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Jennifer Aniston's Wedding Veil Was Reportedly by J.Crew

Jennifer Aniston's Wedding Veil Was Reportedly by J.Crew

Jennifer Aniston chats on her cell phone while arriving on the set of her upcoming film Mother’s Day at a local Sprouts Farmers Market on Thursday (August 27) in Peachtree Corners, Ga.

The 46-year-old actress stars in the star-studded film alongside Julia Roberts, Kate Hudson, Jason Sudeikis, Britt Robertson, and more, as it follows different stories with different moms on Mother’s Day.

According to Us Weekly, newlywed Jen wore a J.Crew veil to her recent wedding to husband Justin Theroux.

15+ pictures inside of Jennifer Aniston heading to set in Georgia…

Just Jared on Facebook
jennifer aniston jcrew wedding veil 01
jennifer aniston jcrew wedding veil 02
jennifer aniston jcrew wedding veil 03
jennifer aniston jcrew wedding veil 04
jennifer aniston jcrew wedding veil 05
jennifer aniston jcrew wedding veil 06
jennifer aniston jcrew wedding veil 07
jennifer aniston jcrew wedding veil 08
jennifer aniston jcrew wedding veil 09
jennifer aniston jcrew wedding veil 10
jennifer aniston jcrew wedding veil 11
jennifer aniston jcrew wedding veil 12
jennifer aniston jcrew wedding veil 13
jennifer aniston jcrew wedding veil 14
jennifer aniston jcrew wedding veil 15
jennifer aniston jcrew wedding veil 16

Photos: AKM-GSI
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  • b324

    Those pants prove that the pleated mom jean/pant look looks horrible on everyone, no matter their size or shape.

  • forest4trees


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  • Noushin Kananian

    All the best Jen!

  • Ethery

    28 August 2015

    You put these two in a scene with other supporting players like Jack W and Britt R could be hilarious.
    I wish Mother’s Day is like Sandy centered movie and all characters just revolve around her.
    The way they did with We’re the Millers.
    I don’t care if it will make money or not,
    she was already paid for this with no strings attached to her own money.

    I just hope that she had a back end deal payments if ever this movie will be another hit.

    We’ll I think this movie will make money.
    A married Jen A brings gold to the box office.
    Except for The Iron Giant all of Jen A’s wholesome movies made money.

    Gary Marshall series of Holiday movies are clean which is good for the whole family.

    Jen A and Jason S is like Rachel and Ross in a movie,
    their chemistry is timeless. It is like the 2 stooges plus minus the anonymous 1.

    They could and will continue to bring laughs in our seats if both of them are as healthy and willing to work hard as they did before.
    They will surely float as indispensible talents in the film industry as long as the stock market exchange exist.

    I care that Jen A play a big portion on this movie and made another breakthrough or phenomenal brilliant performance which is not surprising because she always does.

    He is Not That Into You is a good movie
    but is not a one or two character centered movie.

    All I know is that there are quite a few actresses who could carry and elevate these comedic films well.
    Jen A is the number one comedic actress of her generation, she will bring an emotional note to the movie just like what Robert D Jr did with Trophic Thunder.

    I just don’t want to see a 1/6 We’re the Millers part 2 movie.

    I want 1 whole of it, Sir Garry Marshall.

  • Ethery




    It’s a personal question that I don’t get it until now.
    Since I really don’t know her.

    All I know is that I enjoy watching most of her movies because I like rom-com and drama.
    I have nothing to do right now, I am living at ease.
    I am just wondering because I will wait until two months after April 2016 for VOD release of Mother’s Day movie and between today and that time that could be the only mainstream movie I have seen since I am not really watching other movies or TV shows.
    I got use to that already that I only watch Jen A movies.

  • Nox

    If we will check the photos after the article
    about her ring (20 August)
    we can see the picture 12.
    Her hand is raised, little finger and thumb protruded.
    Perhaps she became a Freemason to develope career,
    because we are talking about Hollywood.
    May be she was under psycological pressure
    to convince her she will never find nobody better.

    May be she tried to prove something to somebody.
    That was an emotional step without any reason
    to hurry.

