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Gerard Butler & Girlfriend Morgan Brown Grab Groceries Together

Gerard Butler & Girlfriend Morgan Brown Grab Groceries Together

Gerard Butler and his girlfriend Morgan Brown step out together at Bristol Farms to grab some groceries on Sunday (April 17) in Beverly Hills, Calif.

The 46-year-old actor and his girlfriend emerged with just one bag of goodies after their shopping trip!

PHOTOS: Check out the latest pics of Gerard Butler

Gerard and Morgan have not been spotted out and about together in over a month. They were last seen sharing an intimate moment in Malibu.

15+ pictures inside of Gerard Butler out with his girlfriend Morgan Brown

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gerard butler morgan brown run errands sunday 01
gerard butler morgan brown run errands sunday 02
gerard butler morgan brown run errands sunday 03
gerard butler morgan brown run errands sunday 04
gerard butler morgan brown run errands sunday 05
gerard butler morgan brown run errands sunday 06
gerard butler morgan brown run errands sunday 07
gerard butler morgan brown run errands sunday 08
gerard butler morgan brown run errands sunday 09
gerard butler morgan brown run errands sunday 10
gerard butler morgan brown run errands sunday 11
gerard butler morgan brown run errands sunday 12
gerard butler morgan brown run errands sunday 13
gerard butler morgan brown run errands sunday 14
gerard butler morgan brown run errands sunday 15
gerard butler morgan brown run errands sunday 16
gerard butler morgan brown run errands sunday 17

Photos: AKM-GSI
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  • phphanny

    Groceries must be expensive in Beverly Hills.

  • phphanny

    Groceries must be expensive in Beverly Hills.

  • phphanny

    Groceries must be expensive in Beverly Hills.

  • phphanny

    Groceries must be expensive in Beverly Hills.

  • phphanny

    Groceries must be expensive in Beverly Hills.

  • Sonia

    Oh wow, so the Gerry & Morgan Show is back on?

  • lamcha

    So are clothes by the look of the rags she’s wearing.

  • Elita

    It was never over. Just PR in time for his new movies. Can’t believe anyone believes it was ever really over.

  • Sonia

    Well then someone should tell her about that girl he was snogging in Vietnam. And she should get herself some self-respect if she’s okay to be thrown into the background while he ‘promotes his work’. Cos a 46-year-old actor really needs to appear to look single when promoting movies that are male-skewed. Right.

  • Guest

    Aren’t we forgetting her cheating on him?

  • logik69

    Again no proof – if talking to the opposite sex is all you need well then everyone is cheating all the time. And if you have to compare, kissy face in Vietam trumps whatever you are basing your “opinion” on.

    Let’s put the pictures side by side and take a poll.

  • Sweetheart8

    Sonja is right he was all kissey with the girl in Vietnam, and she looked american. These two love the drama. Let’s face it no “young blood” will be attracted to him and NOONE wants her. So they may end up happy ever after. On and off

  • Sweetheart8

    Oh I forgot to mention she stil follows behind him . why is that?

  • Guest

    Dogs usually walk behind.

  • Truth


  • 💕👰💫german-girl💃fresh-blood💫👰💕

    As a good christian she follows him

  • adina

    Look at her and you’ll know why he had to do it.

  • Maggie P.U.
  • Giggs11

    So let me get this straight…when he was promoting two movies he declares on TV that him and his girlfriend recently broke up…..does he actually think we are that stupid? That because we think he is single that we will drop our panties and run to the theater? Glad I skipped them. Both movies bombed and now he is seen out and about with his “girlfriend” give over will you! *rolls eyes*

  • 💕👰💫german-girl💃fresh-blood💫👰💕

    “My boyfriend went alone to Vietnam and all I got is this lousy groceries shopping bag which I have to carry on my own”…:)

  • Brad King

    She’s no Christian.

  • 💕👰💫german-girl💃fresh-blood💫👰💕

    …..sorry for forgetting the ironic emoticon/emoji…..:)

  • The truth is ALWAYS out there

    I am thinking they made a slight mistake on the headline here. I believe it should have read:

    Gerard Butler and Skanky Woman Caught in Car Park.

