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Tom Hardy Shuts Down Questions About His Sexuality (Video)

Tom Hardy Shuts Down Questions About His Sexuality (Video)

Tom Hardy poses with his co-star Emily Browning while attending the press conference for their movie Legend during the 2015 Toronto International Film Festival on Sunday (September 13) in Toronto, Canada.

The 37-year-old actor and Emily, 26, stepped out the night before for the movie’s big premiere!

During the press conference, a reporter for an LGBT outlet asked Tom this: “In the film, your character Ronnie is very open about his sexuality. But given interviews you’ve done in the past, your own sexuality seems a bit more ambiguous. Do you find it hard for celebrities to talk to media about their sexuality?”

“What on earth are you on about?” Tom replies. He eventually totally shuts down the question after a little back and forth. You can watch the moment in the video below starting at 28:12.

LEGEND Press Conference | TIFF 2015

FYI: Emily is wearing a Miu Miu blouse and a Topshop skirt at the press conference. She is wearing a Miu Miu dress and Charlotte Olympia shoes at the premiere.

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  • Silly People

    What a moronic attempt at a question.

  • VanityInsecurity

    I wish ppl would stop asking a married man w/ children about his sexuality.. why is it anyone’s business if he’s straight, gay or bisexual? Tom has openly said he is not interested in men sexually.

  • dalovelee

    People so called journalist don’t know how to interview actors anymore..they lack intelligence and ergo can’t come up with interesting questions about the process of acting. they think going for the tabloid shocking question is probing.

  • VanityInsecurity

    The LGBT journalists/community want nothing more than to be seen as equals, then the first question they ask is something about someone’s sexual preference.. .. want to be seen as normal then perhaps don’t go around asking questions about sex in Hollywood.

  • Baseliner

    all LGBT members think everyone is gay

  • xyz

    He is a hypocrite, like many others.

  • AeeJay

    and youre a judgmental idiot.

  • MimiB

    Or they want them to be. Truth is, at a promotional press conference, asking questions about anyone’s sexuality is just rude and wrong. That “reporter” was trying to hijack the line of questioning for his own purposes. No one, gay or straight, trans or ambiguous should be asked personal questions in a very public forum. It’s just no one else’s business and is undeserving of any answer.

  • Revengefan0101

    Didn’t he already come out as bi?

  • vivcious

    As a reporter from the LGBT community, I really hope he was just a newbie who worded his question wrong. It sounded he wanted Tom to talk about sexuality in Hollywood, but totally dropped the ball and went personal with his question.

  • Wendy

    Good for him…he has a child with an ex (wife? girlfriend? i’m not sure)….is married to a woman with a child on the way….and I think he has stated before that he isn’t interested in men sexually…how is his sexuality ambiguous? He seems pretty straight to me…

  • Sabrina

    He comes across as ungrateful and insecure… As far as I know his character in the movie is bisexual, so the question is absolutely justified. I don’t understand why someone who is secure in his/her sexuality would have a problem with answering that question. Just stupid!

  • VanityInsecurity

    Tom NEVER came out as bisexual.

  • VanityInsecurity

    How is asking about the actors sexuality justified when they are there to promote a film? The question was personal & as far as I can tell they are there to discuss a movie about a bisexual character. Not Hardy’s personal life. That would make anyone annoyed.. The journo should have asked about the character not some ancient interview he gave that was taken out of context.

  • AeeJay

    Tom has been married previously & has one son. Hes now married to actress Charlotte Riley & is expecting another child with her.

  • moonlight

    Lmao he tried to start his question legit but then segues into a “celebrity sexuality” question, ridiculous and so unprofessional.

  • AmericanMovieFan

    One time, a long time ago, some interviewer was quizzing Hardy about method acting and the theater vs film and Hardy was explaining how theater was much more method, fluid and lots of gay people or questioning people and that it didn’t bother him and he was open minded about it and he acknowledged that he’d kissed a few dudes. That’s it. While in the theater scene, he kissed a few men. LGBTQ “outing” obsessed folks latched onto that one sound bite and have been twisting his words for years now…

  • Neighbour

    He has talked about being with men before. This is why celebs don’t want to talk about their experimentation. Those with wackier images (Cara etc) can get away with it, but these macho guys get a hell of a time.

  • Neighbour

    I read some quote and when asked whether he’d been with men, he said “Of course, I’m an actor.”

  • jason

    gays are the biggest bullies

  • Dee

    Tom was on point with his snarky replies! Shouldnt matter what community you represent straight/gay/les/bi, you simply just DO NOT ask someone who their fucking or have fucked. Thats it.

  • AmericanMovieFan

    I think that’s what I’m referring to. I think the one you’re citing is the edited version taken out of context and there’s a larger one where he explains it as being a passing experience within his industry’s environments, etc. so either way, that’s not the same thing as saying “I am bisexual. Not only am I bisexual, I’m equally into men as I am into women and even though I am married to a woman, with a child, I just want everybody to know, all you gay fans out there fantasizing about me, that could, in a particular scenario, potentially happen exactly like that. You’re welcome.” because that’s kind of what these questioners are trying to twist it into.

  • suzybel

    It’s none of the reporter’s business if he’s gay or not gay. How rude can you get. What the hell difference does it make anyway. Why are these lgbt people so damned pushy?

  • Neighbour

    Nobody cares. I’m sure Tom Hardy and other celebs know that the general public do not care about their sexual orientation. it’s the journos and the bloggers (Hey Jared) who are making money off trying to pass it off as sensational. Even if he did experiment or enjoys being with men, so what? Move on, media people!

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  • eternalozzie

    actually all journalist pry into people’s personal lives … it’s what they do … that interviewer was way out of line. this one d-bag reporter does not represent the entire LGBT community but thank you for generalizing and assuming everyone is like that.

  • Nicoledhall

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  • JeepersJillette

    Best response yet was to accept the question then put it back into the questioner’s lap as irrelevant. No jokes. Brilliant. I love how he shifts his eyes like he does. He does that in his films too so it’s an unconscious thing. He hid his anxiety well with this fantastic example of how to protect one’s privacy while acknowledging his past he realizes he can’t change. I can’t wait to see Legend.

  • JilletteJeepers

    Happy Birthday Tom! 9-15-15 🍰🍰🍰