does not want to marry her. Robert with Kristen was free to do what you wanted while you can not even make a life! Have you seen his hair that made ​​him do? Kristen was free of them at will, Fka is only a bitch, ignorant, selfish , horrible person and also sings, plays and makes obscene videos. Kristen was right for him, it was nice and respectful to him. Fka should just die. FOH.”
    and then that animal also had the nerve to tell a twigs fan that a lot of people (aka her fellow kristen stewart fans) think like that. scum of the earth!

  • Maria

    Wow. She actually knows how to smile. I don’t think she’s anything special, but she looks MUCH better when she smiles.

  • Isa

    well she has to promote a comedy…


    Lying britshit alien. Those pics aren’t even New York City. They’re not even America.

  • twigs fan

    i am sorry that i am spamming the kristen boards (sorry for kristen and her normal fans) but enough is enough. the death treaths and the racism and abuse being thrown at twigs from kristen stewart fans daily are only getting worse. they don`t stop. twigs has NOTHING to do with kristen and yet the kristen stewart fans turnt into full psychopaths. are robs fans doing the same to kristens girlfriend??????

    and yes i know it is not every kristen fan and i also know that there are a few rob fans as well but i swear it is 85% kristen stewart fans being the abusers. this has gone too far now because again twigs has nothing to do with kristen or the former relationship of rob and kristen. NOTHING! i think it is time that kristen gets aware of what her fans are doing because i think she is the only one who they would listen to and they are HER fans afterall. a lot of twigs fans think like this now and thanks to kristens gross fans who seriously link kristens private instagram to racist and vile messages they are sending to twigs (!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! how unbelievable is this?) we now know about kristens instagram.

    again sorry to the normal and nice kristen fans.

  • Dee

    Now will everyone stfu about her not smiling?! Always beautiful, Kristen!!

  • heather

    HILARIOUS – she smiles and waves when she has a film to promote, but flips them off the rest of the year. FRAUD


    Could Kristen Stewart fans please stop posting racist, hateful things on FKA Twigs social media already? Kristen seems very happy in her new lesbian relationship so why continue to harrass her ex and his girlfriend. Go haunt Alicia Cargile’s social media if you are sooooo devastated that she isn’t with Pattinson anymore. It’s disgusting!!

  • ginnea

    She looks great- Looking forward to seeing the movie.

  • Marcoblow

    well i don`t fault her for that. everyone of the hollywood bunch is like that. they are all fake. but yeah she should definately stop pretending like she is different. she is just as fake as the rest.

  • Abigail

    kind of sad to see after everything that kristen preaches about feminism and supporting women how her own female fans try to tear down and destroy the life of another woman (fka twigs) in such a cruel way. the question is just why? because she is dating kristens ex? the same ex kristen cheated on????? how insane…

  • Lilly

    Go preach on twigs article she’s the whiner all the time

  • Lilly

    Can you just stay on your BDSM queens sites and stop infesting Kristen boards, I’ve read this ten times and I don’t care if she’s black, white , green, yellow , she’s a pretentious talentless tasteless woman who sings about sex and makes gross videos which are more porn than artistic, geez now leave!! Most people don’t like her so what? Call the cops …

  • Lilly

    Wrong she smiled at the fans and told them to stay when paps tried to push them away, she took many fan pics with them so watch the video before you make a stupid comment .

  • Lilly

    What’s insane is you’re here preaching about this , go make a poster and start a protest RMFE!! Kristen took this abuse for years and this wannabe can’t handle it less than a year without whinning on social media .

  • shut up

    fuck off disgusting kristen stewart fan. you psychos are on every twigs article and on her twitter and instagram. maybe you people should for ONCE stay off twigs social media accounts and stop stalking every single article about her. focus on your cheating homewrecker queen. maybe she can fuck some more directors and make more porno like movies. it suits her! she should be aware what a disgusting fanbase she has. and we will let her know now. she is one of the most hated clebrities so she should be able to take it.

    suck_upon is her instagram right?

  • Lilly

    I’m not because I don’t care and I’m not a whiner like twigs and her fans , krlsten took this abuse for years and never whined so go preach to the choir and start a protest somewhere else .

  • shut up

    twigs has nothing to do with kristen!!! why are you insane losers so obsessed with her???? bitter much! kristen has a gf! she moved on. maybe you disgusting people should try the same!!!!

    and hilarious kristen whines about EVERYTHING: fame, paps, media, her teachers failed her, her haters, she even whines about when she gets rightfully attacked for HER mistakes whine whine whine whine

  • Lilly

    If you watched the video she was smiling to fans and asked paps to not push them aside .

  • shut up

    we will don`t worry. making screencaps about all the racism and abuse and bombarding her with it.

    kristen whines about everything. there is nothing she hasn`t whined about. what a weak loser she is.

  • shut up

    hilarious when kstew fans get pissy when twigs fans point out how disgusting and racist they are. oh poor things you don`t like when we come to kstew articles?? hilarious how about you stop stalking twigs. stop stalking her social media and all her articles. you are PSYCHOS. YOU freaks started this and you haven`t stop since a year now.

  • Heidi

    I’m glad she divulged her private life to you and who she’s dating at the moment , but aside that she can’t control her fans anymore than rob can, he knew for years the abuse she got and did nothing so maybe since he’s so mr twigs PDA king now he should start a protest about his poor fiancé he sure has a lot of time on his hands shopping for fabrics and all.

  • Heidi

    She’s beautiful above dont you think? Would you know what dress she had on this morning on the today show? It was gorgeous .

  • Heidi

    Fallon tomorrow night k fans get ready!

  • shut up

    listen you sound like you still haven`t moved on from robsten. i don`t CARE about what rob fans did to kstew fans and what kstew fans did to rob fans. they at least had something to do with each other but twigs?? she has nothing to do with their break up or kristen? and still you insane fans seem to be so incredible bitter that you went into complete psycho mode.

    what kind of freaks are you? attackaging someone that has nothing to do with your idol?? bitter losers

    question: are rob fans stalking alicia???

  • shut up

    lmao you loser no i wouldn`t. but i bet you and your fellow kristen stewart fans know EVERYTHING about twigs.

  • shut up

    lmao says a kristen stewart fan . waaaaa fame is the worst thing in the world waaaaa oh but let me go to another completely useless fashion show or do some more fashion shootings because it has so much to do with acting but i am not like the others iam the realest and most hones of them all….

    there is a reason why people hate her so much and its not just the cheating scandal

  • twigs fan

    OMG you are REALLY stalking everything about rob and twigs. you even know when there are sightings or fanpics of them. you LOSER are a PSYCHOPATH. MOVE ON!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! stop stalking people that have NOTHING to do with your idol kristen stewart!!!!!!!!!!! you disgusting abnormal abusive vile kristen stewart fans!

  • twigs fan

    lmao says that psycho stalker that knows every move of rob and twigs. you also spread your psycho comments on gossip cop and other articles. you must not really like kristen because why the hell else would you spend so much time stalking rpatz and twigs???? what a hate filled lunatic that is unable to move on

  • twigs fan

    but do you have time????? you spend so much time stalking rob and twigs how much time will you have left for your actual idol kstew??