    I mean I seem to remember a little bit ago, and correct me if I am mistaken (but I am not) that our esteemed Mr. B referred to MB as a “Skanky woman in car parks” or let’s run back the highlight reel and go with Mr. B’s exact words. According to Mr. B, he said “

    “When I’m kissing some skanky woman in a car park and I see flashes then I google and say, did they find that?”

    In this way, I cannot be accused of taking his words out of context. If she is so skanky Mr. B, one has to wonder why you are back with her (or at least seen in public with her) and what does that make you? Skanky yourself perhaps? And besides being skanky, I think you are a coward as well. I even think I will throw in a liar and total hypocrite into the mix while I am at it. I know that one should never look at celebrities as being who they play in the movies, and I never have. I did believe the people who have met him saying how nice, caring and humble he is. How he is almost to the point of being embarrassed that he was blessed by his good fortune from God. So if he is all that, why then do you act the way you do and why do you hurt and devastate your twin flame in the manner that he is doing by willingly and going along with this other person. Honesty, I am loathe to call her a person, because she is more demon than person, by her actions and her looks. I think JKitsnotme was onto something when she stated one of her replies:

    “When are you going to stand up to these demon possessed idiots?”

    Of course once after stating that, she changed her response slightly and called someone named Speechless the demon. This is what I continually see, someone almost stumbling upon the truth only to give it up with some sort of inane answer. (Just between you, me and the world who reads here, she shows some flashes of intelligence, then slides deep into some serious issues.) I think in a few ways that you are a hypocrite JK, as in one breathe you seem to attack MB and then in the next breathe you are rattling your sabre defending her. You truly need to make up your mind and pick one side of the fence or the other. Trying to straddle both sides only makes you look like a fool. That being said, she was astute enough, along with another poster HH, to pick up on the fact that the pictures look fake or contrived and phony. I think I know what they are both seeing, but I am a person who likes to look at the whole picture as well as what everyone has to say, not just one or two people. But then others seem to be as blown away and as flabbergasted as I and the aforementioned posters were as well. I have no more information than anyone else here, because he hasn’t been man enough to stand up for the truth of his other half, so I have to come back to my original supposition. He is a coward and a liar. A coward who cannot stand up for himself and showing who he really is, a twin flame/split soul. A coward for allowing other people to use or control his life and letting them take advantage of the fact he is only half a man, a child still really. Because the other half of him is within my BFF and her other half resides within Mr. B. And a coward for not standing up for his creator who has blessed him with everything that he has now, almost turning his back on God and the other half of his twin flame/split soul. Instead of reaching for and taking the balance he needs, he allows this and throws himself further into imbalance. Split soul/twin flames are to create and not destroy balance, and Mr. B is doing a wonderful job of throwing everything thing into imbalance and chaos.

    I also agree with the questions that GFW posed earlier as well:

    “Just why hide it all and the games? Not that he owes me an explanation, just don’t judge us for reacting either.”

    He may not owe her any explanation, but he sure owes his other half and split soul one. If he thinks that he can keep things quiet and secret, does he not know the bible, he was raised Catholic I am sure, where it says things done in secret will be revealed in the light. In fact, I did a little googling and found the correct verse from Luke 8:17 and it says:

    “17″For nothing is hidden that will not become evident, nor anything secret that will not be known and come to light.”

    And with it another parallel verse from Proverbs 26:26, which says:

    “Their malice may be concealed by deception, but their wickedness will be exposed in the assembly.”

    He would have to be a fool to think that he can do anything that will not be revealed to the whole world and his twin flame as well. I cannot fathom what his issue or problem is. He never looks happy when he is around MB. I am relatively sure I am not the only one to have seen his dissatisfaction on his face. Once more our esteemed GFW sees this also as she said:

    “This is what living a loveless life does to the body, soul, mind. A troubled man.”

    He doesn’t look happy because he is not happy, because he is going through hell. Also, he is not happy because he is a split soul of another person and both of them are in the wrong place. Mr. B is going through hell and so is my BBF as well, she is going through hell also. Being a good friend, as she has been an amazing friend to me, but to be completely honest, there is only so much a person can do. Both of them are showing the same thing in their face, lost, scared, pale, alone and terrified. They are both dying because of his cowardice and him allowing others to use and keep him from his true end destiny as his Father created for him and for the world in its entirety to see. He will always have to live a loveless life until his end arrives, unless he rejoins the two halves together and joins both sides back unified as one.

