Celebs Praise Jennifer Aniston for Her Article on Tabloid Media

Celebs Praise Jennifer Aniston for Her Article on Tabloid Media

Celebs are speaking out to praise Jennifer Aniston for writing an article slamming tabloid media for perpetuating false pregnancy rumors about her and body shaming women in the process.

The 47-year-old actress wrote an op-ed piece for the Huffington Post in which she talking about the “stalking and objectification” that she has been subjected to for decades.

“I resent being made to feel ‘less than’ because my body is changing and/or I had a burger for lunch and was photographed from a weird angle and therefore deemed one of two things: ‘pregnant’ or ‘fat,’” Jennifer said, referring to paparazzi photos of her that tabloids claimed to feature a baby bump.

Read what celebs like Anna Paquin, Sara Bareilles, and more are saying about the article.

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  • USWeeklyHatesComments

    The sad and shameful part is that it doesn’t come directly from tabloids, it comes from the anonymous commenters on the Internet. I’ve seen comments from strangers on this website and other sites, message boards, blogs, etc… who are fans of Brad and Angelina who make viscous comments about Jennifer in the comment section. That she’s a hag, that she was too ugly and Brad didn’t want to have children with someone so ugly, that she couldn’t have children because she chose to screw up her body, that he had children with Angelina because she was a better person and the list goes on. Don’t get me started on the comments about her appearance. People like that make me embarrassed to be an Angelina Jolie fan.

    How absolutely disgusting, that people think they have a right to say those things and shame on the sites that refuse to delete them or put disclaimers that bigotry, misogyny and prejudice words will not be tolerated.

    I thought I once read that Jennifer and Brad had gotten pregnant but miscarried or got pregnant numerous times and miscarried time and chose to stop. In reality, it doesn’t even matter if that is true or not. Jennifer’s reasoning for not having children is her own to keep to herself and does not nor should not have to justify her reasonings to ANY.ONE.

    We as a society shame women when it comes to children and becoming a mother. Having children is a personal choice. Not having children is a personal choice. Adoption is a choice. Abortion is a choice. That whole concept is part of the very defintion of pro-choice; that as women, we SHOULD have the (legal) right to choose the path we want when it comes to reproduction, procreation, our health. It is an important vital RIGHT that to this day is still being challenged and violated.

    It’s high time society stops thinking it has a right to stick their nose in our uterus.

  • Juan Cocco

    of course all the ugly girls speak up lol

  • Koos

    no one saw her turd yet?

  • http://notly.ru/ Mapгapитa Бaбoвниковa

    Celebrities are annoyed being celebrities. Okay. We get it. Now we can go back to our boring life.

  • etc.

    If tabloids didn’t write fake stories then there would be no need to comment. Also Angelina gets it just as bad from the media and Aniston fans, be objective. That thing you said about miscarriage is a tabloid story, she said in an interview it wasn’t true. I do agree they need to retire the pregnancy story along with the brad/angelina love triangle.

  • Faith + 1

    She will milk the baby-stories until she’s 60. She’s so desperate.

  • j k


  • Claire

    Why do you bring Angelina in this mess ? Shame on you !
    Angelina doesn’t give a sh¤t about rachel.
    She created this by herself. She’s too stupid for answering . She NEVER WANTED CHILDREN, her right (I agree), but she just has to stfu and never feeds the rags.
    And she never miscarried !

  • Claire

    Celebs ? Lmao. Attention seekings for sure !

  • Mayette de Guzman

    Well said Jen. U’ve been an inspiration 2 so many women like me. After this I hope d paps & d tabloids will leave u alone & let u enjoy ur married life w/ Justin. Luv u!

  • Gina

    Her plan worked.

  • Star

    “The sad and shameful part is that it doesn’t come directly from tabloids, it comes from the anonymous commenters on the Internet…” Yes. Comments section. Sometimes we have to read certain comments and those comments are so…….

    “How absolutely disgusting, that people think they have a right to say those things and shame on the sites that refuse to delete them…” But it proves the tabloids are wrong, not just their readers.

  • MyName

    Yes, don’t say anything public about another that you wouldn’t want said about you or a loved one of yours. Constructive criticism is one thing but insults are another.
    The worst for JA seems to come from Brad and Angelina fans. She didn’t do anything to Brad and Angelina. It’s ridiculous to hate her if one likes them.

  • MyName

    Angelina is often brought into it, even all these years later. Some Brad and Angelina fans are horrible. The articles of them are filled with JA hate which is ridiculous.

  • MyName

    She didn’t write those.

  • MyName

    She’s an actress. She didn’t sign up to be hounded. Some just want to work and be as private as can be in their private lives.

  • Faith + 1

    Pushing her tummy out for PR team is one of her specialities.

  • MyName

    Oh please, no one pushes their stomach out. You don’t know her “PR team”.

  • Faith + 1

    Well, I belong to the people who think she does. She’s been playing this game for years now and she will keep doing that. That’s my opinion.

  • MyName

    Well my opinion is the opposite. She has been hounded by the paparazzi since the early days of Friends. She never had to resort to any tricks, especially silly ones.

  • Faith + 1

    You have your opinion and I have my opinion. That’s cool/fine.

  • Claire

    She HAD SOLD her privacy in 2005. Why does she complain now ?

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