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Celebrities Slam Donald Trump's RNC Speech: 'Not My Voice'

Celebrities Slam Donald Trump's RNC Speech: 'Not My Voice'

Celebrities are speaking out to slam Donald Trump‘s speech at the Republican National Convention.

The Republican presidential nominee accepted the nomination from his party during the final day of the convention on Thursday (July 21) at the Quicken Loans Arena in Cleveland, Ohio.

Some of the things that were pointed out by celebs were Trump‘s quote “I am your voice,” to which the hashtag #NotMyVoice was started, the way that he said the acronym LGBTQ, and how he barely explained how he plans on executing his ideas with policy.

Tons of celebs including Emmy Rossum, Sophia Bush, Olivia Wilde, Maggie Gyllenhaal, Dax Shepard, Busy Philips, Amanda Seyfried, and many more spoke out on Twitter during the speech.

Read what more celebrities are saying about Donald Trump’s speech…

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  • Cruizin1960

    Don’t really think he cares what these self important, privileged and spoiled folks think. I sure as hell don’t.

  • Cruizin1960

    Don’t really think he cares what these self important, privileged and spoiled folks think. I sure as hell don’t.

  • Mona

    Trump is going to win whether the openly liberal celebs like it or not.

  • George Costanza

    All these douchey Hollywood liberals will accomplish is help Trump get elected.

  • Bruce Wayne

    Not surprising. Hollywood is filled with radical liberals who earn their paycheck in the land of “make believe.”

  • Ash


  • John Dow

    Why all these so-called celebs hate America so much?

  • VanityInsecurity

    Not surprising that these celebs just have been putting him down since the beginning of his run & here he is the Republican candidate.. using hashtags on twitter isn’t enough. They haven’t done anything for a whole year but bitch & moan about his hair, his speeches about his facial expressions..I mean do something else besides that if you want to wake people up to your cause.

  • FerCat

    Even Michael Moore believes this is so.

  • FerCat

    That’s what’s turning people against them. The blatant and excessive bias.

    Trump should’ve twitted to Leslie Jones, ‘welcome to the club’.

  • FerCat

    Wouldn’t be in this predicament if they just let the likable Biden run. As VP he had more cred.

  • suzie

    Eww, most of these celebrities I do not like, nor respect. Rosie, it’s like the pot calling the kettle black.

  • HG

    Wow another group of whiny worthless celebs , hey guess what ?Miley , whoopie and Rosie are all waiting for you to leave the USA rmfe!!!

  • Poison Ivy

    I’m sure Cuba would love to have them.

  • Poison Ivy

    This will keep the D list celebs busy until the religion of peace strikes again and they will then tweet their “prayers” as per usual.

  • John Dow

    Funny thing…

    If Donald Trump elected, the First Lady will be gorgeous Melania Trump

    If Hillary Clinton elected, the First Lady will be….. Bill Clinton

  • netopian

    Well most celebrities are demonrats so It’s not surprising.

  • HG

    IKR? Why do they all say they’re going to Canada and not Mexico? Yet they want no wall hmm?

  • HG

    Rosie needs serious meds ASAP.

  • HG

    I’m waiting for one celeb to say one redeeming thing Hillary did for our country all this time besides she’s a woman BS!!

  • Melissa Iris

    Everyone is saying all this crap about Trump but guess what? When Hilary goes on… if any republican says ANYTHING even slightly against her will be bullied relentless

  • someone

    Hillary is going to win, that’s fact lol

  • Maria

    Why no rants about Hillary, who has a lengthy list of lying, deceit, and has accomplished nothing, including staying with a despicable cheating husband? Seriously, how do people forget Whitewater, Benghazi, Vince Foster, the Clinton Foundation mess? I could go on. Please. Their liberal darling is a mess.

  • Truth Be Told

    Trump to America is What Ahmadinejad was to Iran. Such an embarrassment to Idiots living in USA. LOL

  • ChubbyWubby

    Sure, when I want to take the moral high ground and listen to an impartial review of any subject, Hollywood Libtards are the first place I turn to…..LOL

  • jane

    i think most people who even care about celebrities’ thoughts are under the legal voting age anyway. most adults realize hollywood opinions are useless

  • Lawrence Rainbow

    Well said everyone.

  • unpleasantfacts478

    I don’t recall Trump claiming to speak for Z-list celebri-tards who haven’t had a gig in years, or flaming hypocrites who live in walled mansions to keep the unwashed masses away from them.

    So enforcing existing laws = Hitler now? Really? They’re probably cheering the murderers on the news. Trash.

  • unpleasantfacts478

    A powerless puppet controlled by an Islamic dictator?

  • kelly

    You do realize Trump falls into that category you just described, right?

  • FerCat

    You can’t state as fact something that has not happened yet. Just sayin’.

  • dalovelee

    These same rich celebrities live in gated communities barriers around their homes to keep out unwanted, they travel with body guards…have millions and tax accountants who show them how to hide their money. They are anti-cop ..and ALL OF THEM are anti-gay..because Hillary-Obama enable ISIS which terrorizes and kills gays in Syria in the most horrific acts. And dems are so much like sheep they will follow these celeb who are mostly uneducated. These rich celebs don’t care about working class Joes and Janes.

  • SquidBillie

    Some of these celeb comments are moronic. Do they think for a second that Hillary is sincere about ANYTHING? The woman just wants power (and Bill is salivating to get back into the Oval Office), she doesn’t give a sh*t about you and me.

  • SquidBillie

    Umm….nope on the “anit-gay” part. MOST of Hollywood is gay….duh

  • MyEyesHurt

    I’m just waiting for these idiot celebs to go live in another country. Maybe if Trump wins, they will.

  • dalovelee

    Yeah and that’s the irony. They are supporting Obama-Hillary BLINDLY and not smart enough to realize that Obama-Hillary have been facilitating ISIS with guns and weapons supply the fighters (who they want to over throw Assad) so they enable ISIS who in turns hates gays and kills them mercilessly. But Liberal celebs who are not educated just go along with Hillary and Obama because they fill the narrative of woman President or minority President overlooking their policies which have made that region of the world a chaotic hell hole.

  • Ariana-Kaelita

    Stupid Hollywood stars! Most of them don’t even have a high school degree yet they think they are the experts on politics? LOL!

  • Ariana-Kaelita

    I think he going to win too. And these celebs can go screw themselves. They live in gated communities in NYC or LA with security while the rest of us are exposed to the real threats of the world!

  • Ariana-Kaelita

    And support pedophiles like Woody Allen and Roman Polanski. They have some nerve to after Trump when they support and defend vile folks like that.

  • Amber

    Being anti Trump doesn’t mean you’re pro Clinton. I’m not! But thanks for the background on Whitewater and Vince Foster. I’m reading up on both now.

  • Douglas from Brazil

    Why Hollywood has to react to this? They think they can run the country and dictate what the middle american how to think? Hollywood only cares about money.

  • JEN

    Like dems only want to fill the usa with terrorist! Why is this not something to worry about?

  • Maria

    I agree, Amber. I dislike both candidates, but I am always shocked when people forget her glaring issues. Trump is personally a loud ego maniac, with bizarre ideas, but Clinton is very deceitful, and has a long history of being so. What are we to do? :(

  • Sheputzva

    Like these people probably vote. Most of them aren’t bright enough to figure out where their polling place is.