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'SNL' Jokes About 'The Day Beyonce Turned Black' - Watch Now!

'SNL' Jokes About 'The Day Beyonce Turned Black' - Watch Now!

Cecily Strong has a horrifying realization while listening to Beyonce in a sketch for Saturday Night Live on Saturday (February 13).

The show aired a fake trailer called “The Day Beyonce Turned Black,” parodying the reaction to Beyonce’s new song and music video “Formation.”

Beyonce surprised fans with the release of the song and video the day before she performed at the 2016 Super Bowl Halftime Show.

In the fake trailer, people are shocked when they realize Beyonce is black after listening to the song.

Watch the parody trailer, posted by Gossip Cop, below!

‘SNL’ Parody Trailer: ‘The Day Beyonce Turned Black’
Just Jared on Facebook
Photos: Gossip Cop
Posted to: Saturday Night Live

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  • Von

    The lame liberal SNL never has a problem when it’s a AA race baiting, being racist & fomenting racial tensions….. Look who their musical guest was tonight.
    The song wasn’t for ” white people”.
    Ok Katy Perry’s next video: a song that calls her critics “brown monkeys”, imaginary of Hitler, Confederate Flag, bunch people committing crimes ALL played by black actors.

    When AA’s get offended, argue it was only for the white community.

    Beyoncé can race heckle, use anti police imaginary, anti-white
    The ONLY white people and she made sure they were ALL white in the video, were the dozen actors dressed up in police riot gear, who she then had lined up against a black child, demanding them to not shoot.

    Maybe someone should tell SNL ” albino alligators”, isn’t said in the “black culture” as a compliment towards white people.

  • dicaprioistheone

    😹😹😹😹 So hilarious, so true. I want to hug and kiss whoever wrote this sketch.

  • Conte435

    Figures it was SNL, same show that had to be shamed into hiring a black writer , then shamed again to hire a black actress for their show.

  • Bridgett Kilgore

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  • Conte435

    ” so hilarious ” protesting too much, that wasn’t even funny.

    Since Beyoncé only making music for black folk.
    She shouldn’t be surprised if only black folk buy it.

    Why is she turning Europe, she still likes white people’s money.

    She does say in the song it’s all about the ” paper” ie money

    She’s JayZ ho’ , willing to parade around underwear, booty pop her half dressed ass , show off her recently purchased boobs and sing whatever will keep her relevant

  • Von

    Love that Melissa M wore a picture of cop on her shirt when she introduced the “musical guest”, if you consider that awful crap music .

  • Jenny from the flop

    Lmfao! This is the first time in 10 years snl has stepped it up and dared to be funny and controversial at the same time 😂 Reminds me of the good old days when we had mad tv

  • Conte435

    To me looked a lot a dig to Beyoncé. After 15 years she comes out with this Black Power, singing about being a Negro.
    SNL at least would have been funny if they were honest and pointed out she never took off her blond long weave and put every other black women in a Afro .

  • B King

    I think it’s so hilarious that she’s anti-white now because the participants in her video were black. How many things do you see daily that are all white? TV shows, movies, commercials. That’s YOUR status quo so you never even gave it a second thought. White people are so used to being included in EVERYTHING, that when you’re not included, then you start to whine. I know a lot of whites think Black people complain about a lot, but imagine if we complained about every show, movie, video, magazine, event that was all white. Second of all, there is nothing in the Formation song that was about white people. PERIOD. Albino alligator is not referring to white people. Lastly sir, I challenge to actually do your own research and look into the history of the Black Panther Party, rather than believing lies and propaganda that others have told you. Come back and let me know how many white people the Black Panthers killed, since you’re comparing them to Hitler.

  • B King

    Who said she’s making music only for Black people. There are plenty of white people who are NOT offended by this whole Beyonce fiasco. The ones who ARE offended, are the ones portrayed in the video.

  • Conte435

    Don’t play stupid.. Or insult people’s intelligence.

    BlackLivesMatter members weren’t all going nuts on social media about the song and the half-time show for no reason.

