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Mass Shooting at Orlando Gay Nightclub Leaves 50 Dead in Worst Mass Shooting in U.S. History

Mass Shooting at Orlando Gay Nightclub Leaves 50 Dead in Worst Mass Shooting in U.S. History

Another senseless act of gun violence.

Just one night after singer Christina Grimmie was shot and killed at her own concert in Orlando, Florida, another (unrelated) shooting has taken place in the same city.

According to CNN, at least 50 people were shot and killed when a gunmen, now identified as Omar Saddiqui Mateen, entered Pulse, a gay nightclub, on Saturday (June 11) and opened fire on the crowd.

“It’s appears he was organized and well-prepared,” Orlando Police Chief John Mina said of the suspect, Omar Mateen, who is now dead.

At one point, it was a hostage situation and a shootout occurred between officers and the gunmen for several hours. At least 53 people were transferred to the hospital with injuries.

Police are calling it a “domestic terror incident.” It is officially the worst mass shooting in U.S. history.

The investigation is underway and this is a developing story.

15+ pictures inside from the scene…

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orlando shooting pulse nightclub 03
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orlando shooting pulse nightclub 09
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  • Jack_Carter_USA

    Mateen was Muslim. NBC News quoted his father as saying he pitched a fit at seeing two men kissing. This puts the Faux News crowd in a terrible dilemma: do they praise the massacre because it was against gays, or do they denounce it because the killer was Muslim?

  • Sim

    Is this headline for real .. Or is it orders from the Obama administration and Hillary camp.

    ” gun violence” no sorry cowards let’s call what it was a terrorist attack and they had more then ” guns ” on them. But maybe the left would rather die by explosive then a bullet from ( what should we call them, since according Obama & Hillary they can’t call them Islamic terrorists ).

    Because what’s really important to the left isn’t Islamic terrorist slaughting innocent people in a Western city every few months it’s the weapon they use.

    So glad that Obama is letting 100 Syrians immigrate a day without any checks and that under Obama immigration from Isamic countries has quadruped.

    2 mass terrorists attacks in the last year, bet Hillary will beat Obama’s record.

  • Jack_Carter_USA

    Mateen was born in New York and his parents came to the US from Afghanistan in the 1980s. But you keep right on fanning the flames of fear and ignorance.

  • Sim

    Born in New York and you think he was radicalized in New York …
    Notice you didn’t mention the last terrost attack in California, he too was born in U.S. and became radicalized by his foreign wife that came here on a visa.

    And if second generation Muslims are willing to slaughter their own citizens imagine the radicals we are allowing to immigrate without any checks are planing to do.

    And you think he planned and executed this all his own, fool.

  • VanityInsecurity

    Being born in the USA doesn’t mean anything to these people.. they aren’t real Americans when they don’t love the country & what it stands for. Anyone can be radicalized here. Shame so many people had to die because these people hate what America stands for. Most come to this country raise their children here & hate everything that is America..

  • Sim

    Ok Hillary troll many millions is she spending to troll social media , last I heard reported it was 10 million.

    And putting Jack Cater USA … Doesn’t fool anyone with your generic Anglo name and rah, rah USA!! LoL

    Gays should wake the hell and realize democrats and the left are the protection of Islam in the west, radicalized otherwise and when Muslims outnumber them politically and in raw numbers for democrats .. The Gay agenda going to be the first the gets sacked.

    Islamic nations, gays aren’t to tolerated, actually they’re not tolerated at all but worse look at nations Islam is just 5% population .

  • Utope

    This is absolutely horrific! R.I.P. My heart goes out to the families and the victims.

  • Revengefan0101

    Why are Assault Rifles legal? Why does the average citizen need one?

  • Gina

    What the hell is going on?!?

  • Gabreya Bradley

    God help us all.

  • Laurie Spangler

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  • Oneironaut

    You act like gays are in cahoots with Islamic extremists, like they’re harboring terrorists in their gay pride parades or something. Don’t make these idiotic connections between gays and religious extremists. Unless you like me comparing all Christians to those who shoot up abortion clinics.

  • Sprite

    RIP, my deepest condolences to family and friends.

  • Shahzeb

    Recommending: Wondered Why are Assault Rifles legal? Why does the average citizen need one?