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Rihanna Says She'd Never Perform with Taylor Swift

Rihanna Says She'd Never Perform with Taylor Swift

Taylor Swift has had a ton of surprise musical guests pop up on stage during her current 1989 World Tour, but don’t expect Rihanna to be one of them.

The 27-year-old singer was asked by NME magazine whether she would appear with Taylor if she was asked.

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“I don’t think I would. I just don’t think it makes sense,” Rihanna said. “I don’t think our brands are the same, I don’t think they match, I don’t think our audiences are the same. In my mind she’s a role model, I’m completely not.”

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  • j k

    good for Rihanna

  • YupVideoFever

    I thought there’d be another celefight, but “she’s a role model” changed the plans.

  • Effy

    Nice to see someone isn’t kissing her butt

  • Jenny from the flop

    This is why I’m a fan of Rihanna!

  • Arx

    Ok, this makes me like Rihanna a little more.

  • forrest gump

    she is just a jealous guy…………….

  • Marry Taylor

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  • Guest

    What she’s saying makes sense. They don’t match.

  • Naynay

    lol why doe ? she was asked if she’d perform join her on her tour like the hundreds of “celeb” and she just said her truth I like her even more for speaking her truth

  • brutallyhonest

    Too good for Taylor?
    Pity her last hit was Umbrella- ella ella….

  • TeamBella76

    She doesn’t need to kiss Taylors butt so calm down people. She’s crazy and Taylor is Martha Stewart so what.

  • TeamBella76

    Yea ok …

  • Angie

    jealous much? lol
    I am sure Taylor will be just fine without Rihanna
    It’s not like she is the biggest musician at the moment with 1989 selling 8 millions WW and her 5th single being 3rd on US Itunes at the moment, oh wait …
    I am sure Taylor is crying herself to sleep every night thinking about Rihanna lol I mean it’s not like she got Alanis Morissette, Mary J Blige, Justin Timberlake, Avril Lavigne etc as her guests on her 1989 world tour
    May be people are ‘kissing her ass’ as you put it is because they met and know her personally and genuinely thinks she is a nice girl, I know shocker, it’s better to think bad of people you have never met than to actual reality.

  • littlespoon

    Of course she is not. She’s on Katy’s team haha

  • Kat Love

    No but you are

  • Kat Love

    Or Rihanna is the bigger star

  • Kat Love

    I know right!

  • Barndoor Bob

    Rihanna is a performer? Fooled me. I thought she was just another c-word who takes her clothes off in public.

  • Conte435

    Cause her and Coldplay have the same fans. And you can’t decide if your a role model, your either good or bad role model.

    Not only his Rihanan a dirty s@ut who will sleep with any guy that asks her she also with work with anyone that asks her.

    She just jealous in all these years Taylor Swift never mentioned her EVER or asked her to do anything.

  • Conte435

    Rihanna should worry more her declining career, then mentioning Swift’s name in interviews to get publicity.

    Industry people she scared to release her album , keeps reworking cause it’ll flop, like her 3 singles didn’t go any where.

    Rihanna Never sold albums she was only single maker, now that looks to be gone.

  • Conte435

    Cause she a dirty slut that loves to show off her fat azz and get high.

  • Conte435

    Taylor isn’t name cheeking Rihanna in interviews.

    Taylor out sells Rihanna 3 to 1 , has won very award in her industry, has Rihanna even been nominated besides won a Grammy.

    Taylor can take her music off Spotfy, tell Apple what to do busy doing Stadium World tour while Rihanna blocking her navy fans cause they calling her new hook-up ugly.

  • Conte435

    Celebrities only talk about what they want in interviews , so her allowing that question means she was desperate name check Taylor.

    And she doesn’t need to be telling people she isn’t a role.

    Miley & Rihanna are the same, both of don’t need to be telling people they’re not role models to look up to, it’s obvious.

  • Sim

    Isn’t laughable that Kanye asks Swifty to present him his life time achievement award instead Rihanna who’s worked with him throughout their careers and Rihanna showed to everything he does .

    And how does Chris Martin, Paul McCartney, Sharkia or the numerous people she done sh*# with on have same fans as her.

