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Angelina Jolie Fights to Help Refugees During World on the Move Day Speech - Watch Now

Angelina Jolie Fights to Help Refugees During World on the Move Day Speech - Watch Now

Angelina Jolie spoke at the BBC’s World on the Move day to shed light on different issues involving migration around the globe.

The actress, director, and activist spoke about refugees, and the “breakdown” of the system.

“The number of conflicts and scale of displacement had grown so large,” Angelina said in her passionate speech. “This tells us something deeply worrying about the peace and security of the world…The average time a person will be displaced is now nearly 20 years.”

Watch Angelina Jolie’s entire speech…

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  • Dawne

    Okay, me of little faith………….sowwy, JJ.

  • wika

    Angelina’s interview with BBC Africa is up on their Facebook page. I’m not sure how to link it here but you can search BBC Africa and view the video on their FB page.

  • ali7

    Angelina Jolie Pitt urges world leaders to unite and address refugee crisis in BBC speech

  • busted

    Thanks for the additional thread.


    Lets bring over all our posts from 7 a.m. (Est) to this thread which is where they would have been anyway, if this thread had been posted immediately as i ought to have been. So imma gonna bring mine over.

  • busted

    I love a new thread.. sad that we lose all the older post.. I hope some can be brought over.

  • toastie postie
  • ali7

    Angie is the bravest and strongest of women

  • lucy

    She even speaks elegantly. She looks gorgeous, as usual, how is NE going to explain this??????


    OMG I’m so happy for her. She acquitted herself very well. Even that conservative british politician acknowledged the awesomeness of what she said in her speech and you know the british conservatives hv been very resistant to accepting refugees.


    Pretty easily, i woud imagine.
    They just plug their ears and cover their eyes and go nenenenenenenenenenenenenenene and then go ahead and create their own twisted reality show about the life of the world’s best known celeb and humanitarian.

  • toastie postie
  • VanityInsecurity

    She’s so passionate about the refugee cause.. beautiful intelligent woman. so happy we have a woman like this in the world.


    I am so glad Angie emphasized the point that the current refugee crisis in europe is not the worst of the global refugee crisis situation that the entire world is facing at this time; and that the world has faced worst times in human history.

    A bit of perspective is needed at frequent intervals or we would all become hysterical and run around like chickens without heads, as some politicians and others are doing right now.

  • bap

    Angelina probably is at home now. I hope she gets rest.

  • ali7

    I didn’t like the question abt trump Angie didn’t want to answer the question by checking her head by the journalist pressed her to answer I think Angie wanted to be abt refugees today no abt trump & and the media the US reported this question abt trump & by reporting this they’re giving him more publicity


    Y’know, i just looked at the bottom of this JJ page at the section where he highlights story headlines from other sites and that usLIESweakly headline is so typical, old and tired.

    Even huffpo’s highlighted headline couldnt resist the drumf set-up. Theyve all been waiting like rabid dogs for Angie to ‘answer’ one of critics begging for her attention over these many years.

    So even tho she didnt mention any names, but merely responded to her host’s question about the bigotted nonsense being uttered by someone purporting to be running for POTUS, the rabid dogs all dripping saliva saw this as their wet dream moment. I bet they cant wait to hear the inevitable come-back by the delusional one.

  • lucy

    Oh, and he’s going to reply, make no mistake about that.


    I agree. The ‘journalist’ couldnt resist this obvious, lets-create-some-controversy moment.

  • hotmess

    Wouldn’t worry about it. The bottom line is Angelina gave a excellent speech. People may criticize her and some news agencies may even try to twist her words or find salacious sound bytes but the thing is she doesn’t care because she is trying to be the voice for the refugees since they can’t do it themselves. My hat goes off to her she’s definitely a force. My advice ignore the hit pieces they don’t deserve the attention.

  • hotmess

    Let him reply, he will look like the idiot.

  • bap

    I concur. That’s what Dame Angelina does.

  • lyric

    Just watched and listened to Angie’s speech posted by Neer on the previous thread. Thank you Neer. Angie is so knowledgeable of the facts regarding displaced people and the respective governments that are reluctant to find ways to accommodate their dire needs and she is just so eloquent in her delivery. I can’t express how proud I am to be a fan of such a great lady.

  • Claire

    They’ll make a bad phoshop as usual. They’re so lame 😕

  • lyric

    Well then looks are not deceiving.

  • Susan

    Angie is a big girl, it would be silly to think, that she would not have expected a question about Drumpf.
    He is always bellyaching about immigrants (refugees), and that is what her speech was about.

  • hotmess

    And its okay that everyone isn’t going to agree with her views but the speech has gotten people now debating their points whether they feel she’s right or wrong. So mission accomplished for Jolie & the BBC. This issue needs to be brought to the forefront & discussed openly. I viewed some of the other speeches at BBC’s Worldonthemove event today after AJ’s and overall I liked how this was done. Be nice to see something similar in the US.

  • bap

    CNN and NBC used to cover Angelina’s work. She controls her own PR and she will not let them control her.


    I’m afraid that after the death of cnn and the ongoing take over of US media by the profit-at-all-costs motive, there is no way in h3ll that the US could ever produce anything near what the bbc is capable of producing with their worldwide network and capability.

  • bap

    Good point. I like how Angelina recognized this in US media and decided to use other outlets to get her message across. Brilliant woman.

  • bap

    Sometimes Great people are not appreciated in their own country especially if you don’t go along to get along.

