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Jennifer Aniston & Julia Roberts Star in New 'Mother's Day' Trailer - Watch Now!

Jennifer Aniston & Julia Roberts Star in New 'Mother's Day' Trailer - Watch Now!

Jennifer Aniston and Julia Roberts star in the brand new trailer for Mother’s Day!

The film tells the story of the intersecting lives of several different moms on the once-a-year day!

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Kate Hudson, Shay Mitchell, Jason Sudeikis, Timothy Olyphant, Jon Lovitz, and Britt Robertson also star in the movie, which is set to hit theaters on April 29. Be sure to check it out!

Watch the brand new trailer below!

Jennifer Aniston & Julia Roberts Star in New ‘Mother’s Day’ Trailer

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  • Joy B Angie

    Jen looks gorgeous
    DRF, what a blond woman are you talking about ?

  • Dirk_Reese-Fan

    Thanks for your huge comment you posted some days ago, JBA !
    When I talked about a blond women, then I was talking about my night-vision (= (probably) paranormal phenomenon) of the 15.02.2016. I didn´t see that vision clearly enough.
    Thus, I cannot clearyl identify the women I saw as a projection on the ceiling of my bedroom.
    Thus, there are several possibilities:
    It could have been Reese, it could have been Jen.
    It looked a bit like Marilyn Monroe.
    Now it seems to look like the new photo of Gwen Stefani
    on her new album “This is what the truth feels like”.
    (because Gwen looks like Marilyn Monroe on the cover of that album)
    Finally I cannot be sure, which woman I saw during that vision.
    May be a vision is the presence of another astral-traveller, who has reached my bedroom.
    Then the question would be: Which woman is able to do
    astral-travells ? (= OOBEs = astral journeys).
    On Gwen Stefani´s album she sings on her song
    “You´re my favorite”: ” … The way you kissed me wasn´t typical Take me out of my body = something spiritual”.
    Now this:
    At the early morning of the 24.03.2016 (Thursday)
    I was flying again with my energy body.
    I flew across clouds above an ocean. Then I dived into
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    And on that medaillon (or coin) I read the word
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    And that OOBE (or at least lucid fligtht dream) was before I bought the album of Gwen Stefani.
    Now, perhaps Gwen visited me with her energy body.
    May be there is a connection between Reese and
    Gwen Stefani. Or I was just seeing into my own future
    (during that vision). The future of buying that album of
    Gwen Stefani and finding some interesting songs and that song with that verses I cited above.
    On her song “Rare”, Gwen Stefani is mystifying her new love – an unknown person. Is it me ?
    (or just a good strategy to sell records ?)
    Is Gwen Stefani able to make astral journeys ?
    I´m gonna´ look at her Instagram site.
    Or is this just some coincidents, that I´ve just
    simply overinterpret? May be, of course.
    JBA, I don´t think that Putin is supporting the IS.
    The terror-attack has something to to with
    Salah Abdeslam. He could have been the coordinator of that terroristic cell. And Salah Abdeslam has been payed
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    The terror-attack at Brussels has been done by the IS,
    but not by Putin. Putin is not the rebirth of Nero.
    Well, I hope so !
    Have a nice day and a nice night dream, JBA !

  • Joy B Angie

    Thanks, DRF, yes, I remember about vision
    of the woman on the ceiling of the bedroom.
    It’s strange you can’t say exactly who was that.
    But as it was before buying the album -
    looks like you saw the near future.
    * * * * *
    Gwen Stefani looks some demonic very often.
    And she is a great singer, no doubt.
    Her composition “Rare” is very special,
    but why not ?
    She is a big master to create an atmosphere
    in the song and during the concert.
    But she keeps own experiences deeply inside.
    Of course she meditates, like all creative people
    and may be sometimes she can travel, but without a concrete goal. She didn’t try to say
    something, so it could be a casual visit.
    * * * * *
    I’d like to see a strong atmosphere in the JA’s movies.
    The strongest one is in the “Good Girl”.
    “Marley & Me” is the next, and “Derailed” – the next. But she can do way better – no doubt.
    * * * * *
    Thanks, DRF, for your answer, and have a nice day, and let us watch new amazing JA’s movies.
    (no any word about poo teen) :-)

  • Mayette de Guzman

    I am so gonna watch Mother’s Day. Luv Jen!

  • Ethery

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    I noticed Jen A’s bloated rounder recent face was not symmetrical. That make over started in year 2014 and continued on 2015 Mother’s Day filming. See her different faces on films, her faces were pleasant and perfect to look at except for this Sprouts scenes with Jason Sudeikis on Mother’s Day movie.

    The perfect faces for her was on 2013 Oscar Awards night (I saw you across the street and I was freaking nervous that you might catches me as a fan looking at you, you got that perfect symmetrical familiar famous face). The 2013 and below shooting of films like the We’re the Millers, Wanderlust, Just Go With It, Management, Along Came Polly, Rock Star, Picture Perfect, Object of My Affection faces for me is perfect for her.

    For me Jen A was perfectly physically fit on her Along Came Polly, Object of My Affection, Picture Perfect bodies.
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