    You know she jealous as sh*t , same reason Miley Cryus can’t help naming Swifty in her interviews , needs publicity , jealously.

  • Sim

    Lol when Rihanna can sell 1.3 million albums her first week besides at all or do on 3 different albums.

    Have over billion views on one her Music videos or

    On the cover Time Mag or the New York Time as the biggest pop star in the world.

    Or Win Grammy’s Top awards and in the history books.

    Or BillBoard name her and Adele the top selling artist this decade and the only artist to sell albums at their level.

    Then your post would make some sense.

  • Sim

    Rihanna like the girl telling her friends she never date the most popular guy in school, even thou dude doesn’t know who f–k she is or look at her twice.

  • Fred1259

    Good for Rhianna and so glad she would not perform with Slut taylor with her horrible voice.

  • Von

    Seriously if that’s RiRi reason to work with people then her Miley Cyrus should tour together.

    Call it Free the Nipple World Tour.

    They can get stoned on stage, both love the chicks as much they love banging random guys.
    Both can parade around topless , like they do every where else, grab themselves , do a couple of sex acts.

    It’ll be a hit

    Maybe between them they can top Taylor Swift’s World tour.

  • Mapгapитa Бaбoвниковa

    what’s wrong with it?

  • Mapгapитa Бaбoвниковa

    ^ naive

  • Mapгapитa Бaбoвниковa

    isn’t “she’s a role model” an affront?

  • Mapгapитa Бaбoвниковa

    You are misogynist

  • Von

    Only to dirty skank like you would calling someone a role model
    be a ” affront ” , think you mean insult.

    Go back to whatever wack country you come from, you weirdo.

  • Von

    Whatever you weirdo , go spread your legs , walk around naked and call that ” girl power”

  • Jermaine Hudson

    And you have a problem with that why?

  • Von

    RiRI wishes she had the same fans as Taylor Swift, then she’d have double the Twitter & IS followers.

    Maybe she’d actually sell albums but instead she’s worried about copying Swift.

    Swift releases her music video at Billboard awards, RI does it a month later at BET awards

    Swift goeos on the Voice to be a Judge, a year later RI goes on the Voice to be a judge.

    Rihanna’s , I’m so bad a**, courting controversy is getting old just she’s getting old, everyone seen her naked already, just so many times you can flash your nipples to get headlines.

  • Kat Love

    I’m others like Beyoncé has been on time or New York who cares. Until Taylor makes a huge impact like Rihanna has. You call me. Someone new can break Her record at the Grammys and surpass her billion views. Don’t act as if Taylor is once in a lifestime talent and she’s ONE of the big stars not THE idiot. If she was she would be as known as MJ but she’s not

  • Kat Love

    Why do you act as if Taylor is the biggest star in the world? Just stop being a kiss ass. She’s won’t stay on top forever and I hope you don’t cry when someone takes Taylor’s spot okay. Rihanna has won every award in the industry too idiot.

  • neil

    She’s right in one way; oil and water. However oil and VINEGAR makes a good base for salad dressings. Weak analogies aside, asking each others’ audiences to be open to different types of music does have some upsides as long as its not overdone. But then again, that’s me being idealistic.

  • Kat Love

    You just hate Rihanna

  • Von

    When Taylor’s singing to 60 thousand people, she’ll make sure to think of Rihanna.

  • Kat Love

    Funny because Taylor will be the same too and will have a decline. Haha

  • Kat Love

    So? I think it’s funny how you will still defend her when she’s on a decline

  • Von

    YOU’RE just a crazy Katy Perry fan that needs help or maybe a life.

    Probably Katy Perry herself , since she’s not doing anything.

  • Von

    @ KatLove
    You’re the Katy Perry’s fan , you would know all about being on the decline.

  • Jay

    Good! Nobody wants to see this tattooed fugly nig!

    Taylor should not be associating with nigs!

  • j k

    TS makes music for little girls.

  • Kat Love

    I do not like Katy and yes she’s on a decline and so will Taylor and if you don’t believe that well you’re stupid

  • Kat Love

    You hate Rihanna even though she didn’t even diss Taylor and yes Rihanna is the bigger star

  • Kat Love

    It’s 1.2