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Troian Bellisario Clears Up Her Comments About Taylor Swift

Troian Bellisario Clears Up Her Comments About Taylor Swift

Troian Bellisario has taken to Twitter to clarify the comments she made about Taylor Swift in an interview with Cosmopolitan.

The 30-year-old Pretty Little Liars actress wrote back to several media outlets about what she truly intended to say.

“For goodness sake what I said about her was that I truly had no opinion on whatever matter was most recently going on with her,” she wrote. “please leave me out of noise like this. I basically said I would like to have no opinion on the topic. I’ve never even met her.”

Troian added, “I said I couldn’t care less bout another Swift feud-apparently that means Im in one w/ her…I’m going to give a lot of non answers in the media from now on. Worst part is, the rest of the interview was lovely, I enjoyed talking about the DNC and why this election matters. sadly the only thing thing that got the most attention from other outlets in that interview was a BS side comment.”

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  • namers

    I’m a fan but this is the reason why social media s ucks. Get off social media and get back to important stuff which is not making your personal life public.

  • LOL Blue

    If I had a dollar for every time a celeb backtracked on what they said in an Interview……. If she really had no opinion, she should had just said, “I have no opinion on her.”

  • flying777

    The gossip press will make up any story just for clicks, this is one of them.

  • Aoedele

    She contradicted herself because the Swift sycophants gave her heck. This is what she said about TS:

    Pretty Little Liars star Troian Bellisario is ‘appalled’ by how Taylor Swift appears to treat her former friends.

    when it came to Taylor, 26, Troian stated: ‘I’m so appalled by what I consider to be her
    false feminism.’
    It seems like she’s this
    person who’s like, “Sisterhood!” and then she does nothing but tear down
    the women that were once her friends,’

    Does that sound like doesn’t want to be involved. I’m the least Swift fan and I think Troian is full of it.

  • fran

    She couldnt take the backlash she so well deserved it. Even the way Troian looks in her pictures she looks snobby

  • Marianne

    if that was the case she could sue for defamation. However, most journalists record conversations, so it would be really easy to find out if she lied or not. I think its more likely, she received some heat for it and now is backtracking.

  • fran

    Yep she took a lot of heat and was accused of bullying as well and she deserved it .

  • fromanotherplanet

    Girl, bye. If you are going to give an opinion, stand by it. Don’t feign outrage because the media picked up on YOUR WORDS. You were as clear as day. Sit your ass down. Bye!

  • Robert

    I expected this.

  • Toni gee

    Lmao! The other day there was a post where this little girl apparently said that she didn’t think little Taylor was all that and everyone went nuts. I had to make extra popcorn while reading about all the crazies going at it. You’re a troll, no you’re pathetic, etc. and now this little girl backtracks (clears up her comments) gets the hell out of dodge whatever. This is why you never choose sides in a sand box. The children will always work it out amongst themselves and it’s the mommy’s and daddy’s that look the fool.

  • Arx

    Funny how everyone backtracks about Swift. They say how they actually feel then a day later they “think” something different. I wonder if she got a phone call from Taylor’s people…

  • lulabelle

    If it was that easy, every celebrity would be doing it. Defamation cases are incredibly hard to win because the burden of proof is high. Not only do you have to prove fault and negligence, but monetary damages too.

  • spaceman

    Taylor is a JOKE these days and Im sure Big Machine Records will be glad to move one to another person.

  • Liz

    Probably, she didn’t seem to regret what she said about Kim.
    People these days have no balls, no courage, fearing a girl who writes whinny songs about getting dump by her boyfriends. Ridiculous.

  • Liz

    Probably, she didn’t seem to regret what she said about Kim.
    People these days have no balls, no courage, fearing a girl who writes whinny songs about getting dump by her boyfriends. Ridiculous.

  • Anna

    I think Swiftie’s lawyers threatened to sue if she did not send out a public apology. That’s the only logical explanation I can think of as to why all these celebs keep back peddling everytime they speak the truth about Taylor. Because this has happened multiple times with other celebs.

  • Micheleekott1

    <<o. ★★✫★★✫★★✫★★✫★★✫★★✫★★✫★★✫★★✫★★✫★★✫★★✫★★✫★★✫★★✫★★✫★★✫★★::::::!fn95m:….,….

  • suzybel

    She said it, so either stand by it or shut up.

  • Dan Berjac

    Miss Swift is powerful that is why people change their stories.

  • Suz

    They all came out from the Wood Works and are all falling over themselves!!! Are they not??? This one we never knew existed; Katy perry and her dad who recently chimed in the feud between her “Conniving” daughter and Ms. Swift. Mind you, this suppose to be a “Preacher!!!” Though we respect our elders, we just want this man to know, had he “NOT RAISE SUCH A CONNIVING BACK STABBER” of a Woman, then she would not have received a “Few Lashes” from Ms. Swift. The operative word here is “FEW!!!” As we warned her before the whole “Bad Blood” came out, She and her father “MUST” behave otherwise next one will be “MASSIVE!!!” Also, we do not know if this guy forgets that Ms. Swift has a father too, who if compared to him is Actually No Comparison!!! We also see the “Dumb as a DOORNAIL I Will Swipe Left Latent Psychotic Left Fielder Scotsman, an Ex Boyfriend mind you!!! A Psychotic Stalker of Ms. Swift since 2009 Kanye west, who is so Obsessed with Ms. Swift that he could not stop talking about her in Every Oportunity He has which is Actually Grinch Worthy And Scary to Watch a Forty Something Middle Age Man Going After A Young Lady Who Is Minding Her Own Business!!! And the Uneducated, Untalented, Jealous, Cellulite filled spouse. The last one could not even answer one media question on her recent lies and drama about Ms. Swift according to this Mag and others!!! We wonder what is the matter??? Did Ms. Swift’s CATS caught her Untalented Disgusting Lying Tongue??? Back peddling??? Mmmmm, we just do not care!!! You make your bed, now you all lie in it!!!

