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Celebrities React to Mass Orlando Shooting at Pulse Nightclub

Celebrities React to Mass Orlando Shooting at Pulse Nightclub

Stars are flocking to social media to send their love and prayers to the victims of the mass shooting at Pulse nightclub on Saturday evening (June 11) in Orlando, Fla.

At least 50 people were killed by Omar Saddiqui Mateen when he opened fire inside the club. 53 people have been hospitalized.

Beyonce wrote on Instagram, “Condolences and prayers to Orlando”

“I’m truly at a loss for words. To everyone in Orlando affected by this massacre, my thoughts, love, & prayers are with u ❤️’’’’,” Kim Kardashian tweeted.

See more tweets below:

Condolences and prayers to Orlando

A photo posted by Beyoncé (@beyonce) on

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  • Davis

    Finally happy we got the celebrity thoughts

  • Everipedia Admin
    Killer was a registered Democrat…

  • Ezer Album

    terrorism apparently hasn’t occurred to these artistes’ consciousness yet……

  • Sim

    ” gun violence” sure , the left & Hollywood are so predicable, now comes out the clowns to try obscure and find a pretence about what this terrorists attack, cause they think the public are stupid and easily fooled.

    The shooter identified in the Orlando shooting was apparently under Obama FBI investigation for terrorist ties, then taken off.
    This is similar to the attack in San Bernardino, California, where Obama government had failed to notice terrorist advocacy by the woman who applied for a Visa who later killed American citizens.

    If we can’t trust the Obama government to investigate Muslims,( Hillary will be even worse) then why are we allowing then to bring in over 100 Syrians a day into the US & allow the continuation of mass migration which has happened under Obama from Muslims countries.

    Another faliure that once again proves that the government is not out to protect us. We have to protect ourselves. And a administration like Hilary’s would be that think the only people who should have access to guns are criminals and cops are deluded.
    Paris city and France federally have the one of toughest guns laws in the world, Isamic terroists didn’t slaughter over 50 people a few months ago it was over 200.

    Sick of playing semantics with left about the weapon and not who or why are doing the slaughtering.

  • Koos


  • Arx

    Its sad reading these comments and seeing people pushing their political ideals.

  • damian gonzales

    this out to shoot people in public places is become a fashion in the EE:UU.

    And the saddest thing of all is that the American people refuse to accept that they have a serious problem with the firearms. American society is sick.

  • smmy33

    What do expect from the national media and democrats, which are one and the same. The Islamic radical was a licensed Security Guard and had a Florida State firearms licence, but this about gun control. Can’t make this stuff up, the American media has become worse then what Prava was communist USSR.

  • Clovis

    Fucking idiot.

  • smmy33

    Do you know what’s really sad, citizens going out dancing for a night out were instead gunned down, including 9 police officers (police that Obama and his goons never defended when leftwing BlacklivesMatter fake movement ie. protecting criminals happened) by a inept federal government that is more worried about PC nonsense and pushing their radical agenda of gun control and flooding the West with Islamic migrants/ refugees then protecting their own people.

  • smmy33

    Shut the fuck -up losers, only fucking idiots are people like you. Turing this country into a shithole.

  • Arx

    See more political bullshit. 50 americans are dead but you’re more concerned with spreading your political agenda. Liberals and conservatives are equally guilty of this.

  • tommyboy

    No, Islam has a problem with homosexuality. Wake up and learn about their ideology! They preach it all the time. Learn your history about what happens to people when they can’t defend themselves.

  • Blan Stonger

    Aaaaand this intelligent, thoughtful response from Clovis typifies the response from other people like Clovis. They can’t debate the truth, so instead of logic, you get a label. Nice job, snowflake…um..”clovis”. You mad, bro?

  • smmy33

    Do think people are stupid, must be what liberals think, that the public are just bunch of morons, easily manipulated. Just send out the social media trolls to blame guns and be Islamic apologists.
    I guess Belgium and Paris are in America.

    Hmm, let’s look at the last the 7 months of mass killing what do they have in common?? Belgum over 50 people mudered, Paris over 200 murdered, California over 13 murdered and Florida over 50 people murdered. Hmmm , So the take away from the left is America “gun culture” .

  • tommyboy

    Remember -
    Allah hates homosexuality.
    Allah hates feminism.
    Allah teaches you are allowed to convert to Islam, or die.
    Which do you chose?

  • Clovis

    I am disappointed yet again by the instant leap your kind makes to bashing a politician you don’t want.
    I just can’t get over it, Innocent people were murdered, AGAIN, and you still go straight to “We need our guns!” it’s the most fucked up, brain dead response.
    The people that leap to the gun toting agenda should go swap places with those innocent dead.
    Am I mad? At constant murder and a country that will never improve? Um yes. All thinking people are angry about this.

