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Amber Heard Was Arrested For Domestic Violence in 2009

Amber Heard Was Arrested For Domestic Violence in 2009

Amber Heard, who claims her ex Johnny Depp assaulted her on numerous occasions, was arrested for domestic violence herself in September 2009, according to TMZ.

The 30-year-old actress was in a dispute with her then-partner Tasya van Ree at the Seattle-Tacoma International Airport when the argument escalated and Amber grabbed and struck Tasya in the arm.

This upset Tasya and Amber was arrested and booked for misdemeanor domestic violence.

During Amber‘s court appearance the following day, the prosecutor declined to move forward with the case but told her that they could reconsider and refile within the 2-year statute of limitations.

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amber heard was arrested for domestic violence against partner tasya van ree 01
amber heard was arrested for domestic violence against partner tasya van ree 02
amber heard was arrested for domestic violence against partner tasya van ree 03
amber heard was arrested for domestic violence against partner tasya van ree 04
amber heard was arrested for domestic violence against partner tasya van ree 05

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  • Bal Eek

    well well well…

  • atpo

    Hahaha this is getting very interesting. So Amber officially has a history of dv.So who was the abuser in her relationship with Johnny I wonder.I hope all these hardcore feminists will call her a woman beater like they did with Johnny but we know it won’t happen.Ahem equality ahem…

  • xyz

    Talentless and average looking lesbinazi used Johnny Depp and, typically, now she is playing the victim. Loser!

  • Little Paper Stars


  • Kat123

    I wonder if all these advocates that have been saying Depp has a history of abusing others are now going to follow the same line of thinking for Heard. Once and abuser always an abuser right ?…….

  • Kat123

    Exactly they will stay silent.

  • J.

    So to all you Amber backers out there, do you really think that SHE was a victim?, Or do you finally realize that MEN can be the ones being abused too? You can see her actions on ‘Overhaulin’. When SHE gets angry, she can go trailer park REAL QUICK.

  • Davis C

    Wish that HO would just go away already…..

  • DarkEkati

    LOL! Well… i guess that is what happens when you want to be in the public eye and accuse others in order to benefit yourself…. you will have journalists digging into your past and they will find and open all the can of worms you were trying to hide. When you point your finger to accuse others for mistreating you, at least make sure that YOUR HANDS ARE CLEAN!

  • Cruizin1960

    Well, well, well. So there was a documented abuser in the relationship…and it wasn’t Depp. All I hear is crickets from those who were defending Heard.

  • Jezza

    Well, well, well. Isn’t this an interesting turn of events.

  • revelated

    I call BS. I mean we all know that a female cannot possibly be a domestic abuser, only men. Right?

  • marsshmallow

    I always had the feeling that Amber is an aggressive woman. She’s the type to pick up a fight with another person over small things.

  • Barry

    Warner must be thinking right now about how to fire her from the upcoming Aquaman….
    She’s not really compatible with a superheroes blockbuster, anymore.

  • Alex

    Calm down MRA’s. It’s still just as illegal to beat someone who once hit an ex as it is to beat anyone else…

  • Otak

    I was in a bad marriage for a decade. My wife verbally & psychologically abused me for years, which escalated to include physical abuse in the final two wedded years, before I finally wised up, left, and divorced her. I never called her names, manipulated, or struck her back… I never threw things at her like she did me. I never hit her with things the way she began to with me. I never poured food on her head like she did to me.

    One night, I was feeling especially tired of it all, and began feeling like I had less and less to lose. In the midst of another round of gaslighting, I [regretfully, inappropriately] told her in a flat tone that “You deserve to be hit for what you do to me”. She reeled backwards in shock and began shrieking that she was about to call the police on me for “threatening to hit” her. I backed off.

    The moral to this very boring story is that you should never assume you know what is truly happening in a private home between two people based on the testimony of a single, biased party. Perhaps Heard and Depp are both prone to violence, but her on-paper history should prove that she is just as, if not more capable of escalating tense situations to inappropriate levels.

  • Mino Marrow

    being a hardcore feminist myself, no one can saying since they know nothing. people need to mind their business.

  • VanityInsecurity

    Her credibility is gone.. judges can see patterns of abuse in people.. there is none in Johnny Depp.. cus he never abused anyone.. shes the one that has the past & this definitely has come back to bite her in the ass!!

  • AeeJay

    Shhh listen.. all Amber have fans have finally STFU!!! ahhaaaa you have been following & supporting a domestic violence abuser.. god only knows what she has done to Johnny.. thank heavens they are divorcing!

  • LindSAY

    Where are her stans ? No where to be found it seems.
    Eat dust AH. Thats what you get for telling so many lies.

  • KimonoKris

    From the start I felt she had been lying! I just didn’t think Johnny was the abuser, When a man is a loving, caring man, he doesn’t suddenly become an abuser in less than 6 months. Her claims he was this way in their entire relationship, yet not one of his former loves agreed with her, everyone in his past came forward to say this is NOT the man Johnny Depp! This is one leopard that didn’t change his spots, she was the one doing the abusing.She is an entitled spoiled brat who has no qualms about lying to get what she wants and her behavior has proven it. The crickets you are hearing are Amber Heard’s ex’s trying not to be thrust into her mess. He has shown class with the way his relationships end, he has never said anything publicly against a single one, in fact they all stood up for him — that proved to me my suspicions about her were accurate. She wants his money because she lost his love, with her behavior.

  • LindSAY

    She never was for starters.
    I can’t for her to be recast.

