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Prince Allegedly Had a Drug Overdose Just Days Ago

Prince Allegedly Had a Drug Overdose Just Days Ago

While Prince‘s reps said he was being treated for the flu during his hospitalization last week, it is now being alleged the singer actually had a drug overdose.

The 57-year-old entertainer, who died on Thursday (April 21), reportedly was given a “save shot” after his plane had an emergency landing and he was rushed to the hospital, according to TMZ.

FULL COVERAGE: See all updates on Prince‘s shocking death

Prince was only in the hospital for three hours and was advised to stay for 24 hours. After he was not given a private room, the singer’s team decided to have him discharged even though he was “not doing well,” sources say.

The save shot is normally given to “counteract the effects of an opiate” and Minnesota authorities have requested the hospital records from the Moline, Ill. hospital to help figure out the cause of death.

An autopsy is scheduled to be performed on Friday.

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  • j b

    Everyone in the music industry seems to die of an overdose these days.

  • Jonah Hill


  • Sherry

    Why does it always need to have {drug overdose when the tabloids get in it??? Please do not tear up this beautiful,,,, precious,,, tender,,,, giving,,, caring,,, gentle souls legacy!!! Let him rest peacefully,,,, soar and fly high above us with the angles,,, as he mos def was an angle himself.

  • Christopher I. Gomes

    Why are they doing an autopsy… Don’t cut him open please???? He was too beautiful!!! He is not an animal, he is a human being… #disgusted

  • Mrs. Freeze

    Don’t you want to know what caused his death?
    You upvote your own posts? That’s so silly.

  • leila

    Well I will believe it when the autopsy says it…so many stories already and the poor man isn’t dead for a 24 hours

  • Christopher I. Gomes

    Ok. No, I don’t want to know what caused his death… that is for his family!!! And I can’t upvote my post… That’s silly!!! He doesn’t need an autopsy!!! Cut open like an animal sent to the slaughter house… Not for me!!! Sorry!!! That’s my opinion. We agree to disagree!!!

  • leila

    to die at 57 from a flu/mystery illness isn’t common and unfortunately an autopsy would be an answer for his family/loved ones who may want to know how he really passed on.

  • Mrs. Freeze

    …but you did upvote your post as you upvote All of your posts. You should set your profile to private so others can’t see how desperate you are…

  • Christopher I. Gomes

    Desperate for what? I am confused. I didn’t know you were trolling through my comments… stalking my upvote obsession….. A prolific musician just passed away and you’re tormenting me for upvoting my posts… it’s just a habit…. Is it that serious??? I am desperate??? I am a college graduate, with numerous accomplishments… I come and post as a citizen of the great United States and you have the audacity to challenge my Constitutional right to upvote… Fuck off!!!!

  • Camden Coxon

    Hate to state the obvious but drugs are dangerous, prescription or otherwise. Why does every celebrity who takes drugs think they have a better control over it than others? Aside from the fact that I think Prince was in all likelihood taking drugs, this is once again a mis-handling from their management team and staff. Why discharge this poor man after only 3 hours, when they stated he should stay for 24? What all because they couldn’t provide him a private room? His management should hang their heads in shame. Like Michael Jackson before him, Prince has left all all too soon.

  • Drew Flanagan

    It is possible to overdose on antibiotics or other not mood altering prescription drugs … j/s

  • Christopher I. Gomes

    I guess!!!

  • Christopher I. Gomes

    I guess!!!

  • Martha Wheeler

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  • SaixCallus

    You might want to step away from your keyboard. You’re making no sense. And everyone can see who upvotes someone. It’s common knowledge.

  • jane

    a singer who may have overdosed on drugs? no way!

  • Christopher I. Gomes

    Why are you stepping into a situation that has nothing to do with you. I was accused of upvoting my own posts. Read before you comment. I have a B.S.B.A. And also a degree in Bullshit, and you’re full of it! Fuck you too!

  • Martha RN

    It is standard procedure to find the exact cause of death. He is in Heaven more beautiful than ever.

  • Christopher I. Gomes

    I know. It’s just sad.

  • Martha RN

    It is I cried all day. I will pray in a bit.

  • SaixCallus

    That’s because you are upvoting your own posts. And either you’re a troll, or really in need of some fresh air. You’re commenting on a social platform. You will get answers from random people on said social platform.

    But to your original comment: they have to do an autopsy. And the results will be made public 90% of the time. A lot of his fans would like an answer as to why he was taken so soon. Not only that, it will kill off any rumours people like to come up with regarding his health prior to his emergency hospital visit as well as his sudden death.

  • Christopher I. Gomes

    Let it go!!! I did about an hour ago!!! Who’s desperate now?

  • Anniebt

    This is more click bait. Total bullshit to be reporting this before an autopsy. So sick of these trashy sites. Let them go.

  • montewarden

    You disgusting journalists! Or in reality pseudo journalistic muck-rakers. There is no evidence that Prince died of a drug overdose except the filth that you are throwing around with your conspiracy theories.

    The only reason you cannot allow the man some dignity in his death and in the truth is that you are nasty bottom-feeding whores who want a tiny bit of fame.

    You have no sense of honesty or dignity. I hope that you live long enough to feel the full weight of the shame that you deserve.

  • JudeLawGuardian


  • JudeLawGuardian

    I thought the same thing… :(

  • JudeLawGuardian


  • Maria

    It is the law. An unexpected and unwitnessed death requires an autopsy.

  • Mercyneal

    He doesn’t look good in this photo.

  • Mercyneal

    Um sport? If he died of drugs, this should be used as a cautionary tale to others who do them or are planning to god them. Don’t sugarcoat him. He was human

  • Mercyneal

    He’s a public figure and the public has a right to know of cause of death. They give the cause of death for everyone who dies, famous or not

  • Mercyneal

    What’s bull?

  • logik69

    It is also possible he may have been suffering a condition or illness that required pain meds etc to get him through the day, he was really pushing himself lately as if on a mission to get it all done while he could, IMO. Supposedly starting to write his memoirs and defintely touring hard and still writing music. Otherwise from all that people who knew him personally have said this would be uncharacteristic of him. This dude was always IN CONTROL.

  • Kris

    RIP Legend! You will always live in our hearts and through your amazing music!

  • NopeNopeNope

    No way Prince was taking any ‘street’ drugs. He was a stout Jehovah’s witness and did not poison his body. He was very clear about this and anyone who knew him knew that. Tabloid fodder.

  • sassafrass

    He could have been taking pain meds for his hips. That makes the most sense.

  • stanhope

    The point is that there is no concrete reason to believe drugs had a role. We could speculate about your parentage but well then…..