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Judge Orders Ryan Lochte's Passport Seized Amid Robbery Story Controversy

Judge Orders Ryan Lochte's Passport Seized Amid Robbery Story Controversy

A judge has ordered that Ryan Lochte and James Feigen turn over their passports to Brazil amid reports that there is no evidence they were held up at gunpoint during the 2016 Rio Summer Olympics.

“Judge Keyla Blanc De Cnop, the Special Court of the Fan and Major Events, ordered the dispatch of search warrants and seizure of passports of American swimmers Ryan Lochte and James Feigen,” the judge’s office told People in a statement.

Ryan and James were ordered not to leave Brazil, but the problem is, Ryan is already back in the States. Police were dispatched to the swim team’s now-vacant apartments in the Olympic village as well.

“The entire swim team had moved out already, so they couldn’t take the passports,” a source added. “They don’t believe his version of events, so there will be an inquiry. “This was the most high profile incident that has happened here in Brazil, so the government is really taking it seriously. The USOC is cooperating fully, of course, but they want to talk to Ryan. They’re not happy at all that this has given Rio a black eye, and they are vowing to get to the bottom of it. It’s a mess right now.”

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  • Faith + 1

    Brazil is a cesspool.

  • j k

    Uhm, what? I thought this was an everyday thing in Brazil. They’re probably pissed it went very public.

  • Marie Bunny Shepard

    Yeah… I don’t get the whole “take the fake victims passport. They lied !” I don’t get what’s happening and especially the state of mind of the authorities.

  • VanityInsecurity

    So they don’t believe an American tourist got robbed in a 3rd world country where gangs of children rob everyday people in the streets out in the open? roflll

    Brasil is a very poor country most of the people there are in extreme poverty & high crime rates. why wouldn’t it happen? Its basically considered murder capital of the world.. & there is the place they decided to host the Olympics.

  • fromanotherplanet

    They are pissed because he LIED.

  • Kitty

    Maybe they dont believe an American Tourist got robbed but the gun wielding theives were considerate enough to leave him with his Olympic credentials, passport and easily sellable smartphone.

  • ewwhat16

    omfg there is crime in your shithole of a country, stop being butthurt over it. lol

  • Jezza

    He’s probably back in the states now, so jeah! Pretty funny that authorities are trying to make a big deal of investigating because they are embarassed it happend to such a high profile athlete. Happens all the time for sure, and they normally turn a blind eye.

  • ValerieSimoes

    Ryan Lochte and his teammate lied!

  • ValerieSimoes

    No. Ryan Lochte lied.

  • AnaSchaeffer


  • Jessie

    Yeah I don’t get this. Let’s just say they did lie, though I don’t see what Ryan’s motivation would be, he’s already pretty famous for a swimmer, this doesn’t make Brazil look good. Even with evidence, there is a slim chance they’d be able to resolve anything or prosecute anyone. It just seems like retaliation because and Olympian had the audacity to go public. It makes it feel more like he wasn’t lying. I don’t think these swimmers being robbed could harm Brazil’s reputation, so acting out makes the government seem corrupt.

  • AnaSchaeffer

    He just want to get noticed! Nobody cares about him, just with Phelps!

  • VanityInsecurity

    Brazil ranks poorly compared to OECD members on measures of educational achievement, income, health, and safety from assault or murder.
    that to me makes it 3rd world slum of a country.
    being that Ive been to Brazil & perhaps you haven’t to see first hand how things really are there. I think you should stfu & your name calling is pathetic.

  • AeeJay

    salty much you dirty brazilian.

  • AnaSchaeffer

    I’m from Germany but I live in Brazil. Another Xenophobic!

  • AnaSchaeffer

    I’m from Germany but I live in Rio since I was 8 (I’m 26 now), and I never got robbed and I’m not a privileged person. What you watch on the news and how people actually live here are completely different. So what I watch in the news about the USA, there are many crazy people shooting in schools and churches, police murderers who kill black people and terrorism. You guys are so perfect!
    There are many problems here, as you mentioned, but the view of many Europeans and Americans are biased. Only you guys can host the Olympics? It might be better continue with this type of event only in Europe and USA, perhaps the IOC could exclude all countries with social and economic problems of the Olympics. I bet you guys Americans would be happy, as you think that you are the best people in the world. Anyway maybe you deserve Trump in your life.

  • Marie Bunny Shepard

    Yes probably. It’s a bit ridiculous, because making a fuss about it makes them look even more bad. I mean, c’mon, this could have happened in Paris, or Austin, or Osaka. It’s a common act of robbery.

  • Legendary Trolly

    I thought he lied to his mom or a family member, and that person went public and it turned into something bigger

  • AeeJay

    you didn’t call me anything..look at you can’t even see straight. Im not American dumb ass there you go assuming shit. stfu your nazi bitch.

  • VanityInsecurity

    Ive seen video footage of tourists getting robbed in Rio, there is crime everywhere, why are you acting like Brazil is a safe place to live? there is no safe place! I live in NYC high crime & never have been robbed either, doesn’t mean there is no crime here.. listen wake up ok. stats don’t lie & if you cant deal with that truth then we have nothing further to discuss. And srsly why are you bringing up Tump? Shold I bring up Hitler or some crazy nazi cus you are German? talk about xenophobic

  • Virginia

    Complain about the attitude of the Brazilian authorities, but what would the authorities in your country if a person said he was assaulted and had a gun to his head at risk of death. Report false crime in Brazil is a crime and should be punished, he is an athlete but is not free from punishment.

  • Paula DiGiovanni Harrell

    AnaSchaeffer, You are right on all of the craziness and violence in the U.S. no doubt. I’m over 50, born and live here and for the 1st time in my life, I’ve been given more than ample reason to be embarrassed for my country. Specifically, that dangerous buffoon Donald Trump and now that lying, scheming, narcissist Ryan Lochte. The one thing both of them share and deserve, is to lose the election and all Lochte’s medals and their way in life right after the each are both stripped of their passports and deported off U.S. soil. Brazil, Olympics, and the U.S. deserved better… I’ll help them pack…