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Amber Heard Emerges at LAX After Divorce Settlement

Amber Heard Emerges at LAX After Divorce Settlement

Amber Heard keeps her head down while getting swarmed by photographers at LAX Airport on Wednesday (August 31) in Los Angeles.

The 30-year-old actress was returning from London where she is prepping to film her role as the superhero Mera in Justice League.

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The week before, Amber called out her ex Johnny Depp for sending their divorce settlement money directly to the the ACLU and the Children’s Hospital of Los Angeles, which allows him to get a charitable tax deduction.

FYI: Amber is wearing Elizabeth and James sunglasses.

15+ pictures inside of Amber Heard arriving at LAX…

Just Jared on Facebook
amber heard lands lax from london 01
amber heard lands lax from london 02
amber heard lands lax from london 03
amber heard lands lax from london 04
amber heard lands lax from london 05
amber heard lands lax from london 06
amber heard lands lax from london 07
amber heard lands lax from london 08
amber heard lands lax from london 09
amber heard lands lax from london 10
amber heard lands lax from london 11
amber heard lands lax from london 12
amber heard lands lax from london 13
amber heard lands lax from london 14
amber heard lands lax from london 15
amber heard lands lax from london 16
amber heard lands lax from london 17

Photos: AKM-GSI
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  • guest

    Looking better and better…nice boots

  • Panda Bear

    Go back to London!!! Crazy sociopath!

  • Koos

    she loves it to be treated as a celebrity.

  • positively4thstreet

    Guess Amber doesn’t know tax laws…..Johnny would get a tax deduction on alimony paid to her too; doesn’t matter if he pays it to her or to a third party. I guess the media doesn’t know tax laws either.

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  • atpo

    She just wants to keep her name in the papers. Otherwise she would have taken legal action, obviously there’s no legal ground to even do so. She’s just pissed she won’t get to go with a huge check to the charities, take photos with everyone and look like a saint. PR stunt gone wrong

  • gwen

    This Bitch is worse than Brandi Glanville.

  • shanks240715

    Doesn’t LAX have private exit? If so, clearly, she wants attentions.

  • Sharis

    Stop giving her attention JJ.

  • Blake Nemely

    come on amber, make some new drama, people are waiting to be entertained!

  • Gertrude32561
  • Olivia pryal

    Better.? Her hair needs a cut and her colour needs to be redone but I guess that costs?

  • LoverGirl

    Wait, yesterday she was supposedly living in London for six months..did she get fired? These reports make no sense at all. She doesn’t look fit either. Those photos of her running showed how soft her body has gotten. I’m confused now.

  • Dirty Dutch

    Good morning.

  • LoverGirl

    She forgot where the privacy exit at LAX is too. All her “teams” statements lead one to believe her legal counsel doesn’t know taxes either.

  • LoverGirl

    Morning Dutch

  • Dirty Dutch


  • gwen

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  • Donna Kanzler Datino

    Wow does she look weird. I thought she had to stay in London for her big part as Mera LOL

  • Julia Oceania

    Gwen number 2, no one cares.

  • Julia Oceania

    Hobo chic isn’t a thing no matter how hard she tries to make it one.

  • Julia Oceania

    Look at the smirk. She loves this attention. Her 15 minutes are almost over, obscurity can’t come too soon for this no talent money grubber.

  • gwen

    Obviously YOU DO CARE since you took the time and energy to respond to my post about Toni Gee using my name to post here at 3:11 am.

  • guest

    ahaha you (and the others here) are so jealous is funny

  • meh

    No one is jealous of her. She is a broke 30-year-old actress that destroyed whatever career she had. When I see a beautiful and talented actress, I will say so. Amber is pretty, but untalented and she is ugly inside.

  • Julia Oceania

    No, I don’t care. We are allowed to make any name we’d like on disqus. I could make a profile with the incredibly common name “gwen” and I would be perfectly within my rights to do so. I have known many Gwens in my life, if I had a daughter i was thinking of naming her “Gwendolyn”, and “Gwen” is short for that name, as well. Get over it, or don’t, it makes no difference to me. I have had people clone my name to irritate me, this was back when the internet was new, so I didn’t understand what an internet troll was. I completely overreacted to it like an idiot. I had naivety as my excuse for reacting to being trolled… what’s yours?

  • Dirty Dutch

    How is your day going?

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  • Kat123

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    Update: Just as predicted, Toni Gee/Julia made another post in my name! 30 minutes after I posted that Toni Gee hasn’t posted from the “gwen” account since I called him out here for using my name, he made a post.

  • Julia Oceania

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  • Toni gee

    I was on the fence with these two but in the end Amber came out looking like an evil little witch.

  • gwen

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    So whenever Toni Gee uses one of his accounts to say he is blocking you, what it really means is that he is going to start posting from another one his accounts!

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  • LoverGirl

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  • LoverGirl

    Clogging up the thread? Change your name and be done with it. Which is better; changing the name or ranting and feeding anger?

  • LoverGirl

    Nah just an attention seeker. No matter how much I like your posts this argument would be better spent with a wall. This Gwen is a rantaholic.

  • LoverGirl

    No, Julia is not and you need some serious help if you think everyone is not only stalking you but also stealing your name. Gwen is just as common as Amy, Brittany, Sarah, Vanessa or Margaret.

  • gwen

    Says the pathetic little freak who makes Disqus accounts in other people’s names.
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  • gwen

    Says the person who ranted and fed the anger simply because someone called out Toni Gee/Julia for using their name to post on other threads. What is with the hypocrisy?

    So by your own logic, you aren’t you clogging the thread? Why don’t you stop changing your name to other people’s names.