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Demi Lovato Speaks Out on Women Empowerment in Support of Kesha

Demi Lovato Speaks Out on Women Empowerment in Support of Kesha

Demi Lovato went on a Twitter spree about feminism and threw subtle shade at “so-called feminists” late Saturday (February 20).

“Frustrating to see women come forward with their past only to be shot down, not believed & disrespected for their bravery in taking action,” the 23-year-old entertainer tweeted in response to Kesha‘s latest defeat in court.

Demi proceeded to elaborate on her definition of women empowerment and called out fake feminists in the process.

“I’m also ready for self-proclaimed feminists to start speaking out or taking action for women’s rights,” she posted.

Her tweets are causing some speculation that she’s taking a subtle jab at Taylor Swift after her feminist speech at the Grammys.

Catch out Demi‘s twitter spree below!

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  • Will

    Demi’s idea of female empowerment is taking off her clothes so she doesn’t understand that feminists fought for women to be respected for their brains, talent, kindness and this generation of girls gives pigs what they want and claim it empowers them.

  • jh7058622

    No you clearly don’t know what feminism is. Everything she said would suggest she is doing just that. She is right that Taylor Swift is trying to play the female empowerment card to gain sympathy. Every tweet she sent out shows she knows what feminism is. That means that she can stand up for the right to being sexually provocative if she wants to. You act as if she’s the only popstar to do that…

  • Mike1288

    We shouldnt be talking about clothing. We should be talking about every ignorant person like Demi who thinks we automatically should believe something someone says woman or otherwise. Someone saying something is NOT fact. I like Kesha’s music but there is NO evidence Dr. Luke raped her. He may be a jerk but that does not make a rapist. Rolling Stone pointed out that before we rush to claim every man is evil we need to be presented with FACTS. Woman are abused and they suffer violence at the hands of men but we can not assume things. Assuming every guy accused of rape is like assuming every black person steals. Its no different and that is the flaw in this “new feminism.”

  • jh7058622

    What you’re talking about has nothing to do with what I am. My post was a direct response to the first comment trying to subversively slut shame Demi.

    That being said her standing up for Kesha doesn’t mean she doesn’t believe in the judicial system. There are millions of women who are afraid to come forward after a sexual assault due to being slut shamed or not believed in. It is the principal of the matter i think she is coming to her defense for.

  • Mike1288

    I am not saying that clothing is your main point. It was not worth it to comment on the first poster cause it was off topic to begin with. I am all for support but I find her concept ignorant. Supporting a woman just because she is a woman is as ignorant as not supporting a woman cause she is a woman. The fact is everyone is calling this guy an attacker and rapist and there is no proof. That is the point I am trying to get at. Its one thing to say I support her but many and it maybe isnt necessarily Demi are saying “she shouldnt have to look at her attacker.” That is not correct to say either. All we have evidence is he is not nice. Doesnt mean he is a rapist.

  • jh7058622

    It’s on topic in the sense of the misunderstanding of what “real feminism” is and how it can take many forms. This is more multifaceted than you would like to admit. That being said it doesn’t negate that that just because she defends one side she is condemning the other side. She is standing up for her right to express Keshas case. Just because there’s no evidence doesn’t mean it didn’t happen either.

  • Mark Jekabson

    To me the real question is about the fact that they wouldn’t even release her from her contract. SHe was not pressing charges in her hearing but was simply saying “I cannot work with this man.” with her experiences to back up why. The real shame is that the court doesn’t seem to recognize ‘irreconcilable differences’ when they see them and is saying she owes Dr. Luke and Company an album of music. I think the argument was to dissolve her contract so she can make music with whoever she feels comfortable making music with.

  • Gina

    I’m not a fan of Demi, but I love her subtle jab at Taylor Swift. Taylor is a fraud.

  • MacAuthority

    This is absurd. Why attack other women for not speaking up? It’s the right of every person to publicly discuss what they feel like talking about. I hate hearing these stupid stories when others shame Taylor swift (or whatever public figure) for not getting involved in situations. Who knows if Taylor even knows what’s going on. It’s unfair to force others by publicly guilt-tripping them into being scapegoats.

  • Trunsdale C. Delight III

    Empowering from a Disney stripper

  • Well then why call yourself a feminist? This is a very important subject (rape). For many years it’s been kept in the dark, the fact that people are speaking up about it brings awareness to the subject.

    If a powerful person like Taylor Swift decides not to speak up about it even though she knows, or probably knows, and goes around claiming to be a feminist then she is lying.

    They should also use their voices to make a change, not just to be on the news.

  • Suz

    Sometimes it is best to process things carefully before we put our thoughts into words and post for the world to read. Too much noise is just that, “NOISE!!!” It does not pay the bill and does not solve the situation at hand. This society runs not by words alone but first you must act then you support with words. We all know what that means unless you are that empty vessel that makes the most noise or the one who likes to hear yourself talk. In that case, we say, you talk too much. What Ms. Swift did was put her money where her mouth is. That means, you act first and then supports it with words either in Capitol Hill or Feminist Ralley. Again, Demi we will let this go. Next use your thinking faculty befor you verbalize. May be you just arrive to the shores of United States or the World for that matter. If you were born here, you will surely know whatever you are proposing does not pay the bill. So, go home Demi and rethink your stance. You are definitely #BarkingTheWrongTree!!!

  • tia maria

    Kesha signed a legally binding contract with Dr Luke and the label that most likely requires her to provide them with a certain number of albums. Plus if it’s true that Dr Luke is offering her the freedom to record that final album to fulfil her contract without his involvement then isn’t it better for her to just create that last album and be released from her contract instead of spending even more money on legal proceedings?

  • Barbara Galante

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  • David M.

    That is the scary thing now, a man’s word doesn’t seem to mean anything against a women when it should be equal. Too many people talking about equality and then automatically take the woman’s side without knowing any of the facts.