  • Ethery

    So you are aware of that hail Satan/Lucifer hand sign? Years ago I thought it was an I love you hand sign.

    If T.R. is a child photographer and a friend of the husband that is freaky.
    Since Freemasonry have that ritual and beliefs that the younger the child or victim, the more power and more vitality or longevity they will gain.
    You could search these that Pope Francis and other cardinals were sued for abusing children (I don’t know what these Freemason priests did but if there is a smoke like these accusations at one of the courts in Europe there is definitely a fire), have you seen the Vatican people inside St Peter’s Basilica or cathedral were singing to Lucifer.
    Look at what they are wearing, punk dress style. And her videos are produced with a signature of devil something.
    She sometimes wears that skull middle finger on her right hand which she used on her Picture Perfect movie.
    Same feathers flock together. If she was on it, she was locked on that system for that sake of fame and fortune.

  • Nox

    Well, Ethery,
    do you wat to say Wanderlust + HB1 +
    HB2 are better movies comparing to
    Marley & Me and Love Happens ?
    Really ?
    So it’s his influence ? Just great.
    Do you want to say his daily workout and good education is a reason to marry ?
    Do you think he dreams about an older woman looking at 20-25 y.o. girls every day ?
    A “certified one woman man”?
    Are you sure ?
    Don’t you remember him coming into hotel with blond girl and with a big bottle of vodka in hand ? People remember these photos anyway.
    You are talking about her business deals, about time to be like her married friends, but no one word about love, Ethery.

  • Joy B Angie

    Brad Pitt married her because of Love.
    Why did Justin married her ?
    Why not to ask DRF ?
    She is a woman and understands all of this way better.

  • Ethery

    JBA I think you are right. That is interesting to hear.

    The reality is inevitable that once he was.

  • Nox

    Because of ____ for what?

  • Joy B Angie

    Ethery, my hypothalamus tells me:
    It’s not your business.
    Feeling in my heart is different :
    you may take a 4.5 V battery
    and put the contacts to your tongue -
    like that.
    My hypothalamus is in the head.
    Heart is not in the head.
    Heart tells me I need this therapy
    because it’s useful for my soul.

  • Joy B Angie

    Movie theater is a good place just for teens
    who has no separate flat to enjoy each other.
    Also I hate a powerful sound without ability to regulate one.
    Home watching is more comfortable – you may repeat any moment you want, you may watch a film once more and focus on any aspect.

  • Ethery

    31 August 2015

    Your only Son, no sin to hide

    but You have sent Him from Your side

    to walk upon this guilty sod,

    and to become the Lamb of God.

    Your gift of love (Jesus Christ and in Him crucified) they crucified.

    they laughed and scorned Him as He died

    the humble King they named a fraud

    and sacrificed the Lamb of God.


    O Lamb of God, sweet Lamb of God

    I love the holy Lamb of God.

    O wash me in His precious blood.

    My Jesus Christ, the Lamb of God.

    I was so lost, I should have died,

    but You have brought me to Your side

    to be led by Your staff and rod,

    and to become a lamb of God
    (to become the likeness of Jesus Christ in character)

    Repeat Refrain.

    “Behold, God is my salvation, I will trust, and not be afraid,
    for the LORD JEHOVAH is my strength and my song;
    He also is become my salvation.” Isaiah 12:2



    1. THE SAVED/SAINTS/RIGHTEOUS/WHEAT – their sins they committed was always transferred to the heavenly sanctuary where Jesus Christ is ministering as High Priest and the Lamb of God/paying the penalty of the saints’ sins.
    Jesus Christ is the Advocate of the saints to God’s heavenly tribunal/court
    (their is an ongoing judgment of the saints right now at the heavenly court before He comes on earth at the harvest to give the saints their rewards).
    The saints’s sins keep Jesus Christ work in the heavenly sanctuary when the saints repent and asked for forgiveness of their sins in prayer.

    On the Day of Atonement, there is cleansing of saints’ sins at the heavenly sanctuary.
    High Priest Jesus Christ will transfer all the sins of the saints to the scapegoat/Lucifer/Satan/the devil.