    Beyoncé thinks she can rabble – rouse black racists, then play dumb cause she still needs non black peoples money to keep her and her camel in their mansions and flying those private jets.

  • Conte435

    Why don’t you and her own it.

    Black posters have been saying all week, white people shouldn’t get , it’s music for them.

    So own it bitch, , like Kanye says .

  • B King

    Her half time performance had nothing to do with Black Lives Matter, nor does the song. The Black Lives Matter reference was shown in the music video for Formation. Her half time show paid homage to the Black Panther Party, not Black Lives Matter. And all the people going crazy over her song and performance are not people who would be Beyonce fans anyway, so I’m sure she still has plenty of “white people money”.

  • Conte435

    Listen people aren’t as stupid as you and Beyoncé and Camel husband take them for.

  • Conte435

    You do know that Panther members actually killed cops in 60′s and 70′s and are militant Black Power movement that supports the use of violence.

    Again with thinking other people are dumb.

    And the KKK is just a pro German cultural movement.

    You forgot her” homage” also to Malcolm X , the father of the ” Black Nation of Islam ” in America.

  • Mapгapитa Бaбoвниковa

    Beyonce is white.

  • quartzsoup

    Lmao you are the very reason this skit exists, but you don’t even see it. Your lack of self-awareness is so beautiful.

  • SaraJ

    Your comment is incredibly stupid and this hilarious clip is for people just like you.

  • SaraJ

    Honestly, I haven’t heard or seen one single white person who’s offended by Beyonce’s video or halftime performance. Not even my old white dad, who says she’s always good because she can dance – hahaha.

  • Von

    The real question is when will Black culture’s ” lack of self awareness” ever be seen, that truly would be a beautiful thing.

  • Sim

    Anyone who starts off by saying honestly, you know they’re about to say anything but honesty .

    Say hi to your old white dad😜

  • Sim

    What was incredibly stupid was Beyoncé so called song.
    This sentence alone is beyond idiotic.
    “When he fuck me real good, I take his ass to Red Lobster”

    Some ” self awareness” might do more good, instead of always deflection and excuses.

  • SaraJ

    Nope. Maybe I just have smarter, cooler, more progressive friends than you do. Maybe I live in Seattle and not Mississippi. Not one person, and I know a lot of pop culture-inclined people… Plenty of comments about the halftime show and not one negative toward Beyonce except for her little bouncing meme.

  • Anonymous

    So…white people have decided that “albino alligators” is a racial slur, now, as opposed to an allusion to a very white movie from the 90′s, which happens to have been set in NOLA? She was the albino allligator within the context of that line. Not everything is about you, white person.

    Also, you are mentally ill if you believe either the Confederate States of America or Nazi Germany are comprable to the Black Panther Party for Self Defense, an organization that was literally founded as a result of domestic terrorism and the deprivation of Black people’s basic human rights.

    HINT: neither the enslavement, murder and rape of Black people nor the detention, enslavement and murder of Jews constitutes a “basic human right.”

  • Sim

    I thought it was your “old white dad”, wouldn’t that make you white by the way, could have referred to you own whiteness.
    Aren’t you lucky you have smarter, cooler, more progressive friends.
    The question is what are they doing with you and your “old white dad”

    Here’s a clue ( before edit your comment) only a black person or self-hating white person would refer to their father as a “old white dad” .

    I’m not American
    Do your smarter, cooler, progressive friends know that you stereo type and harbour feeling of bigotry towards your fellow Americans from Mississippi.

  • Sim

    Odd when I’ am on urban sites, like MTO, when someone calls a celebrity ” albino alligator” it’s always a white celebrity

    To some people ISIS is just religious movement.

