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Celebrities React to Harambe the Gorilla Shooting at Cincinnati Zoo After Child Enters Enclosure - Read the Tweets

Celebrities React to Harambe the Gorilla Shooting at Cincinnati Zoo After Child Enters Enclosure - Read the Tweets

Celebrities are reacting to one of today’s most shocking stories – the Cincinnati Zoo killing a Gorilla named Harambe after a four-year-old boy slipped into the enclosure on Saturday (May 28).

Harambe is a 17-year-old, 400-pound gorilla, CNN reports, and the zoo considered the occurrence situation a “life-threatening situation.” The child was in the enclosure with the gorilla for about 10 minutes. The boy traveled “under the rail, through wires and over the moat wall” to get to the gorilla.

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  • FlΓ‘via Fonseca

    Why isn’t the responsible for the security of the cage dead instead of the gorilla? Why are the parents of this child still alive? Aren’t these the ones who really fuc.ked it up? The poor animal didn’t even do anything to the child.

  • FlΓ‘via Fonseca

    Why isn’t the responsible for the security of the cage dead instead of the gorilla? Why are the parents of this child still alive? Aren’t these the ones who really fuc.ked it up? The poor animal didn’t even do anything to the child.

  • Mimilarue82

    it is sad but the emergency had no choice to put him down before it was too late for the little boy. I mean it is pretty obvious a 4 year old couldn’t do anything against a 400lbs gorilla. The video was pretty graphic on how he was dragging the boy under the water

  • AprilMay

    Pretty graphic? The gorilla was not doing anything to the boy. I did not see the gorilla dragging the boy under the water. They could’ve tranquilized the poor animal, not killed it.

  • AprilMay

    Oh please! People are far worse than animals these days. You don’t see the court system put down people for killing their own children.

  • Mimilarue82

    perharps you didn’t see the video without editing..btw its not hard to find footage of the boy being dragged down a little research on internet will do you a great service

  • A.P. Millz-CT

    From the looks of the vid the boy seemed to be in better care with the gorilla than his parent(s) *shoulder shrug* RIP Harambe

  • Jess

    RIP Harambe. :(

  • Christopher I. Gomes

    These animals aren’t put here for our amusement…. This is slavery!!! America is sick!!!! All over the world we slaughter animals for our own consumption… God will have his wrath… these are his creations…. God help us all!!!

  • MyName

    America isn’t the only country to house, farm, and use animals.
    I agree though that humans have no rith to them. We are only animals ourselves.

  • MyName

    Yes, the parents should have to pay with losing their children, finances, and spend time in jail. They were neglectful.

  • Gina

    I’m glad the boy is safe, but couldn’t they just use a tranquilizer gun? Geez.

  • SquidBillie

    He was not dragging him under water. If he wanted to kill him, he would have done it. He was actually protecting him, unlike the kid’s idiot mother. This is an endangered species stuck in a zoo, and they kill him. The zoo should be boycotted, they suck.

  • H Larson

    Shame on the hooligan ignorant worthless parents who belong in a cage more than the innocent animal. Ban the zoo. Animals belong to their natural habitat not a cage.

  • Maggie P.U.