  • Clovis

    Speak clearly. Use your words, or go back to school and learn to spell.

  • Blan Stonger

    See there, you CAN do it. You put some sentences together. Good job. You bitch about the “leap” you say my “kind” makes. I didn’t leap to anything, my dear except your inane “leap” to call someone a fucking idiot because you don’t agree with them. Because that’s a serious leap. You also made the “leap” to the conclusion that I’m a “gun toter”. You don’t know me. You, however just proved yourself to be a hypocrite. Good job!

  • smmy33

    NO sorry, it isn’t “conservatives” that can’t even say
    “Islamic terrorists” that’s Obama and Killary.
    It isn’t a “conservative” FBI that are clueless and more worried about PC nonsense then protecting it’s citizens that’s Obama’s FBI.
    No it isn’t ” conservatives ” that give a lecture about Islamophbia and gun control every time Isamic radicals go on killing spree, that’s Obama and Killary.

    It isn’t a “conservative” admidistration that had the largest increase in history immigration from islamic countries the last 7 years.
    It hasn’t a “conservative” government that allowed one attack after another terrorist attack on American soil but still have their heads up their own ass lecturing Americans for their legitimate fears and concerns.

  • Blan Stonger

    Sick to my stomach over Orlando.

  • Blan Stonger

    Whew! Thank goodness we know what Julie Klausner thinks! I can go on with my day now. Who is she?

  • smmy33

    ” Innocent people are murdered ”
    As if this happened in a vacuum nothing we could do about it. Not as if this person wasn’t investigated by the FBI for Islamic radical ties, then taken off. Not as after 8 years Obama can’t even say what they are,” Islamic terrorists” but we expect him to fight something he can’t even bring himself to say.
    Not like Obama administration has nothing to do with VISA applicants and did no check, allowed a radical Isamic into the country to kill 14 people.
    Not like Obama isn’t allowing 100 Syrians in a day, even though his own FBI said they have no way of verifying if they have ISIS sympathies.
    See the government has no control when it’s a liberal government. All they can do is to lecture Americans about their provincial concerns.
    The only answer for liberals then , is not to take away more control for the citizens. Ass backwards but that’s has they roll.
    So out comes ” gun control” with every Isamic killing spree and demanding that citizens give more of their rights , while Obama and Hillary making sure they protect the rights of the terrorists.

  • smmy33

    Shut the fuck up loser, that’s all you’ve got, stupid insults, you have no real arguments. Go back in your mothers basement until the next Granny Killbot the great ” feminist ” and rapist husband have a rally.

  • Lenny

    Where Muslims are a substantial minority there is always terrorism, strife and rebellion. Look at the Philippines, Thailand, China, Russia, India, Myanmar, Israel, sub Saharan Africa, most of Europe, etc. Even countries with small Muslim minorities are not immune such as America, Canada, and Argentina.

    Other than Jews, Catholics, Protestants, Hindus, Buddhists, Atheists, Sikhs, Animists, and a few others Muslims get along with everyone.
    I can’t wait for the prime time Obama oration to Americans on the dangers of Islamophobia while the bodies of dead Americans are still warm.

  • Orcus

    are you suprised americans??!!your elite makes wars and destabilization and warmongering all of the world in the name of your fake banksters democracy. your propaganda movies from military mickey mouse complex hollyweird(OLYMPus has fallen etc)trying to sell the world that you are the good guy and the truth is your elite creating terrorism!!!you are great friend with the saudis and your arm dealing with them.UNBELIEVABLE. but of course assad is the main evil.most of you cant show the map where lybia,syria are.there are millions dead human beings now since your illegal iraq war.and your stupid lecturing overrated celebrities and do you know who i am is a know more about the kardhasians of course.maybe after the new joker movie there will be another school or cinema shooting.
    PS.thank you for the migrant crises in europe maybe after you choose globalist puppet killery clinton there will be WWIII.the warmongering against russia has started in the western “objective” press. congrats

  • Arx

    Wow you’re deluded and full of hate. I won’t respond to your delusions anymore. God bless

  • Von

    It’s illegal to carry in a bar or nightclub in Florida, I guess Omar didn’t get the word, odd thou he had a security firearms licence .

  • Jo


  • Tommi

    If only we could get rid of guns then there would be no Islamic terrorists mass killings in America. Besides Boston bombing or when terrorists strap on a suicide vests and blow themselves and others up. Or say something crazy like hijack airliners and fly them into building or disappear them into oceans, silly that would never happen?
    Liberalism is a mental illness. Really love hearing from a bunch of idiot celebrities preening on about guns and turning every tragedy into mindless anti-gun agenda, all the while they’re surrounded by armed bodyguards.

