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Who is A on 'Pretty Little Liars'? FAce to FAce Spoilers!

Who is A on 'Pretty Little Liars'? FAce to FAce Spoilers!


The identity of A was finally revealed for real this time on the summer finale of Pretty Little Liars.

“You will find out who ‘A’ is toward the beginning of the episode and then the rest of the episode, it really is the story of ‘A,’” series creator Marlene King told Variety.

And she wasn’t kidding… within ten minutes of the episode starting, the real identity of A was revealed!

The end of the episode will show a five-year time jump that will set up the second half of the season.

Click inside to find out who A is on Pretty Little Liars…

CeCe Drake (Vanessa Ray) is shown to be A! She was the best friend of Alison DiLaurentis and the first time that the liars saw her, they even mistook her for Alison. We find out that CeCe is really Charles DiLaurentis, Jason’s twin, and that she is transgender. After her transition she was known as Charlotte and she ran away, eventually coming back as CeCe. She eventually dated Jason, her own brother. CeCe wanted to kill Bethany, but accidentally killed Alison. Their mom saw it happened and helped bury Ali to hide the evidence and she paid a cop off to give CeCe an alibi. While in Radley, Mona (who confessed to killing Bethany) thought that CeCe was Ali and did everything she told her to do.

After spilling more dirt, the liars find where CeCe and Ali are. CeCe tries to blow up the building, but fails. She eventually tells the liars, “game over.”

The episode jumps five years later and the four main liars run into a classroom where Ali is a teacher. They say “he” is coming for you and that they must leave now, but Spencer comes in and says he is already there. You can find out what happens next when the season returns!

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  • Jess

    ARE.YOU.FUCKING.KIDDING.ME. I was so excited to find out who A was and as soon as it was revealed I had to force myself to finish the episode. So disappointed.

  • Ryder

    agreed. it was ridiculous.

  • Cleosmil3

    so cece fucked her own twin? what?

  • Canon Lyn

    The groundwork for that wasn’t laid. “Charles” in the mask at the ball was clearly a man. I think the writers just decided to switch it up do to current news, but it’s an epic fail. Not that the transgender story wouldn’t be awesome, but the groundwork doesn’t fit that profile at all. Messy and too many holes in that story for it to pan out.

  • Loubna Meron


  • Jenny from the flop

    lmfao dumb ass writting. the only reason they added the transgender plot is because of the whole caitlyn thing, and they want to jump on the bandwagon! it would be more interesting if it was one of the main girls

  • Jess

    They worked around it by saying they never did anything “romantic” and that’s why Jason was so angry all the time. Which was a bad attempt at trying to make this story fit.

  • ammeymortin3
  • Fabian

    LOLWUT – this is supposed to make any sense to people who followed this show for five years?! They lost me at the “dated her own brother” part. EW EW EW EW EW.

  • Cleosmil3

    That sounds so dumb. I’m so glad i gave up on this nonsense of a show

  • Max

    Bad, bad, bad writing!!!

  • Leeanna

    Can I rephrase that for you?…

    “There are some fan theories that are way better than this!”

    Sorry, grammar freak. .

  • Leeanna

    Honestly – I find this a complete waste of time. I’ve been following this show for at least a year! I stopped a few months ago, only because I was really busy at the time and I didn’t have time for this. I lost my place in one of the episodes so I just decided to completely start from the beginning. This show is very interesting, mysterious and it leads you to a whole bunch of theories. First we thought it was Toby, then we thought it was Ian, and now it’s some Cece bitch that comes into the picture? When did Alison even have a twin? I guess I haven’t watched it enough yet. I’m pretty into this show. I like the characters, the personalities, and the action. I know I was really excited to find out who A is. PERSONALLY – Wouldn’t it be even more nerve racking if A was one of the girls in the “posse”? AND I think Hannah’s best friend, Mona, was a little too dumb. I don’t like her character either. It would have been interesting if one of the girls was A all along. But that’s just me!

  • Sophia

    Who realized that ALL the liars parents got divorced sometime in the seasons?