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Amber Heard Shares Photo of Bruised Face, Claims Johnny Depp Tried to Pay Her Off

Amber Heard Shares Photo of Bruised Face, Claims Johnny Depp Tried to Pay Her Off

Amber Heard claims to be the victim of domestic violence with her husband Johnny Depp and now a photo of her bruised face has been released.

TMZ obtained the picture showing the 30-year-old actress with a large bruise around her eye.

Amber says that Johnny struck her on Saturday night (May 21) and the photo was taken shortly after the alleged incident. She claims that her husband offered her money if she stayed silent, but she decided to file for divorce instead.

In the divorce documents, Amber cited the split as May 22.

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  • 😼HH😼

    I am calling BS on this. Tell the gold digging lesbian whore to do a better job if she is going to “shake down” her husband for half his earnings.

  • Just Saying

    I bet she asked one of her lesbo friends to punch her so she got some money out of it…

  • marsshmallow

    She is trying to ruin his career! Horrible woman!

  • londongirl75

    Uhm, she ever heard of something called “Police”? Now, almost a week after filing papers and all the gold-digging backlash, this photo is being released. Right!!! She is not looking to get his money, she’s just a poor abused little girl…..

  • VanityInsecurity

    It makes perfect sense, no pre-nup.. then she files for divorce right days after his mom dies, then she sees the reaction from most people calling her a gold-digger & now she comes up with Johnny abused her.. why not call the police & press charges if he in fact hit you repeatedly? give me a break. I see you Amber.

  • Leyzzle Swizzle

    WHAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAT??? No, please. I love Johnny

  • marsshmallow

    Yeah, if that’s the reason then “abused” should be the reason in the divorce papers and not “irreconcilable differences”

  • Roscoe

    That got ugly quite quickly. Who knows, but I’m leaning towards believing her as the significant factor is her decision to end the marriage so soon after the mother’s death.

  • Bologna35

    If and only if Johnny Depp is a wife beater than I hate him, and feel sorry for her, if like most people think that Amber Heard is just doing this so she can get money from him and ruin him in Hollywood than she is a evil bitch who should get nothing from Johnny, can someone please ask vanessa paradis if he beat her up I don’t think so. Vanessa Paradis wouldn’t of stayed with Johnny Depp if he did that even for the kids

  • John

    I’m shocked by all of this.

  • person

    I would never want to deny an abused woman a right to be heard and to get help and to get out of a terrible situation. But something about this girl seems sketchy- like I just don’t trust her necessarily. she is seeking spousal support for just being married for a year, no kids- and then she claims this- maybe to try to get more money. I just don’t see him being this way,but I may be wrong. she just seems sketchy and like a liar in general- she has a weird vibe,

  • Jean two

    I don’t know. I kinda having a hard time bealiving this. Something fishy. Really didn’t think johnny would be that stupid, if true

  • Jean two

    Yea I am . If your serious

  • Michele V

    But it says the photo was taken before any announcements were made?

  • GFW

    The “irreconcilable differences” are in that he wanted her to stay and she never really wanted to marry him. But she did, so he’s pretty persuasive, but in doing so, when visually it was clear there were tensions between them, there’s the ‘gold digger’ shingle she’s going to forever have hanging on her door. Only she’ll be rich enough and young enough it won’t matter. Money is the cure for everything, right?

  • Jean two

    She wasn’t with him for weeks , he was in London the whole time. Unless if true, when she came back to LA and he was home getting ready for tour. Idk. Really getting crazy this stuff

  • GFW

    So Christian of you HH. Damn.
    The thing with “Hollywood” weddings is they seldom are ended quietly.

  • kris

    She maybe golddigger,use him for her career etc . But if he hit her just hit her nothing can prove him justify , why you people so cruel? She is a woman ,yeah probably not honarable one however depp has an alcoholic and he can be change in last years is that really hard to believe he’ll hit her just because amber heard is socially climber , want money from him

  • GFW

    She’s looking for sympathy and proof for her ‘case’ for spousal monetary support, IMO, but no one really knows what he’s like either. I do know he was head over heels and that can drive men, and women, to act unreasonably even to a point of doing self-harm. I’m not saying this is this, but suddenly she’s a tap? Eh? No one likes getting dumped, period. And normally it’s the man who wants to do it.

  • marsshmallow

    If he really did hit her, then why does she need “spousal support”, should she as a “famous actress” who has a stable income would want nothing to do with her “abusive husband”, but instead she wants him to be tied to her forever financially?

  • Kellyp

    According to TMZ she has video of one of the beatings. I wonder if it will be released in court….

  • GFW

    How did she tape it? I think their ‘tensions’ have been there for a good while. I don’t follow them, just by coming here for ‘someone’ else. They’ve ‘worn it well’ carrying on for the public but deep down there seems a deep dislike now for each other. And as long as emotions are fueling this, there’s no telling how nasty this is going to turn out. He might not like it, but the best thing is just to pay her off. Let her go. He’ll be fine. New movie out, cook cat rocker, he can party for a year and sort it all out. Seems total infatuation more one-sided than anything else… IMO.