  • hotmess

    I mean how they had numerous people who spoke plus various stories from refugees about their experienced. Here is the link in case your interested. Just scroll down to see the various discussions.

  • bap

    She won’t respond back, because she did not say anything wrong.

  • ali7

    They’re just giving him more publicity & more air time by mentioned his name every time if media don’t support him why keep talking abt him?

  • bap

    Thank you!

  • fyi

    BBC World Have Your Say
    5 mins ·
    As a refugee if I had thought that the doors would be slammed in my face, I’d not be here, I’d not be who I am, I’d be dead… Nelufar Hedayat shares her thoughts about Angelina Jolie Pitt’s speech on ‪#‎MigrantCrisis‬.

  • ali7

    Lucky kids
    Delighted to say our BBC schools reporters had lunch with Angelina Jolie after her keynote speech. They were also interviewed for radio.

  • fyi
    A special podcast on migration including: Syrian refugees in Ghana, a Cameroonian musician living in the Canary Islands, and a conversation with Angelina Jolie Pitt.

    video of the interview

  • GroundControl500

    Don’t know if anyone has posted this yet but here is Cate Blanchett discussing her new role as UNHCR Goodwill Ambassador. I’m sure she will be a great asset to the UN and to refugees. Seems she has been doing this for about a year now.

  • Lady Valeria


  • Phool
  • Phool

    Angelina Jolie Pitt Slams Donald Trump’s Anti-Muslim Comments and Urges World Leaders to Address Refugee Crisis
    Angelina Jolie Pitt is calling for the world to band together to solve the global refugee crisis – while slamming Donald Trump’s anti-Muslim rhetoric.

    Jolie Pitt spoke in London on Monday as part of BBC’s World on the Move day, continuing her humanitarian efforts to help the growing number of refugees. And the 40-year-old actress shook her head in disapproval when asked for her thoughts on the presidential hopeful’s past comments about Muslims.

    “To me, America is built on people from around the world coming together for freedoms, especially freedom of religion,” she said, according to CNN. “So it’s hard to hear this is coming from someone who is pressing to be an American president.”

    Last year, Trump called for a “total and complete shutdown of Muslims entering the United States” as thousands of Syrian refugees fled their war-torn homeland – with President Barack Obama vowing to welcome thousands into the U.S.

    Jolie Pitt spoke in front of a crowd at the BBC event, a special focusing on migration, and urged world leaders to work together to respond to the growing number of refugees.

    The actress, a Special Envoy for the U.N. Refugee Agency, declared that isolation is not the answer to solving the growing global refugee crisis.

    “If your neighbor’s house is on fire, you are not safe if you lock your doors,” she said. “Strength lies in being unafraid.”

    She urged world leaders to welcome refugees and described a present “fear of uncontrolled migration.”

    However, she said, such a fear would pose a “risk of a race to the bottom, with countries competing to be the toughest, in the hope of protecting themselves whatever the cost or challenge to their neighbors, and despite their international responsibilities.”

    The Oscar winning actress-filmmaker said that the “average time a person will be displaced is now nearly 20 years,” adding that the U.N.’s efforts are severely underfunded.

    Still, the mom of six urged for greater efforts from world leaders and warned against policies that would prohibit refugees from legally securing permanent homes, noting that they would only lead to more issues.

    “It would amount to the worst of both worlds: failing to tackle the issue and undermining international law and our values in the process,” she said.

    Jolie Pitt often uses her platform to both speak out about the global refugee crisis and personally lend a hand to those displaced. In March, she visited Greece and Lebanon to aide the thousands of Syrian refugees who have lost their homes.

    She previously told PEOPLE that the cause is one close to her heart, and she especially holds refugee families in “high regard.”

    “So many refugees are children,” Jolie Pitt said. “I’ve often heard them say that the most painful thing is not that they have lost their homes – it is that they have lost their friends.”

  • Phool

    Never Trump ‏@imarketing88 1h1 hour ago
    We love you #AngelinaJolie ! This is for you ma lady! You’re so talented, beautiful & a true American! #LosAngeles

  • Phool

    Maew Maew ‏@SirikanYamada 7h7 hours ago Chiang Mai, Thailand
    @BBCWorld : It’s the fact that she speak out loud & give concern more than one who has power in this world should do.

    The Scribliophile ‏@scribliophile 4h4 hours ago
    Angelina Jolie Pitt’s speech was brilliant. She is right; it cannot be ignored anymore and those in power are not doing enough.

    Aurora Jellybean ‏@AuroraJellybean 7h7 hours ago
    Brilliant keynote speech to the UN this morning, Angelina Jolie Pitt.

  • bap

    Even if trump responds to Angelina Phool she does not need to respnd to him.

  • Phool

    Hi Premalee

    How are you Prem just read your post on the last thread. I Haven’t heard from Gladys nor had I received my magazine back, despite sending it by recorded delivery to the address she gave me. Mind you, it was a diffrent address to the one she had gaven you. Which is a shame really.

  • Phool

    IDK if he Trump will respond to her, being put down my a women that would have irked him anyway, yet alone a beautiful intelligent women that’s a double hitter lol. Kidding aside, the thing is she hasn’t said anything that others haven’t already said.She made factual points for him to ponder on.

    The only difference is Angie didn’t say much just factored the key points that hit home, she made valid points, she did not go down the route of name calling and shading and making it personal unlike him.If the ignorant fool wants to respond, let him, as if Angie cares about barking dogs.

  • xica

    where was she reading the speech?

  • Phool

    You mean the venue? If so, at the BBC Radio Theatre in London.

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