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Zac Efron & Girlfriend Sami Miro Take a Trip to Tokyo!

Zac Efron & Girlfriend Sami Miro Take a Trip to Tokyo!

Zac Efron and his girlfriend Sami Miro are still going strong as a couple and they are currently in Tokyo, Japan together on a fun vacation!

The 28-year-old actor has been posting updates from the trip and he has shared some cute pictures from abroad.

Zac and Sami had dinner at Sukiyabashi Jiro the other night and shared Polaroid snaps with the chef.

“‘Always try to improve on yourself Always strive to elevate your craft.’ Arigato gozaimashita, Jiro San. Will do #jirodreamsofsushi #arigato,” Zac captioned the pic.

Sami‘s photos included a super cute one of Zac planting a kiss on her cheek!

Just Jared on Facebook
zac efron girlfriend sami miro take a trip to tokyo 01
zac efron girlfriend sami miro take a trip to tokyo 02
zac efron girlfriend sami miro take a trip to tokyo 03
zac efron girlfriend sami miro take a trip to tokyo 04
zac efron girlfriend sami miro take a trip to tokyo 05

Photos: Twitter
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  • Lisabonbon

    Another desperate attempt to convince everyone they still going strong!!

  • lauren

    why does jared need to always add ” couple is still going strong” if they havn’t been pictured together in like two months?

  • lauren

    cant you tell with the pic sami posted they are happy? duh

  • Lisabonbon

    Why do you have to be so rude? Thats how I see Zami, just plain desperate!

  • lauren

    im not being rude, im being sarcastic. that was sarcastic.

  • Koos

    this is a mask for his F@ggotness.

  • MollyBD

    Who is running Zac’s Twitter? I checked it recently because someone posted a picture he had posted. His tweets don’t sound like Zac. They sound ghetto or “wanna be ghetto.” Is that how he’s talking these days?

  • lauren

    ”zac” is
    i still think its sami who runs it when Q isn’t with him.

  • Maria

    What a joke. They look nothing like a real romantic couple.

  • Just My PO

    Same tired recipe. Same stale PR. This PR is positively laughable now.
    At what lengths will they not go?
    I guess they actually had to physically go to Japan because the “romantic” Mexico trip they also so tirelessly plugged – never actually happened!!!!! How do we know this? Common sense prevailed. The attention seeker also labeled the “girlfriend” cannot go 5 seconds without posting pictures or bragging by way of social media. If Mexico happened there would have been a series of pics. Much like they are posting now! In all fairness to her though, this is what she is paid to do. It has become increasingly apparent that this is some kind of contractual arrangement. After all one doesn’t toss in their corporate level media job to pursue their dreams in fashion without some kind of financial guarantee right? A fashion career that appears to be going nowhere unless there is financial incentive/assistance involved. A fashion career that generates no income. A fashion career as a stylist with no clients.
    Dreams don’t pay bills people!!!!! Think about it … No really, take a step back, take a deep breath, clear your mind and attempt to think outside the square and REALLY think about it!!!!!
    The current attention seeking coming from both their social media accounts is a whole new level of pathetic. I can smell the desperation from a different continent.
    Realistically it probably isn’t Zac posting. We know he never really took over his socials and that plug was just further smoke and mirrors to give the impression he did and to further aid this circus. What they needed was another platform to push this farce. A believable one. If it comes from his account it must be true right? He must have posted it right? Wrong!
    Leopards do not change their spots! How does one who was so staunch anti social media and so pro privacy up until September 2014 just flip the switch and change?
    Cast your mind back to July/Aug 2014. Italy. Ibiza. The summer of shame happened and it happened very publicly. Then there was the lead up to the summer of shame which was sketchy at best. Reports of multiple rehab stints. The questionable broken jaw. The skid row fiasco. With that came the swanning around Europe on Yachts so big they could be seen from outer space with random men, billionaires and a string of questionable company.
    That’s now meant to be forgotten though right? Because the recipe is to either make him take his clothes off and bedazzle everyone with set pics of his 6 pack/8 pack/12 pack or whatever it is now …. or to trot out a girl to divert the attention away from the real happenings at hand. However you can’t trot out a multitude of girls in such a short timeframe because then he will get a reputation as a player and they don’t want that. They want to carefully stage manage his image and reinvention. They needed to change the story line. Realistically he hasn’t had a “public” girlfriend since Hudgens so they needed a girl and they needed the same girl – cue the current arrangement!
    I’m not sure who they all think they are fooling? At this point only 12 yo’s with zero life experience, but keep it up because we are all wondering how much more ridiculous this can get?
    It’s really quite sad they are more interested in saving face rather than getting him the help he clearly needs and focussing on the downward spiral of his career! I had such high hopes for him and I really thought he was better than this!

