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Chelsea Handler Opens Up About Having 2 Abortions at Age 16 in New Essay

Chelsea Handler Opens Up About Having 2 Abortions at Age 16 in New Essay

Chelsea Handler wrote an essay for Playboy where she opened up about having two abortions in the same year, at age 16.

“I was going through a very bad stage in my life. I hated my parents and I was having unprotected sex with my boyfriend, who was not someone I should’ve been having sex with in the first place, never mind unprotected sex. I wasn’t really playing with a full deck of cards, and when I got pregnant I just thought, Why not? I can have a baby. Maybe I’ll have twins and give them rhyming names! Of course, the idea that I would have a child and raise it by myself at that age, when I couldn’t even find my way home at night, was ridiculous,” the 41-year-old talk show host wrote. “My parents recognized that, so they acted like parents for one of the very first times in my life and took me to Planned Parenthood. I felt parented, ironically, while I was getting an abortion. And when it was over, I was relieved in every possible way.”

“Getting unintentionally pregnant more than once is irresponsible, but it’s still necessary to make a thoughtful decision. We all make mistakes all the time. I happened to f–k up twice at the age of 16. I’m grateful that I came to my senses and was able to get an abortion legally without risking my health or bankrupting myself or my family. I’m 41 now. I don’t ever look back and think, God, I wish I’d had that baby,” she continued. Read Chelsea‘s entire essay over at Playboy.

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  • Christopher I. Gomes

    her womb is polluted…. nasty cunt!!!

  • j b

    This really explains why she has so many mental problems and is such a messed up person.

  • Roscoe

    I guess adoption was out of the question and condoms were scarce back then. Of course, I take it that her parents shouldn’t have made a “thoughtful decision” with her too or swallowed lol.

  • benfbeckmaN

    I don’t get what’s wrong with her. She talks a lot about sex, sometimes on talk shows, but not in an appropriate manner. Then she posts pictures of her tits or her bare ass on instagram. What’s her deal?

  • W F S

    Oh, you diagnosed her, did you? lmao.

  • W F S

    It’s HER CHOICE to decide if she wants to carry a pregnancy to term. Her abortions meant nothing to you when they happened and they didn’t affect your nosey-ass life at all, did they. Nope. So buzz off and mind your own beeswax.

  • W F S

    Takes a nasty cunt to know one, doesn’t it, Christopher the Cuntfaced Monkey Boy.

  • Roscoe

    It is YOUR OPINION that it is her choice. It is my opinion that the baby has a right to live and abortion isn’t the only option and certainly is not the best option.

    If she didn’t want anyone to have an opinion about her business, she could’ve kept it to herself. Also, there is nothing nosy about discussing information that a person freely provided.

    If dissenting opinions irk you so, you will have a better life curled in a corner, fetal-like.

  • Christopher I. Gomes

    That must be why your replying… You cunts have to stick together…. I know why you don’t have a pic of yourself as an avatar… You ugly bitch! Get off of her clit… That’s why her pussy is so dry! Fuck you and your racist comment!

  • j b

    Yes I did.

  • RainbowCandy

    This is the first time I heard a woman so proud having an abortion, not just once but twice. Last time people only got proud of winning nobel prize or valedictorian. Oh how the world has changed.

  • Lester Cruz

    Yeah, she has so many mental problems that she was able to write FIVE bestselling books, anchor TWO successful talk shows, and build her own empire. Meanwhile, some random internet troll is hating on her and judging her for decisions that she had the right to make. And SHE’S the messed up person? Mmmkay.

  • Roscoe

    You have a right to skydive without a parachute. Is it the right thing to do however? Not so much.

    History and the present are full of people who accomplished things despite being unstable. You might as well add killing two of her babies to her list of accomplishments since she exercised her “right’ and made a “thoughtful decision”.

  • Douglas from Brazil

    Why? I did not know that a woman having an abortion causes mental issues.

  • Sandra Bates


  • futurenicole

    Damn, who knew JustJared’s readers were all such whiny Republicans?! Just want til one of you gets knocked up unintentionally; you’ll be singing a different tune.

  • babyangel

    2 Abortions , 2 MURDERS !! , looks like Chelsea has a place in hell waiting for her !!

  • tlb1974

    I’ll bite on that! I was 15 a guy I was seeing gave me spiked punch guess what I got pregnant don’t remember the sex since I was passed out but boy I remember the delivery! Guess what she is now almost 26 and one of the best things I ever did. See I shouldn’t have been hanging out with those kinds of people to begin with and boy I learned my lesson well. Kids can make bad decisions but by not making them responsible for those actions is giving them permission to make more piss poor decisions. Which is what she did she made a bad decision didn’t learn her lesson and made yet the same bad decision with the same bad outcome. I suppose after the second one her parents decided to parent her for a third time and teach her how to use birth control.

  • xica

    Maybe you should have had them. Now you’re all alone and it’s a little late to have biological kids at 41 years old.

  • Lester Cruz

    History and the present are also full of people who felt like they have the right to tell people what they should and shouldn’t do with their lives. And those backwards-thinking, narrow-minded people have always been proven to be on the wrong side of history. So yeah, keep wasting your days judging other people for decisions that they had every right to make. Decisions which, by the way, don’t even affect you in any way, shape, or form.

  • Lester Cruz

    There’s no point in arguing with narrow-mindedness. People like Roscoe are exactly who Chelsea was referring to at the end of her essay. The world is moving forward. Women have the right to do what they want to their bodies now. LGBT people are allowed to get married. And guess what, NONE of these things affect you. They’re not going to make your life any worse. The world isn’t going to end. So get with the program, mind your own business, and get over it.

  • Roscoe

    I sure do have a right to an opinion about anything just as you do. Killing babies will be proven to be historically correct? Name one non-extinct animal species on this earth that has and will continue to kill tens of millions of its young. Doesn’t seem to be a recipe for human survival.

    You speak of rights, but babies should have rights too. Are you against this because they are so small lol? Killing babies affects everyone whether you know it or not and we have a responsibility to protect those who can’t protect themselves. By the way, you can use that same argument of “it doesn’t affect you” on most things like general purpose murder and child abuse.

  • Roscoe

    Yes, females have rights except when in the womb, it is narrow minded that abortion shouldn’t be the only option when faced with an unwanted pregnancy, and killing babies is progress that we should just get over.

  • BlackExcellence

    Such a filthy, heartless whore smdh…