    I still cannot see what he thought playing this type of game would gain him. Does it get more people into seats at the movies? No, people will go no matter what. I think multiple people have voiced the opinion that what was the whole reason for saying and acting like she is no longer around or with him. Why the skanky comment, only to be rejoined or go back to her? People will go to the movies no matter what, and whomever is “advising” him and his life needs to be shot, drawn and quartered, hung and then shot once more for interfering with things that they should not be anywhere around. After all those wonderful threads showing his success and making him look like a winner, this one thread shows him to be a loser, liar and an uneducated git, or and wait for it, SKANKY. Because if he was smart and educated you would never allow something like this person/people to advise you to look like you are single, then be seen back being with such a trashy and to use his own words, skanky woman, one that makes you look like nothing more than a giant buffoon. Or maybe he only is capable of book smarts, because street or soul smarts are sadly lacking in this picture. It’s also very possible that any of his street smarts have been ground into dust and demolished by his association with these people. Honestly, if there is any good that will come out of this, it will most likely be the end of his movie career. Which is fine as he was only in it so that the other half of his soul could find him. It was given to him by God, and by God it will also be taken away from him. The more he continues to go and push against the will of his Father and creator, the more painful and embarrassing it will be for him. Again, I say he is a coward if he cannot now stand up and tell the truth and the reality of who and what he is instead of hiding behind MB, JC, AL, AS or anyone else that has been using him for their own ends. A real man would always stand up for who and what he is a part of and even more so for the one he loves. Not seen that with MB anywhere and at any time, therefore, he doesn’t love her, never did and never could no matter what kind of spin the person or people are using to make this seem palatable. Or to also quote from the movie GAMER:


    Actually works better if you paraphrase it:

    “You’re going to make your twin flame look like a total asshole if you don’t pull your balls together man!”

    Really, there are quite a few lines from that movie that seem to be appropriate, such as:

    “Cut the strings puppet master.”

    as well as:

    “You can get paid to be controlled, or you can pay to control.”

    The only problem is that I see that Mr. B is paying to be controlled. That is completely backwards. Almost seems like the character of Ken Castle is being played by Avi Lerner in this world. Mr. B needs to have others tell him what to do and how to run his life and these people take advantage of him because of being a split soul/twin flame and the weakness that is caused by not being complete and whole. He needs to get the balance and direction, which is within the other half of his soul, which is in her.

    Now some people are saying these new pictures are old and others saying not so. To say that things are a bit confusing would be a supreme understatement. Is it old, I couldn’t tell you. Are they new, again, I am not sure. We do know things have been deceptive and confusing from the get go. This again comes back to Mr. B’s cowardice in not saying anything and allowing things to roll along on their present track. If it’s so bothersome and painful then step up and stop waiting for the right moment to make things right. Step up and no longer worry about anything that can harm or hurt him. Besides getting rid of anything anyone can use against him can only be beneficial.

    For you who think they are happy and in love with one another, I beg you to look at these two pictures and tell me just where is the look of love.

    There is a lot more to know and a lot more to understand. It is quite easy to find it out as well just by going on to this link:

  • GFW

    He very well at the time of the interview, which would also legitimize why he said he didn’t know why he broke up with her, had broken up. The last sad face pout of his wasn’t acting. So I believed him. What I wasn’t expecting, while others were, was more Parking Lot photos. These now seem to be some kind of inside joke that amuses him greatly by the smug smile on his face seen in them.

    Here’s the downside to all this. If he was lying about the break up, then how do you believe it when he says ‘I love this movie, book, house, meal, person, fragrance, watch, car, dog, sweater…’? How do we know if that’s true either? The trouble is the more the lies the more enmeshed one gets in them. I do understand his job requires him to lie. Not all lies are bad either. Trouble seems more than just words.

    I feel not being at the ‘new’ thread sends the message.

  • logik69

    Actually they look like 99 per cent of couples in public, married or not.

    Most people don’t behave publicly like Madalina and her fashion designer with constant PDA. Which one wonders is put on in part for show. These two are the original Klingons.

    And even though GFW goes on and on NOW not at the time about how Gerry loved Madalina, to me he treated her no better than Morgan. He looked embarrassed with MG more times than MB.

