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Amy Schumer Will No Longer Take Fan Photos Because of This Guy's Actions

Amy Schumer Will No Longer Take Fan Photos Because of This Guy's Actions

Amy Schumer says she will no longer take photos with fans on the street after a man wouldn’t leave her alone during an outing on Saturday (April 30) in Greenville, S.C.

The 34-year-old actress snapped a photo of the man and posted it to her Instagram account with details on what went down.

“This guy in front of his family just ran up next to me scared the sh– out of me. Put a camera in my face. I asked him to stop and he said ‘no it’s America and we paid for you’ this was in front of his daughter. I was saying stop and no,” Amy said.

“Great message to your kid,” she continued. “Yes legally you are allowed to take a picture of me. But I was asking you to stop and saying no. I will not take pictures [sic] with people anymore and it’s because of this dude in Greenville.”

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  • Melissa


  • Danae

    Good, good, go to a secluded place and try to stay relevant by not interacting with people who make you rich and relevant. Good luck, sweetheart.

  • Melissa

    while he is right in a way, he should have been a lot nicer about it and maybe she would have been okay with him taking a picture. she will lose fans with this new mentality of hers.

  • Mapгapитa Бaбoвниковa

    What does “we paid for you” meant?

  • HG

    I think he means that her fans are the reason she has money and fame. Like her fans pay to see her concerts and movies, so she should do whatever her fans want because she wouldn’t get to live the way she does without them. But I’m not sure.

  • Drew Flanagan

    If her 5 year plan is to go from complete obscurity to kinda-famous to despised, she’s well on her way

  • Michele V

    Well, no, he is not right in any way shape or form. The whole problem was that he was not nice about it, period. If he had asked politely, you think she would’ve made a big deal?

    You guys can hate her all you want, but it is pretty amusing that you would all go out of your way to demonise her even when she’s in the right.

  • FrenchGirl

    He was rude and with a bad mentality but it is not a reason to refuse some selfies with everyone.

  • Wendy

    She always sounds so uppity. Yes, because it’s your other fans fault that one guy was a dick. Good way to lose fans.

  • Melissa

    he’s right that fans do pay her way, but he’s not right for saying it and forcing a picture out of her. duh.

    celebs like her are played out with the whole “I’m not taking pictures with fans anymore” gooooood, hopefully fans will no longer buy your tickets to see you in movies or shows.

  • Bob

    He means that he owns her, she doesn’t have a choice and he can do what he wants. Which is exactly what he did.

  • FerCat

    She is right. But it’s also about the level of response. If you go too far, you become the bad guy in peoples eyes.

    She is subtly vindictive.

  • person

    she is the funniest, though. I love her comedy, especially the stand up stuff. So funny and brilliant! and it is within her rights to deal with the public as she feels safest- just cause she is a “celeb” does not mean the people “own” her!

  • Anna

    Two wrongs don’t make a right.
    1. The guy is a tool. He does not own her nor can he force her to do anything. She got where she is because of talent. She has fans because they like her talent. I personally do not like her and do not find her funny, but you can be damn sure other people do and that is why she is where she is today.
    2. She shouldn’t let one asshole ruin it all for her fans. There are people out there that stand in lines for hours to meet people they look up to. She shouldn’t punish all her fans for one asshole who doesn’t know shit about the entertainment industry or how the world works. You’re just taking your bad experience and pushing it onto hundreds of other people who did nothing wrong. Grow up, Amy.

  • Patricia Latham

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  • Roscoe

    I hope she has audio, at least, of what she says went down. Otherwise, she just opened herself up to a defamation lawsuit.

  • Athena Lawrence

    He paid for a movie ticket/cable and received a movie/tv show. End of contract.

  • Melissa

    Right and had he not like millions around the world, she would be singing another tune and would most likely welcome guys like him showing her attention. End of discussion.

  • Athena Lawrence

    Yes and in return for his contribution, he saw an entertaining show. He doesn’t deserve anything more. He got what he paid for already. She owes him nothing beyond that. I’m not sure why this concept is hard for you to accept. If someone gives you money for Y, you haven’t now entered into some kind of binding contract where you owe them anything other than what they paid for. I don’t expect my dry cleaners to stop what they’re doing when they’re not at work and do what I want.

  • Melissa

    fangirl, bye!

  • Ralph J Sugar

    Who would want a picture of this Hollywood piece of trash-

  • Mapгapитa Бaбoвниковa

    Because he bought tv-set or something? What h thinks he paid for? Movie tickets?