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Erin & Sara Foster Talk 'Barely Famous' Season 2, Dream Guest Stars, & More (Exclusive Interview)

Erin & Sara Foster Talk 'Barely Famous' Season 2, Dream Guest Stars, & More (Exclusive Interview)

If you haven’t seen an episode of Barely Famous, you are missing some seriously great comedy from the hilarious sister duo Erin and Sara Foster!

The funny ladies opened up to in an exclusive interview about the second season of their VH1 scripted comedy series, which comes back for season two TONIGHT (June 29) at 10/9c.

Erin and Sara talked about the dream guest stars they have if they get a third season, why they didn’t ask back some celebs who made cameos in season one, some funny stories from their childhood, and more.

Make sure to see how chic the sisters looked at Just Jared and Vintage Grocers’ dinner in Malibu over the weekend!

Click inside to read our full interview with Erin and Sara Foster…

Erin & Sara Foster – Exclusive Interview

JJ: For people who are unfamiliar, who are Erin and Sara Foster?

EF: If you don’t know who we are, we are very famous Sports Illustrated models. Don’t google that.

SF: Two highly intelligent rocket scientists who decided to try and write a funny show.

JJ: How could Barely Famous get any better than season one?

EF: We agree, it’s the best show on television. However, we did step it up a notch and hopefully people like it. In the first season of a show you’re just throwing things at a wall and seeing what sticks and when it is a success you can’t really remember what you did to get it there. So in a second season you try to recreate that magic and its very intimidating. But season two I get to go on the bachelor which is a long time dream, and Sara becomes a business mogul which is a disaster that you can’t look away from.

SF: That is very flattering and I totally agree and so does my mom, dad, aunts, uncles and cousins but…………we are so over saturated now with satires, spoofs and mockumentaries since season 1 aired that we knew we had to step it up for season 2. We wanted to tackle even more hard hitting issues like husbands sleeping with nannys and dating powerful older men in the hopes of it furthering your career.

JJ: What will you do if season 3 gets the green light? Who would you want to guest star?

EF: The first thing I will do is get drunk and celebrate, and after that I will probably fall asleep, but then after that I will definitely try to get a hold of Jennifer Aniston and Jennifer Lawrence and offer them my first born to have them on the show.

SF: Honestly the idea of getting a third season on a show you created, produce and star in is something I can’t even really fathom. It would be a dream come true and I would be beyond humbled and grateful. Having a comedian like Chelsea Handler be on our show really validated what we are doing and I would like to keep that going. Jennifer Aniston, Amy Schumer, Tina Fey…..but the ultimate would be the man who does it better than anyone else……King Larry David.

JJ: What was your favorite scene to shoot from season 2? Why wasn’t Nicole Richie asked back to cameo in season 2?

EF: For me the Bachelor stuff was the most fun to shoot (we weren’t allowed to actually make it ‘The Bachelor’ so on our show its ‘Prince Charming’. Working with every celebrity guest star is so fun, but I get nervous around them all because I am uncool. Being able to play the ridiculously sad and amazing girls who go onto the Bachelor was exhilarating and I started to get too comfortable and realized that there is definitely a desperate psycho living deep inside of me.

We are obsessed with Nicole and would do anything with her, but for season 2 we realized that if we just had all our guest stars from season 1 come back again (which we wanted to do) then people would just think we have 6 friends who we recirculate on our show. We wanted to mix it up with some new faces. But Nicole is hilarious and we would love to have her back again.

SF: I love working with Kate Hudson. I have admired her as a comedian from afar but to be in a scene with her is so damn fun. I’m not just saying this because she is one of my best friends, but she truly has better comedic timing then anyone. She is also hot and just the ultimate movie star and I love her for doing our show. I mean, she didn’t have a choice but still.

Nicole has a show called Candidly Nicole and she is a lot funnier than me so I really wasn’t looking for more competition. She needs a man on the street show. She is so good on the fly. I have never seen anything like it. Pure comedy. We actually would have loved to have Courteney Cox and Nicole and Molly Sims and Rachel Zoe and Milla Jovovich and Kevin Connolly, Ashley Benson, etc. back but we also knew we were lucky to have everyone first season and didn’t want to push our luck asking again.

JJ: Can you tell us a quintessential “growing up in Hollywood” story?

EF: The first date I ever went on was with a guy who’s dad was on a soap opera and he took me to Nobu in Malibu and when the bill came he asked for cash to cover my half of the meal and then pocketed it, and paid for the bill with his dad’s credit card. Two weeks later he dumped me via beeper voicemail message while I was at the Space Jam premiere. Space Jam the movie is forever ruined for me.

SF: Erin’s story is so funny I don’t even want to begin to try and top that. I was a typical young person growing up in la who thought she knew everything. I went to clubs, went on auditions and got my heart broken by guys way out of my league. You know, normal young person stuff. Ha.

JJ: Erin, you saw Justin Bieber in concert a few months ago. What’s your favorite song of his? Why hasn’t JB made a cameo on the show yet? Or is he too famous?

EF: I had way too good of a time at the Justin Bieber concert. I still hold out hope that he and I make sense as a couple. My favorite song is probably Love Yourself, but also I love his ballad ‘life is worth living’. I am not a particularly religious person but I am obsessed with his obsession with Jesus and God and all of his faith. I love it. He is everything I need him to be.

JJ: Sara, you have two kids that could turn out exactly like you and Erin. How do you feel about this? When they are reading this interview ten years from now, what would you like to tell them?

EF: Free pass (because I am young and free and sleep in and have no care in the world, but am also childless and alone)

SF: Erin and I have made a lot of mistakes but we have managed to be in our 30′s having meaningful relationships, a relatively descent monthly paycheck and have never touched a drug in our life. We also decided to stop waiting for opportunities to come to us and did what so many females in this business should do which is CREATE YOUR OWN CONTENT. I would hope that my daughters will always create opportunities for themselves and never rely on anything but talent and hard work. All the years of acting classes and writing workshops and improv clinics and rejection have finally somewhat paid off. All that being said , I pray to god my girls don’t want to go into the entertainment business because it’s brutal! Ha

JJ: What other comedies on television are you into?

EF: Masters of None, Love, Catastrophe.

SF: The older stuff is still the funniest in my opinion. Curb Your Enthusiasm, Friends, Entourage.

JJ: What was Pride parade experience like?

EF: We were able to go out on a float during the LA Pride parade, hours after the massacre that happened in Orlando and it was a really huge honor and something we were very proud to be a part of. It was a devastating morning watching the news and absorbing all of the hate and violence directed at the LGBT community, so to then have the opportunity to walk right into the middle of essentially a protest for love, it felt like we were holding up our middle finger to the people who want to quiet and shame them. It was amazing.

SF: I didn’t know what to expect. We were told not to attend because of the horrible tragedy that took place in Orlando and because of the man (if you can call him that) that was found miles away with explosives headed to the parade. We decided to show up anyway and support the LGBT. These extremists wanted that parade to be canceled because of fear and we wouldn’t add to that. It was an emotional and positive experience and I’m happy we went.

JJ: Sara, tell us a joke.

EF: Good luck.

SF: I’m not that funny in real life. Actually not that funny on my show either according to a lot of people. I leave the joke telling to the professional comedian Erin Foster.

JJ: Erin, tell us a better joke.

EF: I don’t work for free, honey. Jk, I definitely do, but I genuinely can’t think of an actual joke. Please tune into Barely Famous on VH1 to see me be more funny than this.

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