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Demi Lovato Defends Herself After Seemingly Calling Out Taylor Swift & Her Kesha Donation

Demi Lovato Defends Herself After Seemingly Calling Out Taylor Swift & Her Kesha Donation

Demi Lovato is defending herself after her tweet, which seemingly shaded Taylor Swift, upset her fans.

“How the f*ck am I making this about myself? At least I’m talking about it. Not everyone has 250k to just give to people. Would love to but I didn’t grow up with money and def haven’t made as much as her. At least I speak up about sh*t that’s uncomfortable to talk about rather than trying to be politically correct 24/7,” the 23-year-old entertainer wrote in a comment on a Taylor fan Instagram account. The account pointed out Demi‘s tweet about Taylor‘s $250,000 donation to Kesha after her legal battle with Dr Luke.

“There’s no ‘rivalry’ I just give more f*cks than other people and would rather start a dialogue ABOUT WOMEN COMING FORWARD ABOUT BEING RAPED than throw money at one person,” Demi continued. “I didn’t shade Taylor. If you take it that way than[sic] fine. I’m just tired of seeing women use ‘women empowerment’ and ‘feminism’ to further brands without actually being the ones that have the uncomfortable conversations. I get shade and I don’t give a f*ck because someone has to be the one to take it. At least I’m getting my hands dirty.”

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  • Arx

    Well put Demi!

  • jh7058622

    It’s hard to decide why i agree with Demi as I’m not really a fan but i understand what she means. Why not give a statement on females rights if she is passionate enough to right an entire speach about it at the Grammys? Is it only when negativity is thrown towards her that she feels the need to speak her mind on women’s issues?

    Demi shouldn’t be so hard on her though as I don’t think she is evil just very self involved.

  • Me

    Where the hell were they when this whole thing got started????

  • Joher

    I’m done with this topic Taylor gave Kesha money, what did Demi do? Bitch about it on social media, that’s all she did. There’s nothing wrong with helping people out, I don’t know in what world do we live in but giving money to someone who can’t release music isn’t a bad thing. It’s Taylor’s money she can do what ever the f*ck she wants with it.

  • Conte435

    Demi should get a life, what does she do except rant on Twitter and thinks she making a difference, when she’s a irrelevant nobody.

    She has nothing to lose and no one of power who listens to her.

    Taylor just had tour of her house in the town she grew up in, it’s a average middle class house, but Demi has to try pit people against each other, so she has to make it as if Taylor was wealthy as child.

    Not only does this Demi loser try to pit women against each other but she trying make it about what ??? rich and the really rich.

  • Conte435

    ” I just give more fucks then other people”

    By what exactly ranting on Twitter how you’re such a feminist and you care more.

    That and dollar could have bought Kesha a cup of coffee.

  • YupVideoFever

    The dialogue has been started decades ago. Or just recently – we all know about the scandal with Bill Cosby. Where did it take women – nowhere.

    Demi tried to make a point, but it wasn’t wise to slam Taylor (I am not Taylor’s fan).

  • Conte435

    She’s jealous, why I don’t know ?? Maybe she just realized all she is are another empty gestures with Twitter fingers .

    All she really does is humble brag that she’s such a feminist on Twitter all the time.

    You can tell she’s not all there mentality, why would she get offended by someone with the ability to help a person obviously in need.

    Cause this isn’t about Kesha it’s about her, isn’t she bi-polar, it’s obvious, crazy out of wack egos.

  • Baseliner

    is demi still mad that taylor stole selena from her?

  • Conte435

    ” I didn’t shade Taylor”

    While her rant in the same post is all just shading Taylor. LoL

    Taylor is surrounded by crazy f-cks, Kanye now this idiot .

    Is she Kesha’s spokesperson, why does Taylor doing anything for Kesha need this chicks approval or blessing.

  • Leticia Gillam

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  • Anastatia Bagans

    She’s calling out Taylor on not being involved enough but what the f*ck has she done to be involved? B*tch just sounds bitter and trying to make Taylor look bad.

  • potato

    demi’s forgetting that this is not about her. has she even considered that kesha would appreciate that money? why does it have to be taylor to be the one to speak up for everyone? if she wants to get her hands dirty, by all means she can be the one to do it. this was about giving a friend some help not a statement about feminism. dumbass.

  • Little Paper Stars

    Taylor could easily have given Kesha the money quietly, without a statement or publicity. Then make a more general, wider movement in support of womens rights, team up with people like Demi, Emma Watson etc, start something that will make an impact in the right place, for the right reasons. When you have the ear of so many young women, use it correctly. And reading some of the replies here it’s probable there’s work to do when it comes to women tearing down other women.

