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Who Went Home on 'Big Brother'? Double Eviction Spoilers!

Who Went Home on 'Big Brother'? Double Eviction Spoilers!


It’s another double eviction night on Big Brother 17 and two people are being sent out of the house.

Heading into the episode, head of household Vanessa put up her ally Julia as a replacement nominee alongside Meg in hopes of securing the latter’s eviction. Her original target James was able to pull himself off the block after winning the power of veto.

We will update this post with the second evictee once that person is sent home!

Click inside to find out who went home on Big Brother 17…

Meg – Eliminated

Head of Household: Liz
Power of Veto winner: Julia (did not use the veto)
Second evictee: James

James – Eliminated

ARE YOU HAPPY about who went home on BB17?

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  • Sher

    Well if James is gone that will be it for watching Big Brother what a scripted crock of crap!!!!! So disappointing how this all went down weenie steve is gonna be up next with whoever stays good move Steve your Momma should kick your dumb behind when you get home

  • Jess

    Worst. Season. Ever.

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  • Dianna

    And the bully wins again! I give up!

  • whalebale

    I’m done. This is the worst BB season. Except for John, I can’t stand the remaining HGs. Don’t know why they kept Austin and the twins, Vanessa refuses to break them up, well, it’s the weak link in that group and how they toss her out next. I don’t care, I’m not watching anymore. Hope John wins, but doubt it.

  • Melinda

    I agree, I don’t even want to watch now. James was my favorite and I can’t stand the other house guests. James made the show interesting.

  • Tennika

    That’s it for me Big Brother, I’m finished watching. And I don’t mean for just this season. After 17 seasons of being an extremely devoted BB fan, I just can’t stomach it any longer. The good people leave first and the disgusting, lying people are left to run the house. Every season, the people get more and more disgusting, and ironically more and more stupid. It’s just not a good show anymore.

  • Tennika

    I hate it. I can’t stomach it anymore, I’m done.

  • Tennika

    Agree 150% even down to I’m done watching as well. Disgusting people.

  • Sher

    Yep wonder what they all will think when they find out that Vanessa is a professional poker player worth millions she is such a braggart she has her house in Vegas on u-tube and there is also video of her Lamborghini she must think she is pretty good this was probably something to cross off her bucket list

  • gaaron

    James is a decent,kind person. Vanessa is just plain hateful & really full of herself. She goes to bat crap crazy mad in a split second. Really dislike her. And those spotty twins who really think they are onlookers. Average mean girls. The rest are just so lacking in any kind of interpersonal all skills. When will a good guy or gal win??????

  • shirloo

    That’s the end of the show for me,no one left I care to watch

  • Vanessafan1

    Lmao yass Vanessa better win! 😂 haters gonna hate ✋🏼

  • Irene Tritt

    I was watching because of Meg and James screw you all!

  • Irene Tritt

    Screwed up! You think twins will vote to send one of themselves home. I was watching because of James and Meg. This is my last time I’m watch this shit.

  • amy

    Glad hes gone

  • drdjam

    American BB is the worst a total bomb. Prefer the UK version of the “game” both regular and celebrity UK BB makes Julies show look really stupid. Love the BOTS “Bits on the Side” for you no UK watchers. this year Fat Man Scoop rocks the show! It is much watch for BB souper fans NO STEVES ALOUD.This year the CBB UK pits the USA vs UK version!!! Rumor is Hulk Hogan will make a guest apperance. Jenna Jamason is on Janet Dickinson and many more..After this year of Americas and Julies flop UK BB is my show now. I am done two ridiculous years back to back flops hosted by boring neophytes. Will not return for next years show in America…..GET JULIE OUT. GET JULIE OUT! Check out the BB you tube channel and all free from channel 5 across the pond….USA USA…Check it out and message me if I am wrong.

  • drdjam
  • drdjam

    We look so stupid with Julie Chens american version. GET JULIE OUT

  • Melanie

    I didn’t even watch; read the spoilers and saw that Steve and John are truly the dumbest players ever in this game. Won’t watch the rest of the season. Vanessa makes me sick, but then so do Austin and the twins. WORST season I have ever watched. DONE!!!

  • Forest Hunter

    If wrestling is fixed, why can’t CBS fix BB so that the viewer’s favorites make it to at least the final 4. Like most viewers, today was the last day I will watch this show. I’ve taken off my DVR list for this year. Survivor and Amazing Race can’t get here fast enough.

  • PLP


  • Sharon Graham

    I agree. If vanessa wins I’m done. I was team Meg and shelli. They had so many chances to get vanessa, austin and twins out but no one had the guts to do it. I was hoping James would have won HOH or veto because he would have gotten vanessa out. John and steve will be next out unless one of them we is hoh

  • sysadminpgh

    I’m done… Just removed it from my DVR.

  • larry d

    Oh geez. Mommy’s boy is HOH. I’m sure he will make a wise decision about nominations, once Vanessa tells him what to do. I’m guessing Austin and Liz. How does this spineless wimp survive on his own in the real world? Oh yeah, he has mommy.

  • JC

    As sad as it is to see Meg and James leave if you don’t win some timely competitions your ass is out. Vanessa should have been tossed out way earlier but since she’s still around the others are no match for her fake out poker skills. She knows she a 4th place finisher among Austin and the twins so she already is planning her next moves. With one of the twins winning HOH next on the block is pretty easy Vanessa and John or you backdoor Vanessa by putting up John and Steve. Yeah, sounds pretty scripted from now on. By the way, Vanessa, ain’t know way you’re gonna win.

  • Pamela Bar-Har

    You are SO right, Dianna!

  • Pamela Bar-Har

    Agreed. Usually there is one or two people that I really don’t like and don’t want to win, but THIS season? OMG! I cannot stand ANY of them EXCEPT for James and John. They are both such likable and funny people – the kind you’d want to hang around with, but the rest of them are either whine-asses or so full of themselves. Very sad, awful season.

  • Melanie

    Will not watch the rest of the season. You can play with integrity (Derrick) or you can be a lying, manipulative witch (Vanessa) and then there are just plain idiots like Steve and John. Sure, Steve finally won HOH (I only read this above), but there is not one person in this house who is truly your ally. Your wimp-out will come back to bite you, I predict.