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Joss Whedon Launches Star-Studded Campaign for Hillary Clinton - Watch Now

Joss Whedon Launches Star-Studded Campaign for Hillary Clinton - Watch Now

Joss Whedon just launched a new campaign involving a ton of celebrities – all to help Hillary Clinton get as much support as possible for November’s Presidential Election.

The first video for the new organization, Save the Day, a super PAC, involved 27 celebrities and non-celebs for Hillary.

Robert Downey Jr., Scarlett Johansson, Mark Ruffalo, Julianne Moore, Keegan-Michael Key, Don Cheadle, James Franco, Jesse Williams, Hamilton‘s Leslie Odom Jr, Taran Killam, Cobie Smulders, Martin Sheen, and Neil Patrick Harris are just some of the celebrities featured in the first video, which labels Donald Trump as “a racist, abusive coward who could permanently damage the fabric of society.”

Watch the first video from Save the Day below…

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  • xyz

    Patethic, ridiculous (even less than that), really desperate. Funny too. Will the real Hillary Clinton stand up please? If shes alive anymore….

  • Sniper

    i think it’s great. The message of “get registered and go vote” is more important than anything.

  • Ash

    Phew, Thank God for these celebs! Now I will definitely vote for Hillary despite how corrupted she is, it doesn’t matter anymore!

  • dalovelee

    I would have more respect if they just said vote for no one if you believe they can’t do the job. But to campaign for that lying crook Hillary ONLY confirms these multi millionaires elitist live in a world of privilege seclusion. When you make $50 million per Marvel movie as does RDJ do you think he’s living next door to someone who hates gays and putting pressure cookers on in front of his home? Or is his home in a gated community with bodyguards…Why are they shilling for that sickly corrupt woman? And the cop hater Jess Williams…You must be insane if you have family members or friends who are in law enforcement to support an administration that hates cops.

  • xyz

    American ‘tard. Newsflash! Noone cares about ur vote. Noone. NOONE. Because of imbeciles like u, the rest of us suffer. Fuck u!

  • Nightwish

    These peon actors serve their overlords well. Except for Downey. He’s one too.

    You millennials, the power is within your hands. For all life and love and future, do the right thing. This current system of cronysim, corruption, graft, and a military industrial complex that has taken over our country must be broken, but it will only get worse if Hillary is elected. The hollywood apparatus is part of the corruption. Shun these fakes and ignore the propaganda. Break the levers of power with these crooks. It will be the most significant contribution of your generation. Don’t vote for Hillary.

  • Cruizin1960

    All I hear is a bunch of rich, entitle, elitists. If they had stopped and just pushed get registered to vote – that would be one thing. But when they move on to name calling, etc. I tune out. Let them all leave the country if Trump gets elected — it would be no great loss.

  • Roscoe

    I guess they received the memo that they and their jobs will be purged if the lying, thieving, drug dealing, murderous, death defying, treasonous, psychopathic crook isn’t installed into the White House. If The People are allowed to speak, there will be almost nowhere on Earth you America haters and traitors can hide. Hollyweird will NOT be spared.

  • Domino

    I still love Robert Downey, and that video was pretty funny. Hillary still sucks as much as Trump though.

  • HG

    Thank you Hollywood losers for giving me another reason to vote for trump, you’re lame ass video only proved how desperate killary is and running scared , she’s the worst corrupt loser in office to date .

  • HG

    Yup! I agree, this deplorable is done with political correctness!!!

  • HG

    Yup! I agree, this deplorable is done with political correctness!!!

  • HG

    They all talk out of their asses and have no morals so why not support a proven cheat and crook right ?

  • damian gonzales

    These people are the hypocrisy at its best.

  • Kristen

    Wow….famous people herding the sheep to vote for their candidate so they can keep their elite status…no thanks…when idiots like this open their mouths I have to wonder…what’s in it for them and who are they really trying to protect? Certainly not the American people, I know that Hillary doesn’t have the interests of Americans at heart…I believe she referred to me as deplorable? Hope this only demonstrates to people how desperate she is to win.

  • Cruizin1960

    Why would I want to support Clinton?

  • Nick Lombardo

    You guys must be completely clueless, no where in the video does it scream “Vote for Hilary”. It says don’t let the orange Hitler win. It really scares me how stupid some people are if they just jump to the conclusion of “they hate Trump, so they must love Hilary.

  • Sansa Squad

    lmao I’m dying at these comments… justjared is literally just a gossip site for tweens, soccer moms, and foreign fangirls – how did the rest of y’all even end up here??

  • Matt Bowen

    Um look at the title, “star-studded campaign for HILARY CLINTON” before you call people clueless. Let’s face it, you think they are gonna be talking about voting for Bernie Sanders? He isn’t even in the race anymore. This is just a desperate attempt to vote for Killary. You know she hates Russia right and publicly insults Putin? Stable leader…

  • xrapwhiz43
  • xrapwhiz43

    Whedon, the creator of FireFly nonetheless, donated a million dollars to start his own pro-Hillary superPAC, which is what you’re seeing at work here.