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Shailene Woodley Calls Out 'False Narratives' at DNC - Read Her Tweets

Shailene Woodley Calls Out 'False Narratives' at DNC - Read Her Tweets

Shailene Woodley, a longtime supporter of Bernie Sanders, called out “false narratives” at the 2016 Democratic National Convention during night two of the four-day event.

The 24-year-old actress was one of the many celebrities at the event and she was there to use her voice to support the “Stop TPP” movement. She joined others who are opposed to the Trans-Pacific Partnership, a 12-country trade deal signed by President Obama.

While Hillary Clinton initially supported it (she later changed her position), Bernie has been opposed from the beginning.

Shailene was at the convention on Tuesday night (July 26) and pointed out that people left the arena after Hillary was officially nominated for president by the Democratic party. She also called out the “Hillary for America” official Twitter account for using a photo of a Bernie supporter crying and twisting it to make it pro-Hillary.

“the seats cleared out after they announced #HRC’s nomination. #Philly #DNCinPHL,” Shailene captioned the below video on Twitter.

Click inside to see more of Shailene Woodley’s tweets about the DNC…

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  • Koos

    what isnt in america?

  • Ralph

    What an intelligent young lady

  • FlakesofSunlite

    I love how Shailene’s hair is growing out. She has an amazing mop.

  • Dee

    this friggin child needs to go back and make her shitty tv movie and grow the hell up. bernie wasnt gona win the nom, someone is gona be pres, so stop supporting bernie and choose.

  • Brink

    Well who would have thought a young starlet would care enough or have the balls to have an opinion that went against the popular mainstream Hollywood view? Good for you little girl.

  • Gina

    I respect Shailene for this.

  • randompoliticaljunkie

    Well, that was incredibly productive and respectful (/s).

  • Dee

    but srsly, WHY ARE YOU GONNA STILL BACK BERNIE WHEN CLINTON IS THE NOM? fact is, she didnt only win more delegates, but she won more votes. THE END. Its time to make a choice dammit, and bernie isnt an option.

  • randompoliticaljunkie

    At the point, I’m not. I’m backing Jill Stein unless Bernie decides to run Indy (which won’t happen). Did I mention fuck Clinton? :)

  • Dee

    well at least ur not still backing bernie. i’ll back clinton cus fuck trump and i dont want to throw away my vote.

  • randompoliticaljunkie

    You do what makes you happy. I can’t and won’t stop you. That said. I’m gonna fucking hate Clinton for the next 4 years and I will move mountains to stop her getting re-elected. Can’t say it enough – corporate whore.

  • Dee

    …but ur not voting trump? oks. have a nice day.

  • Leman Bala ♫ ツ

    this website is trash, pro elitist celebrity garbage but this actress has true morals. I’m following her

  • randompoliticaljunkie

    If people keep telling me to vote Clinton day in and day out, might do it just for spite. You can call that immature, irrational, whatever you want. Will you be right? Of course. But that vote’ll still count and that spite will feel good the rest of my life even as much as I hate the prick myself. Teach your fellow Clintonites to not be twats or get ready for goddamn World War.

  • Dee

    well it is all those things you said to vote for drumpf, but at least ur making a choice other than bernie. i was a bernie supporter too, but fact is he wasnt gonna win because he started to late and didnt get his views out effectively. i never told you to vote clinton, but to stick to bernie is jackassish. not sure why you are a dick about it.

  • randompoliticaljunkie

    I’m a dick about it because I’m fucking done. I’m about to lose my apartment, I have no job, I’m fucking over everything. Fuck it, I’m done being polite. Enjoy your life.