    Once again an animal pays with its life because of human ignorance and stupidity…. Tranqs could’ve been used…in any situation. If the animal was agated the child would have been killed….might want to rehire some real “experts”. Bottom dwelling scum sucking cowardly POS/s does this to animals and children because they can. Meaning, the 2 are not respected as living beings. Even though living beings are
    supposed to have rights, protected and defended under the laws, these 2 are not because they are voiceless and defenseless and who they are, unable to fight back and defend themselves to include speaking up and out, they are treated like something in the shadows. What makes it all more pathetic is that both the 2…no matter what happens to them or how they are done will always continue to love and trust. Not judging or holding grudges, but will love and trust the whole time they are done as they are. Forgiving the heartless/soulless sub-human/s who do them in. The POS/s who inflict harm, abuse, torture, etc. are cowards and do not face what it is that is needed to be faced in fear of retaliation. So, they do what they do to the most precious of all living things….and it has to stop. Children are born into this world by no choice of theirs. They are innocent and rely on those who are supposed to be family and later friends. Trusting, loving and adoring they are done as they are. Animals, this is their planet also…They were here long before humans were… They lived amongst each other in peace. Circle of life if you will…. Now, we are their worst and only true enemy. Just like we are our own enemy…..we hunt them for sport/entertainment. We use them to “fight: for our entertainment…not caring of the outcome….just discard the animal….we laugh at their misery and suffering and pain…assuming that they have no intelligence or feeling anything. Yet. Forgetting, we are animals also. Living breathing…. however, we have a voice and destroy all, especially what is precious, of which is around us…even our own kind. The voiceless, which are also defenseless, are at our mercy. And because of this… humans murder, slaughter, butcher, maim, torture, abuse, abandon, neglect and other actions they “deem fitting”. At the same time, actions deliberate and intentional, some humans alibi their conscience by saying animals don’t feel. They are not intelligent. And they are useless killers. Again. All wrong. Animals feel. They know. They are compassionate and loyal. They want to live in peace…and if we took the time to see this, we would see how they are in their homes/dwellings. Bothering no one… living with their families, taking things as it comes. Just like we humans do. To see this though, it would be an admission that animals are like us. They have a right to be here. To live here as they have long ago. To be viewed not hunted or killed. To live amongst us around us or in our family circle. Yet, greed, lack of humanity or caring for living things, too much of a coward to vent on something your own size, and out and out ignorance and stupidity is the actions of most humans. This has to stop. We do not need any more land. We need to take care of what we have and rebuild and fix it up….. We do not need trophies to show how much of a coward we are that we killed a defenseless animal for sport/entertainment. We need to quit using our animals as a source of cash, breeding and selling not caring what happens to the off spring, we need to quit confining wild animals in “cages/areas” way smaller than their true habitat for our “viewing” entertainment, we need to quit blaming animals (especially dogs) for our own ignorance and negligence. (Not supervising children, shooting them on their own ground without giving a chance, dog fighting….). We need to quit hunting them, running them down, because of who they are and where they live. We need to quit the cowardly “canned” hunting and breeding to do so, we need to quit the rodeos and circus’s because of what it does to the animals….. And it can go on. Bottom Line. We need to be what God made us to be… Compassionate. Humane. Respecting all living things including each other. And take care of Mother Earth and all that she has to offer, especially her animals and resources. View them yes in their own habitats, respect them yes, with a camera not a rifle or bow, love them definitely as they do us. We are destroying what is not ours. And never was. It is easy to say “I don’t care”. “They are just animals”. “This is just land/trees”. Then imagine a planet without Nature of any kind…just concrete and steel. No birds, no dogs barking. Nothing. Because that time is coming. And there will be nothing to put the blame on for human actions anymore, because the animals will be gone. All of them. It will be the thanks they get for being who they are, were. And when our children, our grandchildren, great grandchildren and so on ask why and what happened…..they will see who the true animals were, No. MONSTER (animals are too good of a name for humans who do as they do/did). And REAL men/women do not do this. So, those who laugh as they do to animals, smile as they pose or are videotaped doing what they are doing to an animal or after a kill….butcher and slaughter…that is what will be the “evidence”, proof of what happened. To give a few of many examples, No full moon nights listening to a wolf howl. No walks through the desert and seeing the mustang herds. No beautiful sunsets with the lions or elephants, no ocean videos of the orcas and whales and turtles, no walking the parks or playing on the beach with your dog….nothing of compassion, love for all…..Think about that. Because we are making it happen. And it will be Man who has no one or nothing to blame but himself. It isn’t the animals killing themselves (except for survival) and this planet; it is man who is killing both the planet and animals. Peace.

  • SquidBillie


  • Monica Rogers

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  • jane

    hate to even ask, but would a gorilla harm a human? i didn’t think they were prone to eating/hurting us as say a lion/tiger, etc.?

  • xica

    They can probably give you a big smack if you are in their territories

  • xica

    Nobody dared to join the cage and take the kid without killing the poor gorilla. The parents should be fined or something for irresponsability

  • kirby76

    What a frightening experience for that poor little boy and his mother. So thankful he’s safe. And how sad the gorilla had to be put down.

  • Daws001

    I guess tranquilizers aren’t a viable options over bullets (?). Maybe that’s just a movie thing.

  • Justin

    It appears many of those commenting on this site are not apt to do any research before blabbing about that which they do not understand.

    The big issue here is not that the zoo shot the gorilla (by the way, they explicitly said that they had to kill him because a tranquilizer would not have worked, he was too large, and it would have agitated him and risked the boy’s life).

    The gorilla had dragged the boy very, very quickly under the water. He wasn’t trying to harm the boy, but it looked dangerous. Drowning potential.

    The issue is that the boy fell in a gorilla exhibit in the first place, which is mainly a result of negligence by some combination of the zoo and the boy’s loose mother.

  • Benny Ehud

    Why are the parents still alive? Should they be dead?

  • Amber

    You are disgusting!!!!

  • Jess

    Perhaps you haven’t done your research either as the article clearly states the boy did not “fall” but squirmed his way through various obstacles meant to keep humans out. But yes, his mother was negligent and imo should be punished.