    You really should seek out the President of the United States of the last 8 years, heard he’s black, might help with ” black people deprived of human rights”

  • SaraJ

    *Applause* I am white – the dad comment was to make that clear. My old, white dad is pretty cool but not cool enough to listen to Beyonce, and he thought her message was just fine. That was my point – white people aren’t all up in arms about Beyonce’s symbolism; the MEDIA is making it seem that way so they can get more clicks/advertising/money!! People like you fall for it – let’s make some angry comment!
    This is a non-issue in real life, truly.
    And yep, as an American I have every right to call out a part of our country that is known to be more racist. It’s well-known that the south and in particular the south-east has some growth to do in that area. There’s much more separation and painful events happening there than in other more liberal places. Part of that is based on U.S. history.. the Civil War.. educate yourself.
    As someone who obviously doesn’t know enough, I’d advise you to shut up on topics such as race in America and, for example, how white people feel one way or another. Going off of some stupid comment section on Just Jared ain’t gonna cut it for you.

  • Sim

    Maybe you and your “old white dad” aren’t representive for hundreds of millions of white people and non black people.

    Or for those who found Beyoncé’s song, video and half time show , racist, insulting, inflammatory and needlessly exploited racial demagoguery, just a thought

    Do you have a ” old white mom” too. Who think’s Beyonce just great .

    Your rant to justify your bigotry and racist assumptions about vast groups of people solely based on their area code, sad.

    You should look in the mirror when your accusing others of having hidden racial biases.

  • tiny bossy


  • kiki

    I give no credence to anyone who starts a sentence with “KKK is Just”

  • Sim

    Sarcasm meet KiKI .

    I think she’s a bit confused of to your use.

  • Sim

    Might be why you can’t even find the video on her Vevo page

    Odd for a new single not be front and centre, especially when your world tour is named after it.

    Would love someone to ask her, who exactly is she’s asking to form in “Formation” , sounds like Nazi youth logo.

  • Nettrice

    Liberal does not equate to non-racist.

  • IE

    Albino Alligators are shoes.

  • Ash

    Big surprise she was also advertising for her new tour on the same show. Nothing like creating a little controversy to sell tickets. At the end of the day it isn’t a black/White issue. It is simply to sell tickets. All of you who think she is “standing up for something” have been mistaken. She is finding a controversy and cashing in.

  • Conte435

    ” I twirl on my haters , albino alligators”

    She talking shoes, STFU
    Shoes don’t even exist.

  • quartzsoup

    Lol that’s not a real question silly :)

  • Conte435

    Probably cause it will never happen , not like the crime, lack of eduction and un stable family home life has changed in black America last 5 decades.

    Really it’s be like asking it there will ever be peace in the Middle East.

  • IE

    Oh are you upset? Poor baby. They are shoes.

  • Von

    She can do what she wants on tour and other peoples dime.

    But she had NO right to take over the SuperBowl half time show, a family program for Americans to come together of every age, race, ethnicity, a show that she was a GUEST of the headline act.

  • quartzsoup

    How about you stop listing the flaws of a race, and just embrace your racism. It’s always so hilarious when racists hide behind facts, as if the facts are a warrant to be racist. You don’t need the pseudo-facts darling, just grow a pair and be a proud racist.

  • Lenny

    Who you kidding clown. If as people don’t know ignorant ass blacks call white women that.

    This hog who should worry about dieting then her haters.

    Try to main stream hood racist term, the act like she don’t WTF she doing .

  • IE

    Oh you are upset too? Poor baby. They are shoes.

  • Lenny

    If you’re white , I’m Gandi . Lying botch
    Look at black people telling other races what should and shouldn’t offend them , lying hypocrites.

  • wisdomy

    Your terror is delicious.

  • wisdomy

    It’s extra-hilarious to see people essentially re-enacting this in the comments.

  • Erik N Sheri Gordon

    Mark Essex enough said and I can provide more. Live the lie, we know better. If you don’t know he was a Black Panther who went on a shooting rampage in 1973 in New Orleans killing white ppl innocent ppl and cops oh the BPP was such a wonderful group of African Americans problem is they just like all stupid organisations took it too far.. OH and can you please refrain from using the word whites to describe us, see using that word shows your own racism Takes two to tango always does always will. I showed you respect now try it on your end for once in your life.

  • wisdomy

    You don’t like being called white? You prefer genderqueer, I’m assuming, ErikNSheri?

  • wisdomy

    The people who organize the Super Bowl halftime show clearly disagree, dipshit.

  • B King