  • rainbow2

    Bravo! This really shows how Zac and Sami are lying to his fans not hers about himself. Trust me these 12 years old fangirls will move on to the next sensation to come along. It is the hard core fans that want Zac to succeed that are leaving him becasue of the lies that he and is PR team including Q has created. Having Sami and Q run his social like a 12 year old only shows how immature Zac is for doing it.

    Zac says he is running his own social is a joke! Sami proved it by saying it in an article.

    His abs are not going to get him the fans to sty which are leaving him! It is his career and showing a loving side along with being sober and healthy.

  • OK

    Great and honest post. I do have to say I agree with everything you say here and I do hope lots of fans read this and see the truth.
    they have been misleading us for over a year now and the only one being hurt is Zac.
    It is such a shame Zac’s team doesn’t feel that they should be honest about the situation.
    Once again I have to say great post.

  • Just My PO

    Whilst he participates to the most minimal degree, I wonder if he realized or if it was made clear to him what this PR entailed and for how long?
    The team has to see it’s done zero favors for his image and his credibility.
    The social media activity from his account make him appear like he’s an emotionally stunted teenage girl half the time.
    It’s all really quite sad for a guy who has so much to offer and so much potential.

  • What a laugh

    This “kiss” looks very much like the other kiss that they posted a few months ago. It also seems to be as romantic as Zac can get with this girl. He needs to open his eyes and see what is before him and see that Q and Sami along with his own stupidity has just about KO’d his once promising career. It wasn’t like WAYF was a bad movie, it is that Zac is not in the mania stage anymore. People like his staunchest fans are not willing to go out and see one of his movies just because he is in it. And giving him a paid GF is not going to get it. People loved ” zanessa” because it was real, it was special. But his team seems to think you can manufacture something like that—and everyone will love the fake as much as they loved the real thing. There are many of us who are not some young teen or tween. Zac wants ADULTS a s his fans now. BUT adults with any life experience KNOWS the majority of what his PR team has been force feeding us for over a year now is C R A P. We are not that gullible.

  • Nona Conley

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  • Sanfran

    At this point, he’s a “has been” on the fast track to irrelevancy and she’s a “never was, never will be” with nothing to offer. People aren’t invested in them…fake or not. No, I don’t believe they’re a “real” couple but does it even matter now?

  • lauren

    Why don’t u believe there real? They could be? Idk


    Hey, not sure if you are interested but since you were posting on our old thread as well. I just thought I´d let you know that most of us moved posts over what happened there recently. So if you are interested where we went you can just contact me on a post on here and I´ll let you know.


    Hey, @OK, this was sort of the only way I could contact you outside of our original thread. Just wanted to let you know that @Just My PO, @Lolo11, I and possibly the other regulars too have decided to move to an older and different post on here. If you are interested in where we went you can contact me on here and I´ll let you know. Hope to see you there, too. :)

  • What a laugh

    So, am I to be excluded? I’m not too sure of the atmosphere. I’m getting many mixed messages.


    No. I contacted you and sent you a message with the link on a different post just like I and @Lolo11 contacted others too. I just didn´t post the link on here, but you should find a reply to you from me on a pretty old post with the link in your notifications.

  • OK

    Thanks for letting me know .
    O.K. However I will still post on the current post for awhile but wont mention the new one. :)

  • KatFromDC

    Fake girlfriend.


    Ok. Well maybe it would be best if you go to a thread a bit further back and find an older commment of mine outside of our two main threads so I can post the link for you there. Not really keen on doing it here since it is such a recent post.. you know. It was just the only way I could contact you and let you know outside of our main thread because you have a new account and anything else wouldn’t get to your notifications if that makes sense. Sorry for the inconvenience.

  • What a laugh

    But anyone who posted in a thread even though you are the one replied to will receive a notification a new post was made. Hope that makes sense.


    Yes, makes sense and I know. That´s why I don´t wanna post it here. It´d be best to find a post with a comment of mine on without many other comments. I know there are some from a few months ago. That´s how I got the link to you and others already.

  • OK