  • sharkguitar

    Swift’s father owns the record company. He started it so Taylor would have a record deal and then he bought enough CD’s from himself to put Taylor at #1. Swift is washed up. she hasn’t put out a CD in years.

  • sharkguitar

    She’s right about Swift. I thought Lena was Taylor’s BFF but Taylor has dumped her.

  • sharkguitar

    Taylor should dump Tom and grab Rob Kardashian while he’s available. Then she could become a Kardashian and get Kanye to help her on any future CD’s.

  • sharkguitar

    Did she sue the Ham Sandwich tweeter?

  • Fred1259

    Sniff has told to many lies and such a fake, cheating slut.

  • jadee1

    Swift’s father was not rich enough to start a record company or make her #1. Her father does not own the record company but was a small investor. Big Machine Records was started by Scott Borchetta and Toby Keith and bankrolled by investors. Borchetta initially owned 60%, Ray Pronto 30%, Keith 7%, and Swift’s father 3%. Taylor releases an album every two years and has done so since the release of her first album in 2006. Since her last album released in 2014, she is due to release her next one in 2016. She is contracted to make one more album with Big Machine.

  • Pat Browning

    let me see…if I am a no-talent twit perhaps I can be relevant for 15 minutes by trying to latch onto Taylor Swifts coattails. duh

  • sharkguitar

    Her father was a stoke broker for Merrill Lynch. It doesn’t cost anything to start a record company. I have my own label…Psychoholic Records. My computer has a recording studio built in to it.

  • Mark Jekabson

    I thought Taylors whole career was based on the fact that she was being run by a mom and pop operation. It would explain why any defiance towards it would be taken as license. In the grand scheme of things it’s probably poetic justice that her label is called Big Machine but yes for a time I thought that the label was her parents’.

  • sharkguitar

    That’s what I thought. Hopefully she’ll marry Tom, have some kids, and fade away.

  • Mark Jekabson

    …maybe move into a modern house in LA with a bar and a shag carpet in the basement… wear lots of 1970′s clothing and drink gin and tonics… yeah.

  • Mapгapитa Бaбoвниковa

    Probably they did.

  • sharkguitar

    Tom can get a job with an ad agency and Taylor can stress out about her kids and take valiums.

  • Mark Jekabson

    If that’s what she wants! ha.. I think she’s a health-nut anyway. Would probably want to raise her kids in privacy so I really do mean fade away. I could see her pulling a zsa zsa gabor routine just to stay true.

  • Dominic

    oh be quiet. Rumour spreaders like you putting words in everyone’s mouth and ideas in everyones minds is the reason why Taylor has such a bad image in the first place. She got a lot of bad press so her publicist more than anyone probably told her to clear up the issue.

  • Tommi

    Swift’s father doesn’t own has never owed the company but you’re idiot who can’t use a ” search engine” and thinks everyone is as stupid as you and can’t do a quick search to realize you’re as stupid as you posts suggest.

  • Tommi

    Taylor Swift has TWO ” Album of the Year ” Grammy’s . Voted by their peers
    Kanye ZERO. Beyoncé, zero, Rihamna, zero, Katy Perry, zero

    Taylor Swoft was number #1on Forbes 100 richest celebrity
    Kanye didn’t make the list😂😂😂😂

    But his whore of wife did, how fucking lame and embarrassing for him.

    His wife’s fake fat ass makes more money then his music fashion combined lol,

    Kanye’s career is dead , his concert barely sold any tickets. And he going have cancel most of his shows or do what he did his last tour perform to mostly empty areas . 😩

  • Tommi

    You’re such a loser, lol ” threaten to sue.”
    Only a ignorance like you who obviously knows nothing about the law would make such stupid comment.

    She didn’t back peddle on her disgust of the Kardashians. 😂

  • sharkguitar

    The Kardashians and Swift are pretty much on the same level. That’s why Taylor should dump Tom and try to land Rob Jr. while he’s realizes Blac Chyna is is a gold digga……Taylor and Rob could land an endorsement deal with Burger King and get to have Kanye help her with her “act.”

  • sharkguitar

    That individual could make a fortune at an advertising agency. She could get a job writing copy at “Sterling, Cooper.”

  • Ause Ekel

    Troian could have just said “No comment”. But she decided to open her mouth and this happened. Next time just keep your mouth shut girl!

  • Ause Ekel

    Troian could have just said “No comment”. But she decided to open her mouth and this happened. Next time just keep your mouth shut girl!

  • Marilynofasgard


  • Marilynofasgard

    Stop you moron. They are still friends.

  • Marilynofasgard

    Exactly what I meant previously.

  • Marilynofasgard

    No. The little swifties called her out, lol.

  • Marilynofasgard

    Taylor is Big Machine’s cash cow since it’s inception. What rock have you been hiding from?

  • Marilynofasgard

    Lol. Taylor’s Dad bought 3 percent of the company. Scott Borchetta is the majority owner. You are really reaching dude. I feel for you.

  • Marilynofasgard

    OMG people. Let’s stop replying to this moron. I think he’s 5.

  • Marilynofasgard

    Exactly. Mention Taylor’s name and people will mention theirs too. Ha!