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Shailene Woodley Speaks Out About #BlackLivesMatter

Shailene Woodley Speaks Out About #BlackLivesMatter

Shailene Woodley checks her phone while taking a walk on Tuesday afternoon (July 19) in New York City.

The 24-year-old actress has been extremely vocal in light of recent tragic events especially with the #BlackLivesMatter campaign.

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Earlier in the week, Shailene and Kendrick Sampson made an appearance on The Young Turks show, where they discussed why these issues matter.

“The root of the problem is fear. There’s a reason we are all so narcissistic and think our planet, our lives are the most important lives out there. We are so disconnected from another human being that we expect everyone to be our moon and revolve around our planet because it’s about fear and survival. We don’t live in a country where everyone is thriving and everyone is just trying to scrape by,” she explained.

See all that Shailene had to say in the video below…

Shailene Woodley and Kendrick Sampson on #BlackLivesMatter
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  • Ause Ekel

    Celebrating Allegiant TV release! I wonder if she’ll do it though.

  • Ause Ekel

    Celebrating Allegiant TV release! I wonder if she’ll do it though.

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  • Roscoe

    Pandering to the Babies’ Lives Matter victim-hood class and those that sympathize. Continuing to ignore that blacks kill other blacks multitudes more than cops do as well as ignore that if the reasons for black criminality are addressed with as much fervor, the number of police interactions will be greatly reduced. They would focus on that if they really cared about black people. With that said, I wasn’t a fan of her before and I definitely won’t become one now.

  • Gina

    Silly rabbit. ALL races kill each other more than cops kill them. But that’s not the point. Black people killing each other and cops killing black people (at a disproportionately high rate) are two very different and separate issues. It doesn’t justify their behavior. It’s apples & oranges. Society has high standards when it comes to cops, they are supposed protect us, not be the perpetrators of crime. Cops are supposed to do better, and behave better than the everyday citizen, not go around unjustifiably killing black people at a disproportionate rate.

  • Roscoe

    Wrong. Almost twice as many whites than blacks were killed last year by cops even though blacks commit more crimes.

    It is not a separate issue. Black people in general have an issue with criminality. Criminals attract cops. Address the criminality problem and the interactions with cops will decrease.

    Cops will be “supposed to” forever because they have never and will never be perfect. Besides, there were over 10 millions arrests last year, but approximately less than 1,000 deaths perpetrated by police. There always is room for improvement, but this issue is clearly blown out of proportion when this is very far from a leading cause of death for any race of people and we aren’t hyperventilating over car accident or medical malpractice deaths which may also use the “supposed to” rationale.

  • Roscoe

    By the way, we are talking about killing. The more people focus on this relatively very small issue, the more people will be dying by alternate means. Likely tens of thousands more black people than the approximately 260 in 2015.

    The problem with BLM is that these “high standards” are applied to cops killing black people but not black people killing black people. Since you and people like you seem not to hold black people to high standards, tell me you will start caring if black deaths by cop ceases to occur. How much did you care about black people being murdered by black people before this became a cause célèbre?

  • Gina

    Wrong! Don’t you dare put words in my mouth. There are higher standards for cops than there are for society as a whole. As it should be. Don’t you dare imply that I have low standards for black people, that must be your racist mind playing tricks on you. Your stats are flawed because you are not taking into account that there are a higher population of white people than there are black people. Black people are disproportionately being killed by cops when you consider their small population size. It’s not that black people commit more crimes (once again that is your racist mind playing tricks on you); but it’s a fact that cops target black people and black neighborhoods to meet their monthly arrest quotas. It’s also a fact that many black people are given harsher sentences for committing the same (or a lesser) crime that a white person commits. When you stop being blind to these issues, than your racist ass will see that I am not blowing things out of proportion, and that racially motivated police brutality isn’t a “small issue.”

  • Mona

    Nobody defends Kanye & Kim Kartrashian & Beyonce more than Gina here. They’re always ready to play the “race card” when they don’t get their way. Take the mother of the kid who was dragged by the gorilla and everyone initially was calling her all kinds of names – nobody knew what race she was but when it came out she was black – it became a “race” issue. Imagine if a white artist had ever acted at award shows the way Kanye has… blacks commit crimes all the time against white people, but it doesn’t get as much media attention because I guess it doesn’t matter we’re used to it. Some more examples, Jada Pinkett Smith playing the race card because her husband who btw didn’t deserve a nomination didn’t get nominated. There’s a black president of muslim origins in the white house at the moment, many of them are insanely rich for their careers in sports and entertainment. This is a free country where anyone can achieve anything they work for. What the hell do they want?? All you have to do is NOT break the law, if you don’t want problems with the police. Period.

