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Amber Heard's Friend iO Tillett Wright Defends Her: I Saw Bruises, I'll Testify In Court

Amber Heard's Friend iO Tillett Wright Defends Her: I Saw Bruises, I'll Testify In Court

Amber Heard‘s friend iO Tillett Wright is speaking out in her defense over stories alleging she had no bruises on her body.

Amber has accused her ex Johnny Depp of domestic violence, and there are some who do not believe the accusations.

Read the tweets below from iO, who is reacting to a story published by TMZ saying that the doorman saw no bruises after an attack.

Click inside to read more from iO defending Amber Heard…

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  • LindSAY

    Girl, take several seats.
    No one asked AH to start this media blitz, to sells fake pictures etc. Why did she do that ? For the love of money.
    And she IO (whatever her name is) probably was living off JD money too. So, she’ll say anything to get AH that money since she/he seems in love with her.
    The backlash has nothing to do with victim blaming. I stand with all victim of violence in all its form. I despise violence but AH story doesnt add up. Where are the medical reports for starters ????????

  • Domino

    THIS! It’s just ridiculous. Turns out Amber herself has a history of being a domestic abuser, but this girl IO thinks we should take her word as fact? Bitch please.

  • VanityInsecurity

    Oh stfu already.. with the feminist crap.. Amber is a liar & an abuser.. facts are facts.. as soon as the report comes out that shes been arrested for DV this moron speaks out.. her reputation is out the window.. no one believes someone that has been arrested for the same thing she is accusing someone else.. Judges make their decisions based on patterns of people.. Johnny has no patterns of being abusive, she does.

  • AeeJay

    LOL!!! The only witch hunt I have seen since day 1 is Amber against Johnny she is the only one that gone out of her way above & beyond to slander Johnny’s name in the media.. backfired on her.. cus guess what the TRUTH wills out.. one way or the other.. can’t escape it.. and I am sure Johnny has witnesses as well that will testify to the ridiculous behavior & threats that Amber has inflicted on Depp.

  • Little Paper Stars

    Weird how this happens the same day as a story about Amber being arrested for abuse comes out and not days ago when TMZ first ran the other stories. I hope all those people who jumped to her defence over this are having a rethink in light of todays infomation.

  • AnjelAhOh

    iO is only interested in having a rebound fling with Amber! She’s attempting to rescue Amber so that Amber will feel safe and trust in her. If iO gets what she wants and they hook up, iO reaps the benefits alongside Amber. iO told me this last night while in a drunken stupor…I will testify to that if I have to!

  • LaCroix

    Wish the reports of her being arrested would have come out sooner.. I can’t see her supporters actually believing her now.. surely not?

  • AeeJay

    I wouldn’t put it past these dumb mofo’s.. they were dumb enough to believe her in the first place..

  • Stefelles

    She doesn’t have a police report…which is one of the key things to have in this case. She’s willing to sue him and drag his name in the dirt publicly but unwilling to file a report? I can’t say she is lying and I can’t say she is telling the truth. But it is a bit fishy.

  • atpo

    Oh please STFU already. So iO or whatever the name is claimed that she saw bruises many times. She claims she is Amber’s BF. Interesting that for all these years this friend watched Amber getting abused but had no problem vacationing on Johnny’s island, flying via private jet and staying in multi million worth houses. But now it’s pay time and she remembered that poor little innocent Amber was abused. Nice friend lol. And now there’s evidence that Amber has a history of DV.I wouldn’t be surprised if she was the main abuser in that marriage. Her lies are catching up with her.

  • LindSAY

    Exactly. I hope Depp kept receipt !
    It gets so frustrating when web site such as Celebitchy paint AH has a poor victim saying her friend saw everything when they where all living off of Deeps money.

  • atpo

    Well, according to a tabloid he has receipts and his team is planning to reveal them in court. And I lost all kind of respect for Celebitchy when I saw the incredibly one sided coverage they did. What a pathetic excuse for a blog! They all act like Amber is a poor innocent victim, so pure and so incapable of any violence. Please excuse me while I vomit.

  • Violet3

    @atpo @LindSAY Celebitchy is one sided because it won’t allow comments that aren’t the same as the theirs such as ‘Celebitchy’ herself and Kaiser. They moderate the comments for that purpose. So there probably would be various opinions from the commenters if they actually allowed everyone to say what they believe. That place and those running it clearly have an agenda.

  • Sofeuh

    wait so now she had a cut head? she says she’s a witness.. to seeing bruises but she was never a witness to seeing Johnny hit her.. if you can’t testify to that then you aren’t saying anything really.. cus its just her word against Johnny’s.

  • LindSAY

    I thought I was the only one thinking that. Day 1 its was all like ” how dare she ?! His mother just passed away” ” what a gole digger, I hope she doesnt get a dime” and myriad of comments trashing her then all of the sudden she is the virgin Mary. Please.
    They were talking about Depp hitting her in a video no one had seen. I’m still waiting on that video lol.
    I get now its a crazy blog for stay at home moms who like to get pat in the back by strangers on the internet.
    I’m too real for that.
    Plus they won’t even put up, the facts that the cops won’t corroborate her story.

  • LindSAY

    I thought I was crazy when I read the comments. Those women are on some kind of crack. If you wait for your trial to make your case, you are guilty according to Kaiser and Celebitchy.
    It’s sickening.

  • Anna

    Oh come’on. I’m sorry but I just can’t buy Amber’s story. Release the freaking video footage. Mansions have secure cameras in almost every room. It wouldn’t be hard to get the footage if it did happen.

    I mean.. even fucking Taylor Swift doesn’t believe her. lol Usually Taylor likes to stick her nose into these things and #girlpower to pure annoyance. She’s been relatively quiet.

  • LindSAY

    She is uploading the picture (fake cut) right now. There’s crazy and Amber Heard crazy.

  • Penny Dreadful

    The woman (?) is claiming she was a witness … by hearing a scream while on the phone. Sorry, honey, anyone can fake a distress scream over the phone.

  • Penny Dreadful

    Celebitchy is notorious for deleting comments that don’t jive with their politics and their feminism.

  • Sofeuh

    lol.. wait for it..

  • Mazoo

    People don’t have security cameras in private rooms, why would they?

  • Wendy

    So let me get this straight, we shouldn’t believe Johnny’s friend because he’s his friend and she says he’s lying for him. BUT we HAVE to believe your friend? Nah. I’ll believe the courts.

  • Anna

    They do. My father owns a surveillance company and makes the most money off of businesses, schools, but mostly mansions/luxury homes. We install Security Surveillance outside and security cameras indoors. The places we don’t set up are the bathroom, closets (except walk-in closets. This is where they keep their gold and valuable items like shoes, purses, suits, watches and makeup), and guestrooms. Everywhere else is recorded. Owners have easy access surveillance inside their home, they can see their living room, kitchen, all the halls and hallways, outside: front and back, pool area, theater room, their bedrooms, and almost everywhere else incase someone goes into their home well they’re away. They can access their security cameras with their phone or tablet.

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  • teesade

    Priceless !!!!

  • The_Last_Ride

    this is so bs, Amber Heard made all this shit up to get money