    One day in the future, Lucifer will be punished according to the accumulated sins of the saints that was transferred to him aside from his sins.

    Lucifer know this, that is why Lucifer don’t want you be a saint.

    If you do the math in ratio and proportion, is like this,

    the more saints in heaven

    the more Lucifer will suffer the punishment of saints’ sins that was transferred to him.

    GOT IT.

    So I recommend for the saints that next year on the Day of Atonement on October 12, 2016,
    that day they need to fast like,
    fasting is don’t eat any solid food, but drink only organic fruit juices or leafy vegetable juices or distilled water or Smartwater until Jesus Christ comes on the Feast of Tabernacles on October 19, 2016 (the end of the world).

    For when Jesus Christ will leave the heavenly sanctuary He could not do the work of the High Priest anymore after the Day of Atonement on October 19, 2016?
    After His work as a High Priest in the heavenly sanctuary,
    He will come to earth to pick up His saints
    so He could no longer do the work of transferring the saints’ sins to the heavenly sanctuary and finally to the scapegoat.
    We call this phase of salvation,
    the close of probation for all human beings to saved.

    Make sense because a saint could not afford that his or her sins will stay with him or her when Jesus Christ is done with His work while He is on His way (for a seven day journey) here on earth for the harvest at the end of the world.

    The saints were always told to watch, pray and fast
    (fast from all distraction to hinder the saint to be saved)
    for purity and clean heart or holiness or be perfect as God is perfect.
    God is the embodiment of the Law.
    Jesus Christ is perfect because He never sinned,
    He never broke the law.
    For sin is the breaking of the 10 commandments of God.

    The saint could not do this on his or her own works,
    for salvation is a gift from God,
    that is why he or she needs to pray.

    In prayer the saint talk to God, in reading the scriptures or the Holy Bible God talks to the saint. The words of the Holy Bible or holy scriptures are like the leaves of the tree of life.

    There is power in the word of God because it is Jesus Christ in written form. The holy scriptures or Holy Bible (King James Version) is also called the sword of the Spirit.
    So your Holy Bible is worth your life or your death.

    “… This is the word of the of the LORD unto Zerubbabel, saying, Not by might, nor by power, but by my spirit, saith the LORD of hosts.” Zechariah 4:6.

    This is the structure of prayer:
    When a saint pray he or she address it to
    “Our Father in Heaven (praise God the Father)”,
    next is ask for forgiveness of sins,
    next is thanksgiving,
    then petitions (one of the petitions should be to ask God the Father for the Holy Spirit to dwell inside the saint),
    last step of prayer is adoration again to God, that He is the Creator God, then say “IN THE NAME OF JESUS CHRIST I PRAY,” “Amen.” to end the prayer (without acknowledgement in the name of Jesus Christ on your prayer,
    Father God could not hear you because Jesus Christ is the only mediator, the door, the way between Father God and His saints).

    After prayer, read the holy scriptures.
    Creator God speaks thru the Holy Bible.

    For the Holy Bible/the word of God will have a sanctification process on the saint.
    There is power when God spoke to a saint in the holy scriptures.

    Third step, the saint will apply what he or she learned from God’s Holy Bible to his or her daily life.
    One of these applications is give tithes
    (one tenth of your net income) and offerings (2nd one tenth of your net income) to the true church of God.
    I believe there is one true church that exist today,
    that one church teaches about the cleansing of the heavenly sanctuary in year 1844, in response to prophet Daniel prophecy in Daniel 8:14.
    It is Republican presidential candidate Doctor Ben Carlson’s church.
    He found it, I found it (I have to because I need to give my tithes and offerings to a true church of God).
    You could find it too if you are only willing to do so.

    Last step, the saint will share the good news or the gospel of Jesus Christ and in Him crucified to others.

    But first you must be baptize with water immersion by an ordained male pastor of the true church I am talking about. Baptism is a requirement to be a member of God’s true church in these last days.


