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YouTuber Sam Pepper Slammed for Kidnapping & Murder Prank

YouTuber Sam Pepper Slammed for Kidnapping & Murder Prank

YouTube star Sam Pepper has come under fire for a kidnapping and murder prank he pulled for his latest video.

The social star pranked Vine stars Sam & Colby by kidnapping them and pretending to murder Colby, who was in on the whole thing.

A bag was placed over Sam‘s head while outside of a stalled car and then he was thrown into the trunk and brought to a rooftop where he was strapped into a chair. When his blindfold was taken off, the “murderer” shot Colby in the head while Sam was forced to watch on in hysterics.

You can watch the video below, but watch with caution as it features violent content.

KILLING BEST FRIEND PRANK | Ft. Sam & Colby | Sam Pepper
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  • k.

    How much of a shitty person do you have to be to even think of doing something like this???? JFC

  • Jenny Nguyen-Don

    sam pepper always has been and always will be scum

  • Felinelilly

    Sick. How is this fun?

  • Sean Connery

    I prefer videos you can fap to – like Alex Trebek’s mom.

  • toastie postie

    OMG. That is so wrong!

    On side note – I loved those SNL skits of Sean Connery on Jeopardy. I can’t even use one of the quotes without possibly getting in trouble.

  • toastie postie

    Rather creepy. Wouldn’t want him for a friend. Two sickos.

  • Mia

    An Open Letter to Pepper and the Future DoucheCanoes Who Might Think This is Ok and Might Follow In His Footsteps:

    I had this crush on Colby. I even went to their vidcons or clickplayfest stuff. It is not in my nature to go to such things but I did for them and for a few other enjoyable youtubers. Now I think he’s just a douche. If I were Sam G. I would have beaten the CRAP outta him for putting me through that unnecessary trauma and heartache.

    But I guess he knows just how Sam really needs him and loves him, I mean, “He’s everything he has” right? And for Colby to use this against Sam is just pure betrayal of trust. If Sam truly is OK with this after just a few days, then he’s waaay too deep into that abusive relationship they call as “friendship”. Someone get him to a doctor. Stat.

    Obviously Colby and DouchePepper have no idea what Trauma is. Or have a met a person suffering from such. They’re lucky they’ve never felt it before (excluding Sam now, I guess). Lucky no one has been taken away from them in a forceful, violent and devastating way. I guess it’s not their fault… Ignorance is a hard thing to cure.

    They’ve must have lived such meaningless lives for they have failed to develop basic human values. If they had any compassion, understanding and any sense of decency at all (which we all know, can only be attained by basic human interaction with the intent of a meaningful and fruitful relationship), they wouldn’t have done this nor act this way. It wouldn’t have lead to this situation at all.

    One has lived in Kansas for too long anything exciting is better than not feeling anything at all, I assume. While the other has been having a hard time accepting the fact that he is a nobody good for nothing and is only going to be, always and forever, known as The-Kid-Who -Pushed-A-Little-Harder-For-Attention-Because-It-Seems-Like-His-Parents-Didn’t-Love-Him-Enough. It’s a mouthful, but it’s a keeper. They’re must have nothing else on their brain but to get views for the sake of what, popularity? At what cost?

    God Bless this generation and may God send someone to exorcise the demon that is Sam Pepper. His influence is just too strong.

    P.S. For here on now, I will address Sam Pepper as the Douche Who Needs To Traumatise People To Get Off. Or simply Little Bitch. And Colby? Colby from here on now will be… disappointing. Just, disappointing.

    P.P.S. If Sam was in on it too playing on people who could have related to him for the sake of drawing attention to his acting skills, then that’s for a whole new other open letter…. I am unable to process all this disappointment in one day.

    Oh how easily the tides have turned.

  • Arx

    Why is everyone mad at ONLY Sam Pepper. The friend was also in on the prank. What kind of person kidnaps his best friend? There’re BOTH wrong for doing this.

  • la petite bonnieux

    Will YouTube ban him?

  • Sean Connery

    I’ll take Anal Bum Covers for $500, Alex…

  • guestwhim

    Classy and intelligent youth of the world, destined to be world leaders leading the way for ethically challenged generations.

  • Tsyokawe

    What if this is all a hoax? I think they were all in on it. I think they’re all assholes.

  • toastie postie

    Stop! I can’t take it. LOL!

  • Sean Connery

    Give me The Rapists for $400.

  • toastie postie

    LOL. Bad to laugh…One of my favorites. Son does a good Sean Connery impersonation.

  • Vaulient

    why would the idiot even upload the video in the first place?

  • Sharon Figueroa

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  • Aldridge517

    Justin Bieber did the same thing in the What Do You Mean? video. Fake kidnapping is what the kids are into these days.

  • Madison Swartzendruber

    Okay, there’s a difference between a music video and a “prank”. First thing, everybody involved in a music video knows that situation isn’t real.

  • Madison Swartzendruber

    We’re mad at both, but more at Sam Pepper because he’s scum that should be in jail. Not only has he sexually assaulted and raped several women, but now I’m pretty sure he caused a friend to have PTSD of a sort, even if his friend is “okay.”

  • Madison Swartzendruber

    They didn’t for sexual abuse and several rape reports, so… probably not. -_-