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Raven Symone Clarifies Controversial 'Ghetto' Names Comments

Raven Symone Clarifies Controversial 'Ghetto' Names Comments

Raven Symone is backtracking on her comments about discriminating against people who have “ghetto” names.

“My comments about discrimination have spun out of control. I’d like to begin by saying that I was not attacking a specific race, but repeating a name that was said in a viral video which has received over 2 million likes,” the 29-year-old The View co-host wrote on Facebook.

“I have been denied many jobs because of my skin color, body size, and age. Each time I was rejected, my self esteem was negatively effected, so I empathize with those who feel victimized by what I said,” Raven continued. “We would hope that when it comes to hiring, our names, physical appearance, sexual orientation, and age would never outweigh our qualifications, but often times, they do, thats the truth and it sucks. But I should not be part of the problem, I should be part of the solution.”

Click inside to read the rest of Raven Symone’s statement…

“As an equal opportunity employer, I have never discriminated against a name….even though I said I would, it’s not true. My comment was in poor taste. My lack of empathy towards name discrimination was uncalled for. I would also like to say that on Friday my account was hacked, those are not my words.”

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  • namers

    “Affected.” Her account was not hacked. Shhhhh.

  • forrest gump

    america is still the home ground of ‘Ghettos’.

  • Arx

    Gurl bye! No seriously, leave!

  • urkel

    Another apology for someone saying something that’s true.

  • Jay

    She’s apologising because she’s said something that reinforced a barrier against her own race. She herself says she hates it and by saying what she did to middle america she was being part of the problem. Everyone on that panel has a specific demo they speak to or at least they are meant to….
    Can’t be arsed, in short; she said something stupid and is apologising for saying something stupid.

  • Brooke

    No, she said something she believed and is back tracking because of external pressure.

  • Arrow 12

    She just needs to think before she speaks.

  • Legendary Trolly

    That was right what she said? No one should be discriminated because of their name dude!

  • Penny Dreadful

    I can’t believe she caved. She never caved in before.

  • Penny Dreadful

    No, what she said is the truth. Blacks make up names — they are NOT “Africanized”. They make up names so that their kids’ names will sound ANYTHING but “white”.

  • Marisol

    Blacks are not the only people who make up names. ALL names are made up. If whites can come up with stupid names like BIF and BECKY, I see nothing wrong with Tyquell and Tanya

  • Marisol

    She wants to keep her job

  • Penny Dreadful

    “Tanya” is not a “black name”. It is Russian. Like Omar and Jamal are Arabic. How these names came to be so prevalent in the Black community, I do not know and do not care, but they ARE normal names. “Tyquell” is some made up bullshit. Christ, step out of your narrow world.

    Becky is short for Rebecca, just like Mike is for Michael or Katie is for Kathleen. GROW THE FUCK UP.

  • Marisol

    You are a dumb be-osh. ALL names are made up. Whether they are made up in the US, Russia or The Middle East, they are still made up you dumbasshole. People in China name their children The. When they are here in America, do you tell them that they shouldn’t have that name? I don’t give a phuck what Becky is short for. I know a woman named Becky and it’s not short for anything. It’s her name. Whomever named you penny knew already that you were of no value…

  • the_bananaboat

    The name Biff is derived from old English. It means to hit or strike. It’s thousands of years old. Becky is a nickname for Rebecca, which is very old. Rebecca is the anglicized version of Rivka, which is Hebrew. It is also thousands of years old. Neither name is “made up”. Tyquell would be some made up bullshit with no history or meaning to it. Tanya is Russian. It is the diminutive of Tatiana.

  • the_bananaboat

    Actually you are wrong. Most names have some meaning behind them. Such as my name. I am Tamila. It is Samoan and it means glory or favor. It has history behind it. It’s thousands of years old. Becky is short for Rebecca. It’s possible that her parents are stupid and/or ignorant and were unaware that it’s a nickname, but it is in fact a nickname. Penny is the diminutive of Penelope. It is Greek and thousands of years old. Speaking the truth and knowing what you’re talking about will never qualify as stupid. Everyone has value. Even you.

  • Marisol

    You don’t want to talk about history because you devils are nothing more than mutated waste. That’s why you don’t have a soul. By the way, take your fast ass on a diet. See if there’s some history in that

  • Marisol

    Whether they have meaning or not, they are still made up….Stooooooooopid

  • the_bananaboat

    That’s not quite the same thing, and you know that. A name that has a meaning and history behind it is not at all the same thing as some made up, pulled out of your ass, meaningless name. Calling other people stupid in an attempt to insult them will always have the opposite effect. By having a meaning behind them they are by definition, not made up out of nothing.

  • the_bananaboat

    Whom are you referring to when you say “you devils:? All humans have souls. It is what makes us human. My weight is my problem. I’m not sure why you’re concerned about my weight. I’m Samoan, which is Polynesian. Polynesians tend to be large to very large people. I’m taller than most men and almost all women at 6’2″ and I’m larger than many as well at 265 pounds. My people had nothing to do with slavery here in the USA. Only a racist piece of shit uses racial slurs. Are you trying to tell me that you’re a racist piece of shit? You didn’t dispute anything I said. Grow the fuck up.

  • the_bananaboat

    Actually that’s not quite true. There are ghetto’s all over the world.