    They don’t watch, they don’t pray to ask forgivness of their sins, they do not fast for God, they don’t have faith that works. They don’t love Creator God enough to develop this personal relationship with Him as their Savior and King.
    Imagine Creator God as King with laws in the land or laws in heaven,
    you should be willing to follow the laws of the King if you want to be a citizen in heaven.
    The law of Creator God King of Kings is the 10 commandments.

    The lost follow the mode of operation and attitude of their master, Lucifer (to lie, to kill, to steal, and to destroy).
    Their sins are in them.

    One day in the future, they will suffer the punishment of their accumulated sins before their second death.

    Lucifer’s problem is not the wicked or the lost.
    Because the wicked or the the lost will suffer according the the punishment of their accumulated sins before their second death.

    God the Father already wrote our names in the book of life. God the Father see us as saints in our wicked state,
    He see in us in the final product of His work of salvation,
    a beautiful holy unblemished saint in heaven.

    But if the saint will choose the path that leads to death,
    God the Father will hide His tears when His saint sin,
    for He had no pleasure to see the death of the wicked,
    and say “erase his or her name on the book of life.”

    Nox, I don’t know your real name.
    But once upon a time there were two living saints who walk this planet,
    their names were Joanna and Paul.
    Before they knew Jesus Christ and in Him crucified at the cross,
    they were classified in the lost/wicked/unrighteous category.

    I see Jen and Justin right now,
    that they will follow the footsteps of these sleeping saints ahead of them.
    (Now she could enjoy his body for pleasure without a guilt of committing a sin,
    for a union of a married man and woman in bed is holy,
    pure and undefiled according to the Holy Bible).
    (Being guilty and when your conscience is bothering you because you are not doing what is lawful and right in the sight of God, there are some chemicals in your brain that are being released to damage the brain cells,
    like a stress, being on that state for a long duration of time is not healthy for our brain,
    negative thinking is not healthy to be in).
    (To sin is not healthy physically, mentally, socially, emotionally and spiritually – you will notice that sin always follows the path to self-destruction and or in hurting/destroying other people)

    (She deserved to be happy, it is lawful and right to God
    that she now owns his body,
    look at her hubby – he seems delicious when she needs him and now that he was married to her,
    she can do whatever she wants with his body)
    (Why should I explain this on detail,
    it is not my business
    but do you understand right now what I am saying).

    (Coupling outside of married zones is a sin,
    if Justin had a union with not his wife, it is his sin,
    it is not our business,
    it is his sin against Creator God that he will be held accountable for) Got it Nox.

    :-) smile …

    Be happy,

    smile again,

    (I will be sued for hate speech for this
    but I will just explain this because that is what the Holy Bible said,
    a coupling of a married man and a man is a sin,
    a coupling of a married woman and a woman is a sin,
    the US Supreme Court finalized these on 26 June 2015 as legal to 50 states,
    if these people won’t repent you will not or you will never see them in heaven,
    the same way you will not see gluttons or drunkards in heaven if you are in heaven already after the end of the world).
    (What is next,
    a coupling of a married man and a female preschooler child – this is horrible that pedophilia marriage is legal in US states,
    then legalized the coupling of a married man and a female cow, these are sins,
    Jesus Christ should come soon or else
    these things are going to happen in the future).
    (See Leviticus 11:7 & 8, a saint should not eat pork,
    eating pork is a sin).

    We have our own personal individual struggle to win the race for a prize of citizenship in heaven.
    It is a matter of our own personal individual choice right now where we want to be categorized with (the saved or the lost).

    A TIP to be a saint:
    Don’t ever look on men and women on their weakness or sins,
    we are not judges at this time for we don’t know
    what are in their hearts (hypothalamus),
    always look up on the exalted perfect character of our Lord Jesus Christ.
    Remember what you behold, you become.
    What you see often,
    you will follow and become what you see.


  • Nox

    Wow, Ethery, you care about my brain so much !
    I’m very touched, thank you !.
    But what can you know about my brain ?
    Especially about some “destructive chemicals” ?
    Could you explain ?
    Also explain me your attention to Jen’s sexual life.
    She is a 46 years old woman
    and she knows well what she does.
    No need to describe all the details of the sexual side

    of her marriage – IT’S HER PRIVATE LIFE.
    Got it ?
    Smile !