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Miley Cyrus Doesn't Like the Title of the CW's 'Supergirl'

Miley Cyrus Doesn't Like the Title of the CW's 'Supergirl'

Miley Cyrus is speaking out against the CW’s show Supergirl, saying she believes the program’s title isn’t accurate and may make people uncomfortable.

The 24-year-old singer and actress explained to Variety that she thinks the title is also weird for having a gender attached.

“There’s a show called Supergirl. I think having a show with a gender attached to it is weird. One, it’s a woman on that f**king billboard – it’s not a little girl,” she said.

Miley continued, “Two, what if you’re a little boy who wants to be a girl so bad that this makes you feel bad? I think having a title like Supergirl doesn’t give the power that people think it does.”

In the past, Supergirl‘s creative team has explained that the name stems from the character of Supergirl, who is Superman’s younger cousin and separate from Superwoman.

“We knew going in that Supergirl might imply a younger audience, but we felt we could take a powerful word back and participate in introducing that to a new generation and say that doesn’t just mean young or inconsequential. It should be strong and bold. That was our goal,” producer Greg Berlanti previously explained.

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  • klutzy_girl

    But that’s her superhero name (and I don’t see her complaining about Superman either)…

    This is so random. What even.

  • j b

    I think that Miley Cyrus needs to lay off the crack pipe as she is spewing things that make absolutely no sense.

  • MaNuPF25

    What an idiot but thats no news

  • Alexandra

    I was going to say the same thing!

  • Soured

    OMG SHUT THE FUCK UP, God she’s so stupid!

  • ivvie

    Oh my God Miley shut the fuck up you make no sense.

  • Casey C

    can someone shove a sock in her mouth?? The name Supergirl is actually dealt with within the show, Kara herself complains to Kat that she should be Superwoman and it comes out of that.
    second, what the hell does the second half of her complaint come from? why would a boy that wants to be a girl feel bad because Supergirl is called Supergirl???
    miley thinks she’s so much smarter and modern than everyone else and it’s so f-ing annoying because half the time she’s wrong. compare her interviews to someone like Wentworth Miller’s on similar subjects and he sounds intelligent, thoughtful and considered. she sounds drugged out of her mind….oh wait

  • Arx

    So BatMAN, SuperMAN, SpiderMAN, IronMAN, AquaMAN etc. is acceptable but not Supergirl?

  • First Last

    Next she’s going to say that Superwoman is actually offensive as well because it contains the word man and blah blah blah other crap that she’s trying to pass off as feminism and empowerment but is really just stupidity

  • Kittywilderness

    Bloody hell, pick your battles. I’m all for equality, and being treated with respect, and feminism but honestly there’s a limit to how extreme this can all get. The content of the show (which it seems Miley hasnt watched) is far more important than whether ‘girl’ is in her name. There’s now 4 strong women on that show. Go hang out with Taylor Miley and pretend you know what you’re saying. Oh and burn everything you’ve worn on a red carpet in last two years, that bits just for me

  • David P.

    Yes, Miley, you are right of course. But “Superperson” didn’t test well.

  • ola akande

    add wonder WOMAN (who is getting her own solo movie)

  • Delores Pauldo

    She is not in it why worry about what it is called.She need to stop complaining about things that not her business. Go and spend time with her boyfriend. Who she decided to begged to be with her again.

  • Matt

    So should it be called “Superboy who wanted to be a girl and that is okay, so now he is Supergirl”. WHAT IS THIS.

  • Marie Bunny Shepard

    Haha hell to the yes ! Perfect rant.

  • JLover

    ummm Miley needs to STFU and stop trying to be relevant….

  • JLover

    ummm Miley needs to STFU and stop trying to be relevant….

  • Gina

    At least this idiot is giving the show publicity.


    I’m going to try and be nice and not lose it on Miley. Supergirl is the name of the character, there was a movie based on the character, and she’s been called that for decades. There’s no need to change it.

  • wafle7350 .

    and to think i use to admire how true she was to herself, now she has become part of the outrage peddlers that criticized her so much.

  • Ron Helton

    It is a character from a long time comic book Miley.
    One of my favorites as a kid. A comic book character since 1959.
    I passed up a chance to buy Spiderman # 1 comic book in 1963 to buy a comic with Supergirl in it instead. I regret not getting the Spiderman, but I liked Supergirl better at the time and I only had 20 cents.

    I enjoy the Supergirl show and the actors who are a part of the show. Please don’t ruin it for the rest of us.

  • Max

    Miley’s awesome as always, shut up haters!