  • Orcus

    and your celebrities are preaching about love now? how about the dead iraqi, syrian etc. children,woman? you dont have problem exporting violence to other countries,do you?

  • Mike1288

    Everyone can blame guns all they want but there will be violence with or without guns. Now that we know this man has been on the FBI’s terrorist watch list its clear THEY did not due their due diligence in protecting Americans. The left is so quick to blame gun culture but could it perhaps be the culture that holds up a book from thousands of years ago that is outdated and helping to produce these TERRORISTS. Our president can pretend this label doesn’t exist but this wasn’t just a mass shooting this was terrorism.

  • Laurie Spangler

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  • Clovis

    None of that made any sense. You are a terrible human being who is quite happy for senseless murder to continue forever, as long you can climb off your sister-cousin-wife “Git your gun” and “Learn some varmints to stay off your dirt patch.”
    You are a clear example of the problem, and you will never let it stop.

  • Pass the POPCORN

    Its not all Islam. Its Wahhabism which is a branch of Sunni and subset of the Salafi movement. The Salafi movement is an ultra-conservative reform movement within Sunni Islam that references the doctrine known as Salafism. These are the idiots responsible with terrorism.

    Im an Atheist. All religions are based on fairy tales

  • Conte435

    Sorry it is about Islam, not just the sects of Isalm.

    Iran is Persian, Shiite Isamic government and they hang gay men all the time, as young a 14 years for homosexual tendencies.

    It’s brutal how they treat gays in Iran. And because it is such a male dominated culture female homosexuality nonexistent it’s so hidden,

  • Grunge Queen

    i’m muslim i hate gays but i’m not going to kill them.
    stop blaming islam and believe MEDIA!!!!!!!

  • Grunge Queen

    what about Iraq, syria, afghanistan, pakistan and many more dying because america???? why u blaming islam?? isis made by USA

  • Dirk_Reese-Fan

    All that guns, that can be buyed so easily in the USA. That´s so stupid !
    Omar Mateen has been radicalized by the Internet.
    He was a gay-hater, that transformed to a terrorist by radicalization by the Internet. Thus, he made the massacre in the “Pulse”.
    The GLTB is an accepted part of the western culture.
    Thus, this terroristic act is a terroristic act onto the western culture. If you damage a piece of a cake, you damage also the whole cake.
    We need better laws against guns
    & we need a better observation of potential terrorists.
    The FBI could have done a better job !
    But every murderer is a terrible person !
    We need to stop the development from normal persons to murderers. (The question of terrorism is not the main-question!)
    (Especially, if murderers can turn to mass-murderers so easily by buying machine guns or half-automatic machine guns so easily.
    (Isn´t every murderer a terrorist of life ???)
    When it comes to the consequence, there is no difference:
    In both cases (murderer and terrorist) dead people are the consequence. There is no consequencial difference !!!
    What makes a normal person to a “murderer because of hate” ?
    (Of course, there can be other reasons for murderer. Some murderers just do it because of the money. They have no remorse and no emotional empathy for their victims. But that´s not what I wanted to explain.)
    Failures & the hate !
    Failures often can´t be avoided. The problem is, that failures cause frustration. And frustration can change into aggression and can feed the hate. Of course, the missing love can be interpret (must not be interpret) as a failure too.
    But where does the hate come from ?
    A) From other persons. (Parents, friends, hate-priests, in school)
    (That means: From persons, who spread out hate against other persons. That can also mean: Persons, who provoke you. And persons, who insult you. Verbal violence is a violence too.)
    B) From the Internet (That means: Persons, who spread out hate and provokations and insults in the internet)
    C) From (hateful) movies.
    D) From (hateful) songs.
    E) From (hateful) literature.
    F) From hateful paintings and photos.
    G) From aggressive computer games (Ego-shooters)
    A, B, C, D, E, F and G are the enemies
    ……………………………………………………..- especially, if they come together ! It´s all about different accumulateve effects.
    (A high frequence of A, or a combination of a middle frequence of
    D and G. Or a a combination of a middle frequence of F and E and C. And so on. Finally, there is a too BIG SUM OF HATE-EPISODES, that come from different sub-sources (A, B, C, D, E, F and G))
    I´m citing Reese on one of her latest instagram-pictures:
    “More Love, Less Hate” is the final message.
    Because love destroys the hate. Because love includes emotional empathy.
    Means: More Love in A, B, C, D, E, F, G – instead of hate.
    Of course, we can´t create heaven, if we don´t now what hell is.
    That means: We can´t create heaven, if we don´t know, how hell can develop.