    A man in love shows up to a film festival when the woman he loves gets an award especially when that appearance would also be good international PR for him and he has the time and the means to get there. This is a man who flew to a hotel opening in Morocco and fly back to NYC in 24 hours. But yes he probably got paid a lot of money for that appearance.

  • logik69

    Well given all the vitriol spilled against her 24-7 here can you blame her for trying to avoid the camera.

  • logik69

    Neither is Butler – pretty sure he has broken all the 10 Commandments except the murder one.

  • logik69

    And I see Guest is not up to the challenge. Put up or shut up when it comes to potentially defamatory lies.

  • Giggs11

    That is exactly what I was saying. Why the lies? I mean it really is an insult to people’s intelligence if he thinks lying about his “status” is going to help him at the box office or whatever BS his PR team is telling him to say. It is pretty obvious they follow and read the stuff that is posted on here and have figured out that the majority of us thinks she is a skank so….let’s make her disappear while the promo for the movies is taking place? Whatever…..Makes me wonder what else he is lying about….and I am not saying he has to be completely truthful with his public life but c’mon this was definitely a douche move. Hey Gerry if you are with her…be with her. If she makes you happy. Great! Lying about the skank is making you look like a fool. Or I should say an even bigger fool. Hey who knows maybe they are even married. Could explain the faces he makes. Ewwwwwwwwwww. I need to take a shower in bleach now.

    And for the record I am not surprised she resurfaced after all the promotional crap was over…

    GFW…What did you mean by this —> I feel not being at the ‘new’ thread sends the message.???

  • GFW

    Avoiding the ‘new’ thread sends a message we don’t like it.
    Also he might have said that to avoid showing photos of her?

  • Giggs11


  • Speechless

    Somebody had a LOT of time to kill. Holy Crap!
    You lost me at “I am thinking…” NOBODY does that here.

  • IrnBru

    So she get’s in the photo notice how she leans to the side to make sure they capture her

  • IrnBru

    Brilliant comment and I bet he has her in a collar and lead in the bedroom haven’t people noticed how she always has massive bruises on her legs.

  • Speechless

    Avoiding this thread sends a message! That’s why I am posting on the new thread! I am sending a message!!

    psst What’s the message?

  • Lace

    HAHAHA! I was going to vacate JJ for a bit but then I got up this morning and thought, “wonder what Speech will say today” and well… here I am…and I must say, you were right on cue! LOL!!
    I have a question for Julia and now I don’t know which thread to post it???

  • cleo

    Which is the other thread?

  • Lace
  • cleo


  • sassafrass

    1000 words about context because MELTDOWN!
    She is his twin flame. It’s obvious. Deal.

  • sassafrass

    They do, don’t they? I don’t think I’ve ever seen him embarrassed with MB. Meanwhile, if you like looking at fakey PR relationships the MG thing should be your cuppa.

  • sassafrass

    If you have to make a thing out of it you are that stupid.

  • sassafrass

    Neither are you. The difference is she doesn’t pretend to be. She does seem to be a decent human being, though.

  • sassafrass

    Aren’t you really worried it’s the other way around?

  • sassafrass

    That’s because you don’t want to, for some strange reason.

  • sassafrass

    You just answered your own question. It makes no sense.

  • sassafrass

    Do tell, Little Miss Intell.

  • sassafrass

    No, because you keep insisting it happened, the same way you insist she’s 50 years old and had her son taken away from her.

  • 💕👰💫german-girl💃fresh-blood💫👰💕

    So HIS Miss Vienam thing was a kind of revenge to MB, a penalty?!?
    If MB cheated on him (too) then why take her back as HE is the last on earth having no other choice(s)…..?!?

  • lilchick

    The message is that they don’t like MB and not posting after any JJ article with her mentioned or shown will fix her little red wagon because it is a well known fact that JJ and DM and all the pap sites take their marching orders from an ex-model who seems to be dating a movie star with a somewhat skanky rep all his very own that he worked VERY hard on earning before he ever started dating her – her only claim to fame so one could see how they would JUMP to do her bidding. How dare her go on living her life without taking their advice of finding a hole to die in! And changing her hair, and make up, and clothes, and life, and parenting, and family members, and how she spends her time, and her just in general ickiness.

    This will show her but good.