  • Jean two

    This is just getting crazy fast. I truly hope johnny depp didn’t do it. But they only know what happing. I feel bad for both kinda

  • GFW

    Yes because he’s got kids, a long-term ex whose their mother, and no one really wants their dirty laundry aired. He’s a private guy it appears. I wasn’t shocked but surprised they even tied the knot. He was besotted by her looks, and maybe never really knew her all that well? Who knows, but now we have, like you say… it turning crazy fast. I’d say… she’s workin’ it.

  • dalovelee

    She should be granted a quick divorce but that doesn’t mean she should be able to get half his income..That would be the incentive for women to endure physically abusive relationships in order to get a payoff.

  • leila

    First I want to say I am far from A Johnny fan, it’s obvious he is a total drunk, that being said the amount of potential money on the table seems like she isn’t above lying. She is very pretty but sooo untalented, doubt she’d really have a career especially after all of this. I just do not buy into her version

  • Kellyp

    It doesn’t say how she obtained the footage. but omg the edge of an iphone is actually marked on her face. This divorce went 0 to 100 real quick.

  • Joher

    Are people seriously saying she’s lying just because she asked for spousal support? This is messed up, what do you need? A video of him hitting her? And then you’ll say she provoked him. Anyway, the truth will come out eventually but I honestly think she would have to be stupid to fake something like this specially knowing who he is…

  • lost_girl

    he doesnt have a pattern of Domestic abuse though, had plenty of women in the past, and a wife, I’m a long time fan, but i was upset the way he ended his marriage for Amber, was shady, but dont think he’d hit her…

  • marsshmallow

    I guess she would be asking money from Apple company next for that

  • GFW

    So tossing the phone, and it hitting her, not knowing the whole story is a mystery for certain, but one bit on this said he “offered her money” to keep the episode quiet but she, perhaps knowing he doesn’t want to pay her ‘support’ used it to garner sympathies? Not being there their is no way to know about any of it, but things are escalating badly. Sometimes if feels good to make the one you love, still love, who doesn’t love you anymore, cry. But it, in the end, only hurts yourself.
    Also couples who hurt each other are doomed.

  • notyranny

    Young starlet on the way up, old actor on the way down, who could have seen this one coming? yeah, right.

  • HG

    Seriously people? What’s so hard to get here? She was hit and her friend called 911 and a police report was filed while he fled, it’s on record and he has way more money than her to make it go away yet didn’t . He’s a drunk and ya probably lost it . Do I think she’s a gold digger for wanting spousal support ? Ya!! But I’m sure she thinks she’s justified cause he’s abusive . She can be the worse person ever bug no woman deserves a man to hit them.

  • HG

    There’s a police report from sat night when it happened , simple logic here folks.

  • HG

    Police report

  • guest

    he had a huge tension with his wife, his mother just passed away the day before, he was obviously drunk, he was destroying the house and throwing things and ends throwing the iphone on her face. that sounds so plausible that it’s scary

  • Shivani Yadav

    You never know what happens behind the scenes… And honestly, every cell in me is against domestic violence but I just can’t make myself to trust Amber in this situation. Does anyone remember about the time when Paul McCartney and Heather Mills were getting a divorce and Heather was trying to make the whole proceeding as messy as possible only to get loads of money from him. And in the end it was proved that Sir Paul was completely clean and on the right side.
    I’m not taking sides here neither am I comparing Sir Paul with Johnny (they can never be compared). I’m just saying what this case is reminding me of.

    My Blog :

  • suk bin

    she remInds me amy dunne… nice try …

  • GFW

    Oh, I see. Well it takes two to tango. One of them should have left and it was the one the angriest, which it appears was the one who ‘hit’ her. For shame all of this. He’s a movie out this weekend. And he should have gotten a pre-nup.

  • 777

    I believe her. Asking him for divorce 2 days after his mom past away makes her seem like the biggest bitch in the world, she knows it’s a career suicide. Something big must’ve happen to make her do it, and this explain it.

  • Rose Ryan

    Who didn’t see this getting ugly?

  • gooma2

    normally I’ll side with a woman being physically abused, but something about this story just doesn’t sit right. It’s not just the asking for so many things, but timing and everything is making this seem a little out there. If she’s lying, I hope she’s called out for it as this is what makes it so much harder for women really going through domestic abuse to be protected.

  • Me Underwears

    sorry, but johnny has has criminal records for trashing hotel rooms and assaulting people on clubs. Even his ex Kate said he was violent.

  • Olivia Dunham

    Kate Moss said he was violent and abused her for years.

  • Ariana-Kaelita

    Wow. She is now faking abuse?

  • Ariana-Kaelita

    Amber must have read up about Johnny past violence.

  • Ariana-Kaelita

    I agree she is a liar. I bet you they were not even togather for many weeks. Johnny was probably with his mother.

  • joames

    His entire family hated her, she kept him away from his mother, and his mother just died a few days ago. Gold-digger meets slight alcoholic in midlife crises.

    Frankly – I’m far more sympathetic to him. She has and will suffer little. She gets fame, reputation, money. He loses his mother, reputation, and a huge pile of money.

  • joames

    She had no career to begin with, and after the $100 Million she will extort out of poor Jonboy, she won’t need one.

  • Clovis

    That’s a large and painful looking bruise. And right on the cheekbone – eye socket area which is very scary and painful.