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Kristen Stewart Doesn't Believe in 'One for Them, One for Me'

Kristen Stewart Doesn't Believe in 'One for Them, One for Me'

Kristen Stewart wears her period costume on the set of the Untitled Woody Allen Project on Tuesday (September 8) at the Brooklyn Public Library in New York City.

The 25-year-old actress was joined on set by her co-star Jesse Eisenberg that afternoon.

While at the Venice Film Festival over the weekend, Kristen spoke to Indiewire about moving back and forth between independent and studio films.

“I feel equally invested and fervently drawn to every part I’ve done. I’ve never done anything where I was like, ‘OK, let’s just get this one finished’. A lot of actors say ‘One for them, one for me”, but I could never do that. I would be terrible. They would fire me,” Kristen said.

“If you step outside of yourself and start tactically maneuvering your career, it actually makes no sense whatsoever, I don’t think it’s possible. Sure, there are sociopathic actors out there. But acting requires your heart to be so, so in it,” Kristen added. “Every single time I agree to do a movie I’m terrified. I think, ‘Oh my God, am I really going to tell them that I can do this?’ But then I jump in. It’s always the same, the budget makes no difference.”

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  • forrest gump

    correct, at least two girls for me.
    AT LEAST!!

  • Jenny from the flop

    And yet she gives the same unpleasant stone face in every single movie she has ever been in. I agree with her tho, but she doesn’t show it. You can talk a good game but it doesn’t mean anything if it’s all in your head and you don’t actually show it

  • vlr

    You obviously haven’t seen all her movies then.

  • Mapгapитa Бaбoвниковa

    “She is wearing okay clothes…” no, just costume…

  • Jenny from the flop

    Ok Kristen

  • Rose Ryan

    Stewart has always been a child of privilege and didn’t experience what most young actors without connections or millions of dollars go through. When she started acting she was a child and supported emotionally and financially by her family. Later she got into the Twilight series which made her a millionaire by the time she was 18. The point is, she’s never been a starving actor having to do questionable or bad roles because they needed a paycheck to support themselves. She should at least acknowledge that.
    It’s easy for her, from her position, to say she only chooses the roles that she is invested in. I don’t begrudge her the success, but most young actors don’t have much of a choice, they have to work for a living and many times take jobs that they’re not really excited about, even older ones.
    I”m not sure what point she is trying to make with her reference to sociopathic actors. A sociopath refers to someone who is antisocial, likely criminal and has no moral responsibility or social conscious. I think she means well, but she’s spoiled and comes off sounding pretentious.


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  • Hola

    Or she is hater

  • Hola

    Her statement doesn’t say she don’t appreciate it. What do you want a thank you card from her?

  • SW

    She actually calls everyone, who has the talent to do any kind of movies, a sociopath. I like her for being confident, but sometimes her confidence becomes arrogance. There is no need to degrade other actors who make other decisions than she does.

  • Brenda hamilton

    Regardless of what she says or does, she is going to be criticized by people who hate her. She has done well for herself, bought her own house, car, furniture, etc. Her roles do not necessarily call for her to walk around with a plastic smile and I think she does her roles well! I do not think she was criticizing other actors and I do not see her as an arrogant young actress. I think she appreciates everything she has been able to do and at least she does not make statements that she never wanted to be famous and whine about movies that have made her wealthy. At least she is being honest. I also love the clothes she is wearing for this film. She is a beautiful woman and I wish her the very best!

  • Suzy

    So you think that a child with in a womb has a say?
    The child born in poverty in India or the child born to a Princess? Sorry pal its the luck of the draw. Her parents
    Were not millionares wealthy yes But isnt that the great
    American Dream work hard get on make a good life?
    Her did do you deny them that? Do you think that they should have sent her to a school in a poor and underpriv area to make her realise life at what 5? Did yours?
    She was in a normal school not a PRIVATE one and she was spotted maybe another kid might have been but it was her. And are you suggesting that her parents should have donated their wages to a charity and live a hard life to help the poor? Do your parents give their pay away?
    So she had a hand up so? If shed have been crap that would have been the end. No more films but she wasnt.
    AND whenl she made Twi at 17 yes lets not forget that
    She was living at home with her Mum Dad and brothers
    Or should they have thrown her out a what 14/15/16/17?
    So she wouldnt have been living hand to mouth she was at home you stupid person. Why should she aknowlege the fact that she was acting at 9 going to school till 12/13 then home schooled made films did schjool work no time to go to sports days school dances youth clubs she never experianced that it was home work school work.
    You say I dont begrudge her then say shes spoiled and pretentious you dont like her your envious which is a Mortal sin. She can no more help her birth and life than Rob can or Twigs or anyone else Envy is a bad thing
    It will eat you up mark your face. IMO she speaks sense
    Its not her fault same as its not Robs that a certain book came out that lent its self to a film and one became 5
    The money that came to Kristen and Rob was unimaginable for both of them she was 17 he 21
    Should Rob be punished for being born to a Middle class fairly wealthy london family whos family home would probably fetch $3.000000 yes 3 million pounds. Private education was a millionaire by 22 should he give it back?
    He sad the same he can afford to make the films he wants HE though doesnt seem to want to make many
    Kristen ill have made by end of year 11 films in less than 2 and a half years won awards is with Chanel
    One thing knowone can accuse her of is lazieness.
    How is she spoiled? Does she walk around with 3000pound leather jkts 500 pound JJeans@ 200 pound boots liike Twigs does? No she wear day to day every day wear Cheap Tshirts Good jeans but ones anyone can buy with a couple of weeks saving $ 35 sneakers.
    Maybe she comes off preten cos thats how you see it?
    Shes not perfect who of us are but compared to so many. Shes turned out a normal unasuming actress
    No HW parties NO DUIs NO Boozy nights in Clubs
    Her big day out is the odd Concert other than that for her
    ITS WORK WORK AND MORE WORK. Shes not responsable that film studios writers casting want her
    Is she supposed to say NO to gratify your sensabilities?
    You take too much on yourself about someone you dont know never will have no idea what shes like who she loves who she dislikes whos her friends who arent.
    You have the utter gall to blame someone for somehting
    That happens to us all we get BORN and we dont get to choose we just ARE!

  • Pinkdust

    That 50′s look’s, sooooo Kool on her, kristen can really pull this off, in character of the 50′s!!!! Beside’s, I like Woody Allen movie’s they are soooooo, “HOLLYWOOD#!” THIS IS AN UP GRADE!#!! GOOD FOR YOU KRISTEN*$! $!