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Lydia Hearst's 'South of Hell' Series Is Now Streaming!

Lydia Hearst's 'South of Hell' Series Is Now Streaming!

Lydia Hearst strikes a pose in this exclusive photo from our Just Jared Portrait Session.

The 31-year-old actress stars in the brand new series South of Hell, which just aired on WEtv in a binge-watch experience and is now available to stream in full online and on demand!

The new series was produced by Jason Blum and Eli Roth, who directed the pilot episode. The show is a gripping supernatural thriller set in Savannah, GA and focused on Maria Abascal (Mena Suvari), a demon hunter whose power stems from within.

“I love it!” Lydia told us about the horror genre in our exclusive interview. “I think because it’s so stylized, and dark, and crazy, and anything can happen. Unlike most films, horror is a little bit like life where it doesn’t all necessarily have to make sense.”

The photo shoot was styled by Rhonda Spies with hair by Bobby Eliot and makeup by Andre Sarmiento.

Make sure to watch South of Hell on WEtv‘s website or on demand!

Click inside to read our exclusive interview with Lydia Hearst…

Lydia Hearst Interview – Exclusive

JJ: Why did you decide to do this project?

LH: I am obsessed with horror. The second I heard Eli Roth was doing a new series, I had to go out for it. I auditioned actually in New York, and I auditioned for James Manos Jr, who is sort of the mastermind behind Dexter. We all kind of hit it off and had a lot of fun, but I had no idea if I was actually going to book the role or not. And then I guess two weeks later, I got a call from Eli saying that I booked it. It was awesome because it wasn’t just a pilot, it was picked up for the full season, so I grabbed my suitcase and went straight for Charleston. It was awesome!

JJ: Why are you obsessed with horror?

LH: I love it! I think because it’s so stylized, and dark, and crazy, and anything can happen. Unlike most films, horror is a little bit like life where it doesn’t all necessarily have to make sense.

JJ: Watching it, or doing it?

LH: Both. I’m obsessed. I grew up being obsessed with the Evil Deads, and Army of Darkness, and all those things. So this was a lot of fun. Although I think this series is a change for Eli because there is no blood in the show. There’s a lot of other things, but there is no actual blood.

JJ: What other things?

LH: Like goo, and special effects, and maybe blood substitutes, and drugs. But there’s no actual red blood.

JJ: In your ideal horror film or television show, how would you want to die?

LH: Oh gosh. I’ve already died in a lot of ways… You know, in Cabin Fever, I had a flesh eating virus, and I kind of deteriorated. In Condemned, which just came out, everybody contracts some airborne poop virus, and you know, you start getting these lesions and bubbly boils, I get knifed in the face and I still don’t die. But then my head gets chopped off. In #Horror, I just get stabbed a whole bunch of times, which comes out next week too. South of Hell, a lot of things happen, but [SPOILER ALERT] I don’t actually die. So I’m really hoping for a season two! But gosh, I don’t know what other ways I would want to go. I think kind of the more inventive and crazy, the more exciting it is. Although I don’t think I would really want to go in a realistic way, because that might be a little too scary.

JJ: You’ve said you always want to go back to your fashion roots, in what way would you want to do that?

LH: Well, I don’t necessarily think that I want to go back to them, but I don’t necessarily want to say good-bye to them. I loved working in fashion, it’s definitely been my background, I’ve done it for over a decade. And it’s certainly helped me learn my angles, and the camera, and be more body conscious and comfortable with who I am as an individual, which I definitely think helps me with acting. But I love acting, it’s definitely my passion.

JJ: Would you ever design or creative direct, or anything?

LH: I love writing, and I’d possibly go into producing. I’m amazed at directors and everything that they do. And I know there’s a lot of actors that transition into directing. I don’t know, at least not at this point in my career. I don’t possess that skill set. Writing I understand, and acting I totally get. I don’t know if I could direct, but maybe design. I think as far as actual fashion goes, I might leave that to the professionals. But I love accessories, and shoes, and jewelry, so maybe I’d go down that route.

JJ: What’s something you didn’t know about your fiance Chris Hardwick until you met him?

LH: Oh gosh. I know this is going to sound super cheesy… But I honestly never knew it was possible to be this happy. I literally wake up smiling every single day, and I just never knew that was possible. (laughs)

JJ: Have you ever gone to sleep mad at him?

LH: Never, no.

JJ: What’s something you would only know about Chris, living with him?

LH: Um… Oh gosh, I don’t know. I mean, we’re both sort of obsessed with horror. Every night before bed, I know this is going to sound weird, we watch Homicide Hunter. We’re a lot alike, which is nice because we get along and we can sort of talk about anything and everything. I think I’ve sort of gotten him super into baths. Which I’m a weirdo, I’m obsessed with baths. I think I’m like Tom Ford, where I’m like, “I could take eight baths a day and be super happy.” (laughs) I don’t know if you read that “A Day in the Life of Tom Ford,” but he literally… It was amazing, and I was like, “Ah, finally somebody like me.” Where I think he gets up at like five am and has his coffee, takes a bath. Goes to the gym, takes a bath. Then goes to work for a couple hours, then takes another siesta bath.

JJ: Have you made holiday plans yet?

LH: We’re moving. So I think the holidays are just going to be all about that. And it’s my first time ever living with someone before, so it’s a big transition for me. But I’m really excited!

JJ: Describe your perfect date.

LH: Uh… I totally just started thinking about that movie where she’s like, “You know, March 5th.” You know what I’m talking about? Miss Congeniality. (laughs) I honestly love probably going out for either sushi or Italian. Probably early night, and then go somewhere for ice cream. And kind of just take a walk or go see a movie, or even go home and put a movie on.

JJ: What’s your favorite ice cream in LA?

LH: What’s the one, it’s in Beverly Hills? The stone, is it called Cold Stone? Yeah. I usually only eat basic, like vanilla or chocolate, and that sort of stuff.

JJ: Where is one place in the world you haven’t been that you want to travel to?

LH: I feel like there’s a lot but I really want to go to the Galapagos. It looks incredible.

JJ: What’s currently your favorite song on the radio?

LH: Oh the one that was just playing. The Selena Gomez one… “Good for You.”

JJ: Favorite movie of this year?

LH: Ooh… I loved the Beach Boys movie. With Paul Dano and John Cusack, and Elizabeth Banks. Really good, really, really good. I kind of think that’s going to win loads of Oscars this year.

JJ: Is there a hidden gem in LA?

LH: Ooh, I’m sure there is. Hmm. For vintage shopping, there’s LILY et Cie, Inc. And furniture, I’m kind of obsessed, there’s an antique store called Big Daddy’s and it’s amazing. It’s out in the Santa Monica/Venice area. And that’s just awesome.

JJ: Do you have a weird combination of foods that you like?

LH: I pretty much eat anything and everything. And you wouldn’t know it, I’m like secretly and internally, I think I’m very large. I’m a large person trapped in a little person’s body. I literally am obsessed with cooking. So at home all the time, I’m making cakes and donuts, and all sorts of crazy pastas.

Make sure to watch South of Hell on WEtv’s website or on demand!

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