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Hayden Christensen Blows Bubbles with Daughter Briar Rose!

Hayden Christensen Blows Bubbles with Daughter Briar Rose!

Rachel Bilson shares an adorable photo of her husband Hayden Christensen with their nine-month-old daughter Briar Rose on Sunday (August 16).

The father-daughter duo sat in the park and dad Hayden blew bubbles while Briar Rose sweetly rested her hand on his lap.

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It looks like the little family has been spending time in Hayden‘s home country of Canada based on Rachel‘s countryside photos and her snap from Tim Hortons.

This is the first time that Briar Rose has made an appearance on Rachel‘s Instagram. She only joined the social network a few months ago though so hopefully there will be more cute photos to come!

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  • Delores Pauldo

    Its not her husband jared. You jumping on the bandwagon with that too? Both need to be working not spending time doing nothing. Why he don’t that here instead are canada? Rachel is the one that is going up there avoiding work. He still not showing any affection. And where is she which he is doing that? And why is doing this? Both are not working on nothing these days. Thought she didn’t like going up there so much back and forth? Still didn’t see the baby face jared.

  • Delores Pauldo

    Why he isn’t working?

  • RachelM

    @Delores Well every site calls them husband and wife, so they may have been married for a long time for all we know, we only see a glimpse of their lives. Her sister confirmed last year that they are engaged and have been for some time, could be maybe they married since their daughters birth,

    Hayden has been working on 90 Minutes in Heaven which is premiering next month and has 2 other projects lined up, and Rachel has stated she is taking time out to be a mom to her child, so your comments don’t make sense, and also if you follow Just Jared at all you will know they follow the No Kids Policy, so if Briar Roses’ face had been shown they would not have posted the picture

  • Delores Pauldo

    Really jared this not important at all. She just up there cause he didn’t want to come back here and she would be alone with the baby. Don’t why hayden put up with anyway and haven’t left her alone to find someone else. He is not happy being with the baby and she followed him up there for no reason. She suppose to be working and he should be too. What a mess he made his career and life. And he never mention nothing about the baby and she drag that baby up there. But he still don’t and Rachel made the baby be with him that is crazy for her to do. To prove she won’t mess with another guy or mess this up. Why they haven’t been on a real vacation like other people do? Going to canada is not going to help her. She lied and said she wasn’ t to do it anymore and she did. Why can’t he stop her from takingpics. And I do not want see anymore pics are him doing nothing. Thought she would have dumped him by now that his career has went down hill. Why can’t be with other women and have fun too. And leave canada for awhile and enjoy hisself. He still not married to her jared. And don’t know why she is not working at something. Both still don’t mention the baby. And why you make a big deal everytime she post something from instagram? She don’t post she getting a job. Still running behind Hayden. Both should have broken up by now why haven’t she his career is going bad by the minute. Why she keep using Hayden for personal gain and why he let her do this to him? Both are not big movie stars and you still post them? This was not important at all. To make be with a child he don’t care about when he comes to California. Rachel is very stupid.

  • Delores Pauldo

    Jared post other pictures of other babies do not lie on jared ok. Since she came clean on the cancellation of her show jared didn’t post nothing about that. But he can post something a relationship that suppose to be one. That’s all Rachel do now is do instagram of Hayden. Is there anything else? How much she is going to use this? Rachel m Hayden haven’t did a money making movie in years since Rachel ran back to him. His career has went down hill since then. Yes 90minutes in heaven he did last year marco polo when will he start filming that and the other one untot? Is that’s the reason she is hanging up there have to be a reason? And no they are not engaged or married ok. Both are single and Rachel think she has the right to be up there. She is up there because he went back home and was not coming back right away. She is so insecure that some woman want to talk to him. He should be doing that anyway. And why haven’t Rachel have not done that too? Hayden should be ashame for letting Rachel control him like that. When he is in California he don’t do that. Rachel always taken advantage are him when it suits her. And he let her do it to him all the time. No people don’t want to see this at all. She is only doing for publicity cause he won’t say anything about it. I still think they are on the rocks. Why do all are this to prove something. Rachel is a big liar and people know this. She still running behind Hayden like she use too. Don’t need to put Hayden family in this they don’t like her. The way she use Hayden for a baby. If he don’t be California she run up there. Rachel messed up her show to be with Hayden and not work. That’s the real reason the show was cancelled. Not because are low rating andnot because are the baby. Don’t know why Hayden put up with her in Canada. Why she joined instagram anyway? She never wanted to show pics before. Hayden don’t even be bother with the baby in California why there? And he don’t look happy at all there. So why Hayden do this anyway? So what about 90minutes in heaven. Rachel don’t have nothing coming out. Using Hayden that’s what she doing on his coattail again trying to prove she won’t date another guy behind his back. That is all Rachel is about is man not a career. She dragging Hayden down with her. Hayden should know that’s what she is doing. Hayden is not made to be a daddy and Rachel know this. Why post this for Rachel benefit. You can’t get her to post for a job like this. Hayden should have dumped her by now and not let Rachel use him. Why you want to see this again. Hayden need to promoting a movie or working not letting Rachel use him like. He didn’t give other co stars a baby. Why he let Rachel use him like that anyway? She never wanted to work anyway. Hayden will never talk about this baby at all. Why Rachel making him do this? Why bad person she has become. A baby don’t make a career. Thougt Hayden had more sense that this than to put up with and Rachel and what she has become. She don’t want nothing let Hayden go

  • Delores Pauldo

    People magazine says that they are a on and off couple jared . Why didn’t you say that too. Hayden looks sad here. Can’t get rid are Rachel. Hayden need to stop support what she does. When it comes to ttaking these instagram pics. She not in them so why she did it. Rachel don’t how to move on from things. She could move on from being with Hayden. Its time to do that. The baby making it worse by dragging this baby up there. She don’t want to work anymore? Lazy mom she turn out to be. All about being with a man all the time. This why she messed up her show for abyway. Hayden going to mess up his career being with her. What she think this going to get a movie deal being with him. Its not going tio happen. Thought Hayden suppise to be doing a movie. What happen to that?

  • zoe

    @Delores Pauldo: you seriously need to go get help)

  • Ghost

    @ Delores Pauldo—are you still trying to type comments, over and over and over again, whilst still making no sense????

    You still have not bought an English dictionary either, nor learnt the art of making a paragraph.

    Just to really annoy you—-I have seen pictures of Briar’s face and she is a very cute Baby, and Rachel like all new Mum’s are allowed to stay home if that is what they want. Hayden has been working or do you just gloss over that because it would ruin your rubbish theory?

    Like the person above wrote—-you need a life or at the very least a new hobby. LOL