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Michael B. Jordan Responds to Backlash Over Kendall Jenner Dating Rumors

Michael B. Jordan Responds to Backlash Over Kendall Jenner Dating Rumors

Michael B. Jordan shows off his sculpted body on the cover of GQ magazine’s October 2015 issue.

Here’s what the 28-year-old actor had to share with the mag:

On getting female attention: “I understand what females want and need, you know. I’m good at that. I don’t know if I’m the guy to give it to them right now. I’m emotionally unavailable. Until I find something that’s so undeniable that I can’t help myself. The females, they’ll always be there. Like honestly, bro, oh my God. Female-wise now? I ain’t got to do too much work. And it’s weird, because I’m the same guy. I haven’t f*cking changed, right? I haven’t done anything different…Okay maybe a blockbuster film.”

On the backlash after hanging out with Kendall Jenner: “It’s the world we live in. They see white and black. I don’t. Kendall’s a friend of mine, you know. I don’t know her, like, that well, but I know her enough. People’s perspective on that is what it is. I don’t f*cking know. I don’t live my life to make other people happy. It’s so weird, though, right? A lot of black fans were feeling like ‘Oh, my god, he should have been with a black woman’ and that whole thing.”

On changing the trajectory of his career: “I told my team after I finished Chronicle that I only want to go out for roles that were written for white characters. Me playing the role will make it what it is.”

For more from Michael, visit Also pictured below: GQ October’s other cover stars Rob Lowe and Ryan Reynolds.

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  • forrest gump

    her vagina is indeed very small.

  • forrest gump

    her vagina is indeed very small.

  • devvv

    No one cared that she wasn’t black, they cared that she was a part of her fame whore family. So, let’s not bash “black fans” when they defended your being cast in Fantastic Four..

  • suk bin

    i want to punch him in the face …

  • goshdarling

    he speaks like a valley girl…

  • LaCroix

    Kardashian/Jenner’s won’t be happy until they have all black artist as notches in their belts.

  • Jay

    This is nig is worthless.

    First, no white girl should ever be with a nig.

    Second, the nig only wants to go for white roles. At least he knows that nig roles are beneath white roles.

  • AeeJay


  • The Batman

    You must feel very safe in front of your computer.

  • Sassypants

    He said “a lot of black fans” not “all black fans”. Also, you can’t speak for anyone else so how are you going to correct what he says people told him?!

  • Eeww

    Never heard of him.

  • devvv

    He also said he “doesn’t see color” and then made an entire statement based on color. And I can speak for others because…and this may come as a surprise to you…but people talk to each other and share views and opinions.

  • frank ford

    “Kendall’s a friend of mine, you know. I don’t know her” I don’t see race, and makes it all about race. What a racist idiot. And the “backlash’ is because he’s old ass is 28 and Kendall is 19.

  • Davis

    The backlash is because people can’t read and like to be outraged.

    And stop liking your own comments

  • Andy Brown

    EGO ALERT!!!

    This guy is on a Hollywood ego trip. He’s not good looking at all. He gets women only because he is in the mix now, has money and is in the media.

    By his own admission, it was not like that before the media connections he made. Now he’s tripping big time. He contradicted himself by by spouting that tired line “I don’t see color”. Then makes a race based comment that ““I told my TEAM after I finished Chronicle that I only want to go out for roles that were written for WHITE characters”.

    Also, he wants you to know he’s a big shot and has a TEAM.

    Acting-wise he’s no Denzel Washington. And looks-wise he’s more like the typical looking Black sidekick on TV sitcoms.

    He’ll be a has been before too long. Better save your money bro-ham!

  • Sandy McFarlane

    ………….this fuckboi really just referred to women as “females” huh? looks like we lost him

  • Jay

    I feel safe in front of my computer and in the real world.

    I do not associate with nigs! I do not date any white girl that has ever been with a nig!

  • Sassypants

    you clearly said “no one cared” implying you speak for EVERYONE. That is the danger of speaking in absolutes, you are not the spokesperson for all black people. Speaking in absolutes just demonstrates ignorance. You had your mind made up when you saw the word black and completely disregarded the fact that he was referring to specific people ( not his entire black fanbase) that spoke to HIM not YOU. Perhaps when you get a little older your mind will better be able to absorb content in its entirety rather than select words.

  • devvv

    I said what I said. I meant what I said. You don’t know a thing about me, including my age. Girl, bye.

  • Milly Taylor

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  • Chase Braden Carothers

    I’m glad someone said it. The rest of article don’t matter to me, that parts is like wtf dude didn’t your momma teach you any respect

  • Gina

    “I don’t see color” is what black guys say when they want to date white girls. The fact is, you DO see color and you specifically seek a certain kind of color. It’s alright, just admit it. I’d respect you more.

  • TMZ PC Principal

    Closet racist,gutless coward!!!

  • TMZ PC Principal

    Closet racist,gutless coward!!!!

  • ebolaids-work-faster!

    You don’t see color Michael? Then why is it that when ever a black man comes up in the world and gets a little money, the first things he buys himself is an expensive car, an expensive watch and a white b.i.tch. Poor black b.i.tches, white men don’t want you and now even black men don’t want you. Even wit yo white women wigs and bleached skin, they still prefer the real thing. lol

  • Glittergreen

    That’s called a white voice. Sometimes we ( African Americans) have to talk like that to be taken seriously.