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Taylor Swift Wins First Grammy of the Night, Reacts on Twitter!

Taylor Swift Wins First Grammy of the Night, Reacts on Twitter!

Taylor Swift just won the first award of the evening at the 2016 Grammys – Best Pop Vocal Album for 1989!

The 26-year-old superstar wasn’t in attendance to accept the award, but Jack Antonoff accepted for her, and called her while he was on stage!

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“Is James Taylor there? Can someone tell James Taylor I love him?” Taylor said on the phone. LOL.

“@TheGRAMMYs I AM SCREAMING” Taylor wrote on Twitter after the win. Congrats, Taylor!

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  • Just Saying

    Why isn’t it televised? Well, at least we don’t have to stand her fake ass “surprise in shock” stupid face she makes…

  • leila

    or her obnoxious dancing

  • Just Saying

    Her people probably pay a lot for her to get camera time during the actual ceremony so sadly there is no escaping the “adorable” mom dancing

  • Sim

    Rather her, then looking at ” artist” t*ts and fake ass’s cause that’s the only way they can sell their music.

    Or maybe Swift should do a white supremacist parade in her next video like Beyoncé, show she’s down with every racist group of “her people”

  • Sim

    Better then fake ass weave tossing with a wind machine Beyoncé’s done for the last 15 years

  • Just Saying

    Didn’t she do that already in Bad Blood? by the way, by “her people” I meant her PR people or manager. Why bring race into this?

  • Just Saying

    Can you write that in english? I couldn’t understand any of it.

  • Sim

    Her people don’t have to, that’s why she’s opening the show

    She’s the only artist or band to EVER gross 200 million alone in North America on a tour . A record

    You a know a record that heifer Beyonce can only dream of.

  • Sim

    Obviously you should take your ” racist coloured ” glasses off.
    Like the fuking rapper who’s on the song with her, you fuking dummy.

    And you’d realize many different race / ethnicity were represented in her video, but thanks for proving racists only see what they want.

  • Arx

    Lmao you’re still talking about Beyonce?

  • Sim

    O look all the Beyonce and Rihanna fake commenters on a Taylor Swift post slamming her, how convenient

    Are y’all done hyping Rihanna’s latest flop album LOL, 460 first week, 😭😭😭😭😂 They couldn’t give the crap away.

    Must be why her yodelling last night was in a see -through dress.

    Dumb ho’ confuses stripped with singer, I guess after 10 years of being every rappers side piece, it’s not surprising.

  • Sim

    That’s why Google has a dictionary use it.

  • Arx

    Oh look its the guy who constantly talks about Beyonce and calls everyone a racist. Don’t worry cuz Adele outsold everything Taylor Swift has ever done and can actually sing unlike the talentless Taylor. Taylor may win awards tonight but everyone will be talking about Adele and Lady Gaga!

  • Sim

    Really, racist heifers who every post either hyping those two step- up from strippers or slamming white popular singers , that aren’t 200 pounds.

    You mad bro, someone calls out racist bullshit.

  • Arx

    Im racist cuz im a fan of both black and white entertainers? You’re simply mad that Taylor Swift is a cum rag for famous men while Adele, Beyonce, Rihanna, Lady Gaga, Katy Perry, Ariana G etc. all have talent and don’t have to be fake to sell music and tickets. Seriously tho, Taylor has been penetrated by nearly every famous man out there.

  • Sim

    You lying as swipe, you posted shit about everyone except Adele, Beyoncé , Rihanna.

    You think cause people don’t comment, they don’t read through comment sections.

    Yah , all those people have talent except Swift…

    Go jump off a bridge moron.

  • Arx

    “You lying as swipe” wtf does that mean?
    I have a love/hate relationship with Gaga… Sometimes I’m her biggest fan but somethings i don’t like what she does. I love Katy, Ariana, Adele and many more. The only person I hate is Taylor “fake” Swift. I dislike her because she’s the biggest whore in the industry but pretends to be a good girl. Unlike you I like people of all ethnicities.

  • Sim

    Here let me help you,
    as swipe : what most people should use Rihanna’s latest “Collection ” for.

    Keep ” twirling” as Beyoncé says, cause that heifer knows all about twirling, just ask her white assistant .

  • Lenny

    these🐒 think everyone’s as slow as them

  • Fred1259

    Sniff is such an arrogant, fake hag,.

  • Just Saying

    The guy clearly doesn’t speak english, I’m having a hard time understanding his comments!

  • Von

    Beyonce should be help to account for her racist demagogue half time show
    The week after the SuperBowl, 2 random white people in NewYork were brutally assaulted for no apparent reason
    The assailant screamed this is for Malcolm X. Police called it anti -white attack released the CTV images.
    That’s after months random people face slashed throughout the cities. All the victim have white or Hispanic and all the people arrested black.

  • Arx

    oh look another republican who thinks Beyonce (a pop star) is responsible americans actions. Next republicans will be blaming the Kardashians for americas immigration problems.

  • Sim

    The lying black racists want people to believe it’s just by chance that 2 anti-white attacks happened only motive ‘” for Malcolm X” …… after the most popular black celebrity does a show honouring BlackLivesMatter, Black Panthers and trots out 60′s supremacist Nation of Islam MalcolmX” at the most watched event in America

    A year of blackLivesMatter racist protests against whites, police .. 6 cops killed the last two weeks nationally and attacks against non – black people with no motive, that national covers up … It’s all coincidences.

    They gin up the hate then wouldn’t take responsibility for the consequences.
    As if the as swipes would has generous if the races were reversed.

  • Esquared

    Well all I have to say is it’s a good darn thing Mr Kayne West interrupted her that time on stage or no one would even know who she is! *sarcasm*

  • Fred1259

    Sniff looks so trashy.

  • Gina

    Beyonce seems to always be on your mind. You keep bringing her up when nobody else does. You are obsessed.