  • John Tay

    Imagine if the extremely rich people like Bill Gates and Oprah stops donating money and just speak about things. I feel that someone has to do it. Someone has to donate money or some other physical gesture like going to Capitol Hill. In that case, since demi claims she has no money she can go to Capitol Hill then. Just kidding. The gesture of Taylor giving money is more symbolic that words. And definitely Kesha will appreciate some money instead of words.

  • John Tay

    Kesha’s mom was the one who publicized it.

  • Little Paper Stars

    Taylors rep made a statement too. But it would have been very easy for Taylor or her people to say ‘lets’ just keep this between us.’

  • Mapгapитa Бaбoвниковa

    or taylors fans tried to make Demi look bad and she answered in comment?
    Did you even read the post above before commenting???

  • smmy33

    What is your argument, Kesha’s mother wanted people to know that Taylor supported them financially, why would Taylor then turn around and deny it.

    So weirdo jealous people like you wouldn’t have something to complain about.

    Why did celebrities tweet their support over social media instead of supporting Kesha privately.

    Once you figure out the answer to that, then you can answer why Talyor would never tell Kesha or her mother to keep it quiet if they wanted to make it public.

  • smmy33

    Who are YOU to decide how Taylor Swift should support what or whom she wants to.

    So instead of Taylor QUIETLY giving financial support to Kesha.

    She should have since she has 40 million MORE followers then Demi just tweet support, pat herself on the back for tweeting her support and then people like you wouldn’t complain.

    God forbid Taylor does a little more then empty social media posting, all the crazies come out to slam her.

  • John Tay

    She has to because that’s how they know which side she is supporting? It’s like Ellen donating to a school. So people know what they are standing for.

  • fred1066

    I don’t see Demi doing anything other thsn tweeting. She wants to start a conversation about female empowerment or whatever? Where? On twitter? What are her plans?
    She doesn’t care about helping just one person? So Kesha’s not the issue.
    Fine Demi. You go, girl. Figure out how to start putting your words into action. And btw–you have money now, right? At least a little? $500? Because you werent born rich. bet you have money now though, right? More thsn most people.
    So why don’t you start up a fund? For something? You wanna start a conversation? You figure how to start it.
    And btw–I don’t think tweeting is getting your hands dirty.
    And btw–saying your a feminist means your a feminist. doesn’t mean jump because another woman says jump.
    Sure got attention for yourself. Now quit tweeting and do something before you start telling other people what they should do.

  • dgr57

    U just plain STUPID DEMI L… heres ur 2 fks about it shut the F up !! its not about the money rather then the rape itself !! cost $$ to sue the RAPIST!!!
    Ur just FKN STUPID !!!!!

  • fred1066

    And Taylor’s donation actually does say a lot. It shows she supports her, she draws attention to Kesha’s situation, and it may inspire others.
    Taylor’s donation says something more than Demi’s empty tweeting. Demi could’ve set up an online donation fund or something.

  • Magyar Zoltán

    She talks about being proud of herself and don’t change herself love your body, and yet she is trying to look like a ho. sexy confident, who is proud of her body. She wanted to use her song’s to help people but all i can see is she is like a lame version of Miley who is insecure and all she want’s is to show people how stong she is. A strong iindependent woman doesn’t need photos of herself naked in a bathtub or dressing like a prostitute. She just talk’s about being supportive but she did not do anything else

  • Little Paper Stars

    That’s not what I said at all. I suggested that Taylor give the money quietly, not that she shouldn’t have but then perhaps start a dialouge with other influential young women, Emma Watson, Demi, her Squad, to start some sort of movement or campaign together ina bid to help young women learn to empower and further themselves in a positive way.

  • Little Paper Stars

    She can make a bigger statement by teaming up with other influential young women like Emma Watson to start a movement helping young women to empower themselves. Ellen donating to a school is not the same, that’s a larger bigger project to help the many. This is quarter of a million dollars to help someone with legal fees, how does this benefit anyone other than Kesha and her lawyer.

  • AyeAye

    The thing which bugs me is that she doesn’t know the difference between “then” and “than”. Someone needs to go to school again.

  • John Tay

    Why does she have to do that? Just because she proclaim herself as a feminist? There are women being raped right now in India, should she speak about that too? What about those in the Middle East? Just because someone boast proudly that they are one does not mean they have to go all out full length and do the should and should nots. I feel that she has the right to not support Kesha at all, and 250k is enough to represent her support.

  • JT

    Demi clearly comes across as being very jealous and bitter.

