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Jon Voight Endorses Donald Trump for President (Full Statement)

Jon Voight Endorses Donald Trump for President (Full Statement)

Jon Voight has officially endorsed Donald Trump for President.

“I’m not someone who’s saying he’s the best of this group. I’m saying I like this guy,” the 77-year-old actor told Breitbart News.

“He’s an answer to our problems. We need to get behind him. The Republicans need to unite behind this man. We need somebody to go in and reconstruct us in a sort of way, get us back to where we were, who we need to be,” Jon continued.

“It’s not right – as if Trump were the danger to our country. He’s a patriot, and the people are responding because they know it’s exactly what has to happen. Somebody has got to get in there and clean it out – even take the paint off,” Jon added about Donald being vilified.

Click inside to read Jon Voight’s full statement endorsing Donald Trump…

It is true that we Americans have been part of Donald Trump’s life for many years. We were part of his weddings. We were there to see all his children’s births. We were part of his great shows: Miss Universe, The Apprentice – and all know, without a doubt, his life has been an open book.

I, Jon Voight, can say, without hesitation, that Donald is funny, playful, and colorful, but most of all, he is honest. When he decided to run for president, I know he did it with a true conviction to bring this country back to prosperity. He is the only one who can do it. No frills, no fuss, only candid truths.

There are many Republicans fighting to keep him from winning the Republican nomination. You know why? Because he has no bull to sell, and everyone will discover the bull most politicians spew out is for their own causes and benefits. They never dreamed they would be losing control.

I am very disappointed at the talk show hosts, also spewing out lies and propaganda against Donald. Why, I wonder? The only thing I can think of is he represents a form of freedom none of them ever saw before, and they are bewildered about it, and frightened about it.

I pray all Americans who have seen and felt the meltdown of America with the Obama years, to please fight for Donald Trump. He will not let us down. I pray for all good people to see clearly what faces us now. The right vote will save our nation.

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  • xica


  • Clovis

    When I think of Trump I do think of getting in there with a wire brush and some Drano.

  • ivvie

    I see why Angelina Jolie doesn’t like him.

  • devvv

    “I’m not someone who’s saying he’s the best of this group. I’m saying I like this guy,”..What kind of logic is that? You vote for the best candidate, not the one you want to have drinks with. I like Beyonce, doesn’t mean I’d vote for her for President.


    Somehow I’m not surprised that a man that fathered something as vile as Angelina Jolie would support a jerk like Trump.

  • Ariana

    His daughter Angelina Jolie also hates Obama and she is rumored to be a secret Republican as well.

  • DEADP00L

    I wonder what his daughter will think of this, she isn’t known to be a very open person when it comes to her political choices. But seeing as she’s friends with war criminal WILLIAM HAGUE I would say she’s a conservative

    She would probably vote for Hilary Henry Kissinger Clinton just because Hilary is a republican in Democrat clothing.

    Somehow I don’t see her voting for Bernie Sanders. She’s too detached to do that.

  • LuLu Guiness

    yea tell that to the people voting for Hillary, they can’t even name the policies Hillary is in favor for. They can’t even say one thing Hillary has done except how she’s a humanitarian. Trump 2016!

  • Visitor

    A rumored Republican? Please. Angelina is not into politics. Brad is a supporter of Obama. Angelina is also a humanitarian with a mutlicultural family. What part of that suggests Republican to you?

  • Visitor

    Trump–the last white hope. Can you imagine his mail-order sexbot bride as first lady?

  • Visitor

    I’d have more respect for some of his supporters if they admit they are white supremacists.

  • Ariana

    Jolie has blasted Obama for not doing enough for Syria dozens of times and there was a story about how her and Brad do fight over their political differences. I do believe she is a secret Republican or atleast an Independent. I don’t think she is a Democrat. I have never heard her praise or attack a politician expect for Obama.

  • benfbeckmaN

    Jon Voight just lost a lot of respect. A whole lot.

  • Jonathan Reese

    GO TRUMP!!

  • Naynay

    Watching these elections from another country is … disgusting ! what the fuck is happening to the “country of freedom” this guy is so wrong on so many levels even if you take the racism apart from the discussion he basically has no economic plan, no foreign policy plan (except building a wall on the mexican border), no idea to solve the unemployment rate, no idea how to actually make a better country

  • FerCat

    To be fair, Obama get’s grief over Syria from all sides.

  • Signet Amenti

    Why are you lying ? How much did Trump bribe you to write that for him ? Don Trump wants to destroy your nation along with the whole world through the 4th reich zombies, and you are too blind to see it, under his Evil Spell . . . What are you all so afraid off ? He is the bully you ought to fear and turn away from, and the words he says and not where and what he is directing it at. Angelina is Intelligent enough to see it through, Angie we need you to back up something. Seems like the majority has lost all of the rational reasonable mind they had been left with. This would require someone like you.