  • Roscoe

    If the system is so harsh, why was pedo convict felon Alton Sterling free to allegedly threaten a homeless man with an illegal firearm and sell bootleg cd’s? Look at his rap sheet and consider that he, as an adult, slept continuously with underage girls and even impregnated at least one of them while carrying around an over $25k child support debt and then tell me he was treated harshly before he decided to put his life in the hands of cops AGAIN with a gun in his right pocket instead of his left like LAST TIME.

    Disproportionate only because black people commit more crimes. Using that logic, a career criminal can claim injustice simply because he is arrested more than someone who doesn’t break the law. I haven’t been stopped by law enforcement in over 10 years, but you would claim that Philando Castille’s 60 or so stops were unfair simply because he was stopped more than me. If you can’t grasp this simple logic, why are you talking to me? Learn about fallacies and ring me again.

    You deserve the racist brush, believe it or not, assuming you aren’t black. You are saying that black deaths are important only when cops do it but not when blacks do it. Approximately 15.5 million black babies were aborted since Roe v Wade. That on top of the THOUSANDS of black people that die from leading causes every year. How many black people have to die at the hands of other blacks before you care as much as you do about what the police are doing to mostly black criminals? It sounds like the number isn’t limited if millions don’t move you. See, you “care” so much that black people in this country will be nearly extinct by the time you decide this self genocide isn’t a small issue and start giving a f.

  • Gina

    Spoken like a typical ignorant racist; deflecting from the topic at hand & pulling sh*t out of your ass because you can’t give a direct rebuttal. Honey, Alton’s criminal background is completely unrelated to his death. You are trying your damnedest to justify a cop straying from due process and killing a man in cold blood. But you ask why Alton was out of jail in the first place? Could be due to the overcrowding of the prison system because the police love to arrest black men left & right. Also, I’m sure if Alton’s victims had been white, the court system would be sure to make room in that prison for him.
    Moreover, are you f*cking telling me that race had NOTHING to do with why Philando was stopped so many damn times, and why you haven’t been? You and your white privilege disgust me! I just read a story today about a black social worker named Charles Kinsey who was shot by the cops while taking care of an autistic man. He was shot while his hands were up, laying on the floor unarmed. Thankfully he survived. When he asked the cop why he shot him, the cop said “I don’t know.” Do you have a smart ass explanation for that? Read the article
    Moreover, a criminal lifestyle is often born out of an environment of poverty. The racist social system we live in is largely responsible for many black people living in poverty. This is not an excuse, this is a fact. Once again, don’t you dare put words in my f*cking mouth by saying that I think black people killed by cops are more important than those that aren’t. But it’s still an issue that needs to be addressed. Many issues in the black community are important to me, and there are many people within the community that are addressing them. But the key word is WITHIN. It’s one thing to have problems WITHIN the community, it’s another thing ENTIRELY when outsiders come in and add to our already existing problems. That’s the last thing we need. You have NO right to tell people what they should be caring about.

  • Roscoe

    I’m a black man in the South. Shut up! LOL If you think that all black men or black people in this country have records like that f up or records in general, you are a racist like I’ve said before. You are just proving it while thinking that you are compassionate.

    That story about Kinsey makes little sense and you are going by what this guy is saying and an edited video. I’ll wait for more facts, thank you.

    Again, racist excuse making. Many poor people haven’t and still don’t break the law due to so called poverty. Those people aren’t lucky in that regard, they are MORAL. Anyways, there is this thing in America called WELFARE, SNAP, FREE HEALTHCARE, FREE EDUCATION, SECTION 8, FREE PHONES, EBT, ETC. They break the law because they WANT TO.

    Talking about adding to existing problems. What do you really think BLM is? It is funded by WHITE PEOPLE who live no where in any “hood”. They are riling people up and causing division and retaliatory deaths. The deaths of cops will force them to partially withdraw from the hellholes some refer to as black communities and/or kid glove them. You want more black suffering? BLM has that on the menu and then some sister!

    Yes ma’am, I have a right, unless you think we’re in China. Everyone should be SHOUTING from the rooftops for black people to leave rap music, drugs, and gang culture alone, stop procreating with no good men, raise children in a two parent, stable home, no sex until marriage, and embrace morality again.

  • Gina

    LMAO!!! You are NOT a black man from the south. Now I know for a fact that you have been trolling me this whole time. What a joke! I’ve lost brain cells every time I’ve read one of your pathetic rants. I can’t believe I’ve been wasting my time on a crazy troll. Goodbye.