  • Mike1288

    Ecept the only person tearing someone down was Demi. I think people give back in their own way. Demi forgets this. She can be the boice but the movement needs someone like Taylor who will give money.

  • Mike1288

    If Taylor did not say she donated then she would just come off as the gurl power woman who does not speak up for woman’s rights. Seems to me you would bash taylor regardless.

  • Mike1288

    The point was to support Kesha, is supporting her helping her pay for legal fees heck yeah. What a bunch of drinble you just wrote.

  • Mike1288

    Who do I think supports woman more? A woman who gave someone something tangible to help pay bills or the twitter warrior who uses her thumbs to prove she is a feminist, while stumping for a woman whose husband constantly harassed woman in the workplace. Sorry Demi your are not a feminist. Maybe your mad cause you just realized it.

  • LadyRed

    Although I am not a fan of either, I much prefer Demi over TS. However, I have to admit, today while I was reading about all these celebrities who are standing behind Kesha, one thought popped into my mind: why aren’t any of them donating money to help her out? So, in this case, I applaud TS for her donation. Also, I don’t see Demi lobbying to take this to Capitol Hill. She really should learn to practice what she preaches.

  • Dave Mills

    She definitely speaks her mind.

  • Sanna Leena

    Money rules the world…unfortunately! Kudos to Demi, she has balls!

  • Alexandra Nemer

    I am sick of Demi Lovato always ranting on twitter all the time. She’s a huge jealous idiot, all she does is pose nude and brag about her curvy body like shes a special snowflake while attacking people on twitter. What does she care what Taylor Swift does with her money? Then she says “not everyone can give 250k and she makes more money than me” Um no one is saying go give 250k but dont act like you’re not worth millions, so dont hate on people actually helping instead of sitting on Twitter complaining like you.

  • UltimatePhillippe (Spain)

    Demi, you have a fortune of $15 million, you can not donate 250k but you can donate 2k or 5k, you are not a poor woman.

  • blah

    Posting on Twitter is “getting your hands dirty” Demi? I looked up Taylor’s hometown and former house due to some mentions in this article. It’s not a rich town and the house did recently sell for almost 800,000. However, properties on the coasts are more expensive. You’ve been woring since age 4 or so Demi. Why can’t you afford to donate something? Taylor could be helping many people by helping Kesha. Getting publicity and policies changed could do that!

  • blah

    Yep, there is a website called celebritynetworth. Don’t know how they get their information, but it says Demi is worth 20 million dollars. Of course some of that net worth may be in things that can’t be easily liquidated. Like property.

  • Mapгapитa Бaбoвниковa

    You can’t see comment because nobody can’t embed instagram comments, but tweets can be embed beautifully.

  • Mapгapитa Бaбoвниковa

    Taylor Swift twitted — “She is so brave to say things!”
    Demi Lovato twitted— “Sure got attention for yourself. Now quit tweeting and do something before you start telling other people what they should do.”

  • Mapгapитa Бaбoвниковa


  • Gina

    Just what we need, more Taylor Swift publicity. The victim who triumphs in the face of evil, that’s the narrative that’s made this girl famous. People need to stop giving her what she wants.

  • germanota412

    Demi implies that taylor swift did that for image purpose…That’s what the folks pissed off by demi’s reaction forget.
    When you know that kesha is a multimillionaire you guess that 250k will not help her to fix her trial problems cause she can already pay the best lawyers.
    You also guess it will not simply make her doing great financially cause she’s already doing wonderful with money.
    We can’t know if it’s done to look kind and implicated or merely like a nice but nearly useless gift for kesha.

  • Chaang

    Demi Lovato *tweets as if 140 characters will break Kesha’s contract*

  • pugadlawin

    Demi, you’ve voiced your support for Kesha. Good.

    BUT you belittling Taylor’s donation looks bad on you. She’s rich but she worked for that 250k which she chose to donate.

  • meaghan

    cases like this set legal precedents that influence future lawsuits. by giving kesha the financial means to continue this legal battle, she gives not only kesha but future victims hope that they can keep fighting and eventually win. btw in case you haven’t noticed – kesha NEEDS HELP and it’s ridiculous and callous that you would even suggest that nobody should waste their time helping individuals and instead focus on helping everybody all at once (which isn’t exactly realistic either)… taylor made a huge statement with her donation – financial support is the most important kind in the eyes of big businesses like sony – and if you can’t see that then you’re as deluded as d*mi

  • meaghan

    not to mention financial support is the only support big businesses like sony really care about. if anything is going to persuade them to release kesha from her contract, it’s a hefty donation from the most powerful individual force in pop music.