  • Janet Coffin

    So, she hit her girlfriend on the arm. Not good. But it doesn’t indicate that she is more inclined to domestic violence than Depp. She was the one with bruises all over her face. I don’t know how they got there, but I’m pretty sure she didn’t hit herself. Having hit someone in the past doesn’t mean she wasn’t abused in the presence. It doesn’t mean she beat up on Depp. It doesn’t mean she didn’t either. We don’t know. I like to think of Depp as a good guy. I will reserve judgment until I know more. But I will not try Amber Heard in the court of public opinion, either.

  • Janet Coffin

    Wow, talk about stereotyping – she can go all trailer park? That is offensive.

    Of course men can be victims of domestic violence.

  • Janet Coffin

    What does her talent or her looks have to do with anything? What the fuck is a lesbinazi? And what is typical about this situation? I think the fact that she was covered in facial bruises indicates that something happened. Not quite the same as hitting someone on the arm. And in both cases, we don’t know what else happened. You could have made your point in a less sexist, chauvinistic and insulting way. Hard to take you seriously.

  • Rich

    God will you people shut up about being offended. bunch of sissies in this country all of a sudden.

  • Janet Coffin

    Thank you. And just because Depp (one of my favorite actors), is not known for domestic abuse, doesn’t mean he hasn’t hit a low point due to drugs and alcohol and a fading career. People do change and do stupid things when their lives are a mess.

  • Dave Kübler

    you are obviously not a hardcore grammar-ist

  • S-

    *moving/disappearing bruises

  • Thunderdreamer

    Uh-oh, Janet, Rich just went ghetto on your ass!

  • Morgan

    Really? I’m as feminist as it comes and have always distrusted Heard’s assertion, especially after reading quotes from Johnny’s exes saying he was NEVER violent. Makes you think.

  • Fabian

    She made the trailer park comment herself two years ago:

    “”Whenever my old friends meet someone I’m involved with romantically, they immediately warn them: ‘She may look refined, but when she’s angry, she can go trailer park really fast,’” she says”

  • Remy

    And yet you still took the time to reply. If you don’t like the comment just ignore it.

  • Thunderdreamer

    Feel better, TypoCop?

  • Dave Kübler

    yes, do you ?

  • Anna

    I think we can all agree that TMZ are annoying cunt bags, but sometimes, they do great work. Gotta appreciate rare stuff like this. Amber Heard is a gold digger, plain and simple. Unless she can provide video proof, I just can’t believe her. It shouldn’t even be hard, those mansions have security footage EVERYWHERE. In every room.

  • Ariana-Kaelita

    Now I do not believe Amber at all. Sorry but I had a feeling this woman was lying about Depp being an abuser, who is known to be one of the nicest celebs around to his co-workers and fans in Hollywood.

  • Kaira

    Texas Trailer Trash it is. lol

  • DaFUQ.uSayin

    also, she was arrested under her ‘married’ name Amber van Ree.

  • Marilyn Casey

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  • Julia Oceania

    I am a hardcore feminist. I am against all violence, whether it is violence against old people, children, animals, men or women. There is a reason why people have a gut level reaction to women being battered and not men, because when women get battered they often end up much more physically harmed due to the strength difference, and it is unseemly to beat someone weaker than you. It isn’t a good enough reason to ignore woman on man violence, but it is a reason, nonetheless

  • Julia Oceania

    Wouldn’t that be “Yes. Do you?”

  • Julia Oceania

    The Examiner has an article where they talk about the bruise pattern in the photos was either self inflicted or done by a left hander. Johnny Depp is right handed

  • Julia Oceania

    Victims of domestic violence often self medicate. His substance abuse after years of sobriety coincides with being married to her, trying to medicate the pain away. Poor guy

  • DAF

    Its a ridiculous reason because mental and emotional abuse can be just as damaging regardless of whether the victim is a man or a woman. Furthermore, not every couple has this stereotypical idea of physical anatomy that you intonate. There are plenty of physically strong women and many men who are not buffed. Your reasoning is beyond laughable

  • Julia Oceania

    I am speaking of cultural stereotypes about domestic violence. Most people have a bias because they view women as physically weaker. I will add, most of the time they are right, women are physically weaker. Not all, but most are. You are preaching to the choir when you point out that physical abuse hurts emotionally. I will say that as someone that was nearly paralyzed by an abuser, physical abuse of that level is far more traumatic then being slapped, etc. But most DV doesn’t rise to that level.

  • Tenley

    We do know: She was arrested for hitting a woman. We do know: There are no charges against Johnny. WTF.

  • suzybel

    Aha! Now the dirt comes out.

  • MyName

    Yes, she did use that surname. So, maybe it could be argued that since she didn’t divorce before marrying JD that their marriage was invalid. Sometimes with a little fiddling, even non legal marriage could be considered real so they might be able to use it against her.

  • MetalQuintessence

    You really can’t claim one is definitely worse or better than the other. Some victims would state that the physical part was worse others that wounds can heal, but not the mental trauma. It depends on the case. Imo there’s part of emotional trauma included in the physical abuse cases, tho it’s easier to overcome compared to the physical part. Which in itself introduces more emotional problems. However it’s the other way around for rape or similar kind of mental mainly driven trauma victims.

    That being said, it’s 1 thing if a woman or a weaker person is getting beaten by s/o stronger. Its another thing to get things even further and incur long term or permanent damage and trauma.

    You don’t have to be a tall huge gorilla to be able to cripple or hurt s/o even twice as big as you. Abuse is still abuse even if no physical contact was made. And there’s plenty of scenarios for that as well. Like drugs and poisons. But if you want, you can always beat up a huge guy, regardless of your gender or physical build up. If you get a tazer or something else to knock your victim first, it’s a free round of beating and as much damage as you wish.

    Especially if you’re close to the person, like being a wife and husband, you could sip him a sleep drug w/o he ever knowing it. If you are that psychopathic.

    If you doubt it, just watch som,e discovery channel or crime and stuff like that.