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Amber Heard Had No Sign of Injuries, According to Cops

Amber Heard Had No Sign of Injuries, According to Cops

Amber Heard called cops to her home on Saturday night (May 21) during an alleged domestic violence incident with husband Johnny Depp, but cops reportedly found no evidence of injuries.

The 30-year-old actress says that Johnny hit her in the face with an iPhone and caused a bruise around her eye, though LAPD law enforcement sources told TMZ that there was no sign of an injury.

Amber also allegedly never said there was an assault, just an argument. She didn’t give them any more information at the scene.

Sources close to Johnny think that Amber is lying and say that one day after the alleged assault, she appeared happy alongside friends in a photo posted on Instagram.

Amber was granted a restraining order against her estranged husband and he must remain 100 yards away from her until another hearing next month.

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  • j b

    A punch in the face from the gold digger’s friend just before showing up in court did the trick to help her case though.

  • Judy Latty

    Trying to get the whole 400 million….lol

  • Me Underwears

    Kate Moss has said he was violent, he also has criminal records for trashing hotel rooms and assaulting people on clubs. So I BELIEVE this. Trash

  • VanityInsecurity

    Cops for once doing their job.. that will come into play during the divorce..

  • bbm

    should see the iphone

  • shoes4life

    A nutter looking for money. She probably threatened him and he didn’t comply. Reminds me of “A thin line between love and hate.”

  • Jessica

    It’s pretty sad to see everyone on a witch hunt in these comments so quick to condemn an abused women as “lying”. Being abused doesn’t necessarily mean you tell the cops everything right away. It doesn’t mean you stay at home the next day throwing yourself a pity party. A strong woman, would do what she is doing. Seek advice from close friends, deny and try to work out the domestic abuse issues herself. She must be confused, hurt with mixed emotions none of us can even fathom. There is countless mixed emotions that a victim of abuse goes through. So you can all stop watching your TV shows and movies that depict HOW an abuse victim is supposed to act. SHAME to see its mostly women on this feed not standing up for another woman, ONCE AGAIN.

  • shoes4life

    Dressed like a Catholic school girl looking somber.

  • Lili

    I cant wait for Depp lawyer to clap back at her.
    There are real victim of abuse out there, and Amber Heard is none of them. She asked for 50 000$ a month as if they had 4 kids together.
    Thats a dumb play on her part. I wish to be wrong about her.

  • Lili

    People doubt her because she was a lesbian who broke up with her gf to marry this rich guy and all of a sudden things arent working out the way she thought it would.
    And she put this show on goes to tiffany buts herself some jewlry calls the paps. And whe’ the narrative doesnt goes her way he is abusive.
    But she’ll stay friend with his kids right ??
    Thats way too conveniant for her.

  • Sabrina

    Bullshit, she declared herself as bisexual – she never “was” a lesbian… So why shouldn’t she be with a man?

  • Cruizin1960

    These incidents occurred more than 18 years ago. I don’t recall hearing about anything like this from him since he and Moss parted. This has all the signs of GOLDDIGGER and a faked assault.

  • Cruizin1960

    DId you not get that the police saw no signs of violence? Did you not get that she did not make that charge when they responded to the call? I find it questionable that it is only AFTER Depp’s attorney requested the denial of spousal support that she pulls this.

  • Amber

    She actually did come out as lesbian at first when she was dating a female photographer. They seemed really happy together.

  • Elizabeth Martin

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  • j b

    The judge will believe the police reports of Johnny never touching her over the bruises she gave herself. Hopefully this ends up ruining her career and she walks away with nothing.

  • j b

    Actually when her pictures were leaked during The Fappening the date on the pictures showed she was cheating on Johnny Depp with her lesbian lover while she was dating him.

  • Ash

    No signs? You don’t say.

  • xica

    Is she dumb? Does she think cops are blind or won’t say anything?

  • Me Underwears

    and i recall hearing about how he’s always drunk and coked up which turns into violence. keep telling yourself the lies and believing how this is fake, hardcore Depp fan.


    Faking an abuse claim in this way that she is doing is a serious offense on its own. A normal divorce for his money would have proven better for her. Dumb strategy. Weak and not thought out.

  • Guest29

    I don’t understand your comment. Are you saying that Amber is a strong woman and should seek advice from close friends, deny and try to work out the domestic abuse issues herself? Sorry, but I don’t understand your analogy. Most domestic abused victims are unable just to get up and go, obviously for financial reason and maybe children in the relationship. Amber is a wealthy woman and has resources available to her..if this has been happening from day one of their marriage, why is she still with the abuser? GET THE H*LL OUT. Amber has stated in the past that she is a strong independent woman..well asking for spousal support after 15 months of marital bliss, the Range Rover, the marital home and the attorney’s fees doesn’t sound like a strong woman to sounds like a gold digger. I am a woman with an ex-husband that had a drug problem that became violent and he abused me…So I have been there and I remember every single step of the way. Got out of there as fast as I could worked three jobs and put myself through college and gave my children the best possible life. That is what a strong woman does. There were no parents to support me since it was my decision to marry that was all on my shoulders. No movies will ever be made about my life, but Amber will write a book and make millions more.

  • Zagreus

    I really hope Johnny didn’t do this, and it comes out in court. If so, play it smart Johnny, just sit tight, and wait… don’t let this get to you, and in a year or so, have your say with Diane Sawyer or something. You’ll be fine. Just wait it out. Next time: prenup.

  • MyName

    Yes, the real victims shout be outraged when someone tries to use their pain. They instead too easily jump on the ‘guilty no matter what’ bandwagon.

  • MyName

    Let’s hope book deals are also barred or he gains legal rights to the profits, if any. AH never had much of an acting career and probably not one at all beyond this point.

  • lurjen

    So true.

  • Desert Scorpion

    From what I’ve read is that Amber Heard thought her marriage to Johnny Depp would jump start her career. Since her career didn’t improve, she decided to get out of the marriage but wants something for her trouble. I’m very suspicious of her motives because I always heard that she was primarily a lesbian and I thought it was odd that she would switch teams so quickly to marry Johnny Depp.

  • ann Smith

    Waddya bet her friend/neighbor will be getting a “taste” of the winnings after faking this injury and report. The cops noticed NO bruising or injury and she reported none. Stupid ol’ Johnny is paying a BIG price having parried this skank without a prenup.

  • twirk

    kate moss also said he was the love of her life and she wishes he was still there with her

  • Matthew

    Actually the violence against women’s act grants immunity to any woman even if they knowingly and deceptively lie about abuse or rape. The only litigations that could come from this is from small claims court.