  • FerCat

    Takes a while to work and you can see from wildlife footage of the potential for violent reaction from the sting.
    I don’t believe bullets are the answer either. Gorilla’s are intelligent and as some have suggested, they could have negotiated with it.

  • 55vineyard

    Rare gorilla vs a small 4 year old – shot the wrong mammal.

  • Justin

    … and fell…

  • Jess

    That still doesn’t make the zoo negligent when they did everything they could to prevent something like this from happening. Would you rather they have barbed wire fences around all the enclosures to keep out random idiots? The only people culpable in this situation are the parents.

  • shoes4life

    It seems people have more sympathy for an animal than the child. I guarantee you that if this was your child or loved one that accidentally fell into the Gorilla habitat, there would be only one immediate solution. You wouldn’t hear of waiting 5-10 minutes to see if the poor gorilla will tear your child to shreads or not before he goes to sleep. All this he was protecting him stuff is ridiculous! This was a baby in the grasp of a 400+pound unpredictable wild animal! Thankfully, the zoo did not wait to see what the gorilla would have done next.

  • SquidBillie

    Maybe it’s time YOU stop the blabbing.

  • SquidBillie

    Maybe it’s time YOU stop the blabbing.

  • Tommi

    He didn’t ” accidentally fall in” in climbed through a fence and a bush to get in the gorllia enclosure. The zoo has had this gorilla area since 1978 and out of the millions of kids who have visited it in the last 38 years no other person has ever ” accidentally fallen in” .

    It would have than the kid a good 5 minutes to get into, so was the stupid mother while her 4 year boy had the time to get into the enclosure.

  • toastie postie

    So sad. If only…

  • Camden Coxon

    I agree completely. The parents should be incurring hefty fines and jail terms for sheer negligence. This poor poor animal. We’re totally f**king up this world.

  • Jeannette Auerbach

    The parents must have some accountability in this! Just curious how fast they (the parents), will file a lawsuit, citing the zoo’s gorilla enclosure as the source of failure.

  • pphoto

    “accidentally fell”? More like he was negligently allowed to climb through bushes and over railings in order to fall into the enclosure.

    As for the possible death of a child, well, that’s life. In the grand scheme of things, humans aren’t a critically endangered species like gorillas are. Thousands of humans die every day of un-natural causes, and no one blinks an eye. Refugee children die every day trying to flee war zones. No one blinks an eye. Why? Because there are billions of humans on this earth. Too many, in fact. Humans are definitely not critically endangered. But gorillas are.

  • AK

    i ask the same Q in another site and some one replay that the tranquilliser takes long time to work :( RIP Harambe mankind is sick

  • deacc

    Now, put the parents in a cage where they belong.

  • disqus_bjYhmBaDHh

    He wouldn’t be caged in if he were wild now would he?

  • Mike1288

    People really need to get an education on zoos and sea world. The reality is most of the animals in these facilities would already be dead. Alot of these animals were hurt, rejected by their families. The better question I’ll have for a lot of you is what are you doing to protect these animals? Are you donating? At the very least going to your local animal shelter? I bet most of you are just social media justice warriors. It is just like the environment. People want to go on and on about protecting it yet when you can volunteer to plant trees and reforest no one shows up. The only people at fault here were the parents for not watching their stupid kid.

  • FormerLamark

    Poor gorilla did nothing….but the stupid child who deliberately climbed over the fence….is still alive.

  • Mike1288

    Having worked in a veterinarian hospital tranqs are effective and work quickly on animals who are calm. On animals who are in a state of duress or agitated it could take longer. Also, you need to make sure you use the correct amount. In this situation which is time critical there are too many risks. It is not exactly like the movies which is where I think people are coming from. In a situation like this there were too many risks. This animal could rear the boy in half in secs so I can get why the zoo did it.

  • Gina

    But from what I heard, the animal was calm and minding his own business.

  • James

    RIP Harambe. When are people going to learn that black lives matter? Cracka-ass zooKKKeepers. No justice, no peace.

  • ImOpining

    But the boy didn’t accidentally fall. He was telling his mother he wanted to go in. She said no. Then she wasn’t watching her child and he climbed on in there. Her lack of parenting caused the murder of this poor animal.

  • ImOpining

    He didn’t fall. He went under the rail, through wires and over the moat wall. This was no accident. The mother is at fault 100%.

  • ImOpining

    Hopefully the mother will now learn that 4 year olds need to be watched at all times. Especially when out in public. They won’t be charged or held responsible, but when their names are released, well, that will be punishment enough.

  • kirby76

    I really hope that doesn’t happen. They have enough to deal with.