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Jennifer Aniston Works Up a Sweat at the Gym

Jennifer Aniston Works Up a Sweat at the Gym

Jennifer Aniston has her hands full as she makes her way to her ride on Monday (October 17) in Los Angeles.

The 47-year-old actress went workout chic in a tank top, leggings, and sneakers as she made her way out of a session at the gym.

PHOTOS: Check out the latest pics of Jennifer Aniston

Up next on Jennifer‘s film slate is holiday-comedy Office Christmas Party. Jennifer stars in the film alongside a celeb-packed cast including Jason Bateman, Kate McKinnon, Oliva Munn, and many more famous faces.

Office Christmas Party is set to hit theaters on December 9.

20+ pictures inside of Jennifer Aniston leaving the gym…

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Photos: AKM-GSI
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  • Mayette de Guzman

    Nice to see Jen’s latest pics. Luv her!

  • Joy B Angie

    The sun rises, the birds are singing, Jen works out.
    Life is good.
    Perfect conditions !

  • Ariana-Kaelita

    She’s so fugly!

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  • Francesssimonetti2

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  • Sabrina

    In your opinion

  • Chiniffer Jawniston
  • Chiniffer Jawniston

    Look at Maniston, trying to hide her big growing chin and thin lips!

  • Joy B Angie

    Jen looks very good on these photos.

  • Joy B Angie

    Look at little moron obsessed with Jen.

  • Joy B Angie

    Jen’s conditions make her haters furious.
    It’s fun.

  • Ethery

    October 27, 2016


    What the press releases of this couple did to their careers?

    His manager was able to put him in two films for 2017.

    And the movie ‘Girl on the Train’ hit the number one spot at BO.

    She did manage to thrive in the box office at rank number 4 then 3rd on its second week for her movie ‘Mother’s Day,’ though it was kind of flop, she was the highest paid actress on that movie.


    To make the movie a hit it should pass the double gross income from the budget. With 25 million budget, the movie should earn a gross income of 50 million to make it even, then the rest will be the net profit of the movie for the producers and the distributor. If ’Mother’s Day’s got a worldwide gross of 48 million. 48 million divided by 2 = 24 million only will go to the producers of the movie ’Mother’s Day,’ which is 1 million short from the 25 million budget investment on that movie.


    She was also the highest paid actress in ‘Storks,’ movie, which entered 2nd on its opening weekend at BO. They should have cast Sandra B, as Sarah, but the rest of comedic actresses are just second choices next to Ms. Aniston‘s resume, who really could play a mother in a movie really well. ‘Storks’ needs to reach a 140 million gross earnings to break even with the investment of the movie.


    Box office drawer like J Lawrence, or Melissa McCarthy, or Scarlet J are not ready yet for a mother role in a film.


    Who could play a white Oprah Winfrey in a movie?

    That is why she was perfect for her role as CEO of a Tech company at Chicago.

    She is in real life a CEO of her occult secret society company.

    I speculate that she had inherited a blood line of flawless skin witch entrepreneurs from Crete, Greece,

    or wiccan genes from Grieco Italian mafioso ancestors,

    or witches’ DNA from Dow Irish/Scottish/English clan in Connecticut.

    It runs in the family members of occult secret society,

    if you are not a Reptilian like Ms Goldie Hawn,

    you could be a wolf,

    or a vampire

    or a witch to make it big in the world among the club of Luciferians, those Satanists who worship Lucifer.

    Obvious examples are Jay Z and Beyonce, Kanye West, and Lady Gaga. You see pics of Lady Gaga is in friends with Bradley Cooper.


    Same feathers flock together.


    Does it rings a bell that Ms Aniston is in friends with Kate H the daughter of Ms G Hawn?

    Ms Aniston is in friends with Hillary C,

    a high ranking member or priestess of an occult secret society,

    whose husband Bill C attended the Bilderberger occult secret society international meeting before he became a president. If you are part of this group attending Bilderberger, you might be a future president or something in the business world.


    I haven’t seen a witch or a wolf or a vampire or a Reptilian yet in real life for I don‘t hallucinate and I don‘t use street drugs.

    I haven‘t tried weed in my life.

    I don‘t use modern medicines.

    I don’t drink alcohol. I don’t smoke.

    I have healthy brain cells.

    But when I saw Ms Aniston, there is something in her that I don’t understand that I was spell bound.


    Her video signature is ‘daredevil88.’

    She calls herself a witch in ‘Cake.’

    She hides her wedding ceremony,

    but then we saw picture of a bald guy minister who married them in their house, resembling the bald guy Satanist priest Anton Levy.

    We will wonder where that bald guy minister’s church from?

    Or what religion he belongs to?

    I saw a lot of Freemasonry signs, in a car, in a building, occult secret society signs and symbols everywhere and data shows confirming that actor Ronald Reagan (former neighbor of Ms Aniston) is a 33rd degree Freemason, meaning as the highest ranking Freemason, he knows he worships Lucifer.


    For sure, Ms Aniston is the highest paid actress on ‘Office Christmas Party’ which will give birth to on screen historical mesmerizing funny chemistry with TJ Miller.


    I think if she will make an action comedy titled ‘Siblings,’ she could play a witty FBI agent for a mission and hire her two siblings, like TJ Miller and Melissa McCarthy on that movie will be interesting. Or she will play a detective or a cop in an action comedy and her partner in policing work will be TJ Miller, would be interesting.


    Ms Aniston is also the highest paid actress in a war drama picture, ‘The Yellow Birds.”

    Safe to say that with a support from a major studio as a distributor, ’The Yellow Birds,” could follow the ’Keanu’ movie gross earnings. ’The Yellow Birds’ needs to reach the 24 million mark of gross earnings at the box office to make it even with the budget of the movie of 12 million.

    She needs to work with Clint Eastwood for biographic true to life story movie or Stan Lee in a superhero films if she wants to make it big again at the box office.


    At this time her safe comfort zone at the box office is in action comedy genre.

    Even at age 100 years old she could still join the cast of comedy genre pictures.

    If theatres need at least 50 actors and 50 actresses per year she got 3 roles in a year filling the 2 actresses’ vacant slot.


    She is building her other business empire through product endorsement,

    as a spokesperson in advertisement and commercials.

    Filming advert is WHOLESOME, easier, shorter, with more creative freedom,

    more patented genuine work not imitated in pirated DVD sales,

    and had the same earnings as with making Satanic scripted big budgeted movies.


    She could make another business empire OUT of WRITING A BOOK while her college graduate in Literature husband could proof read it with approval.

    I think he did proof read her Essay before it was published at Huff post website.


    At this time, I will give a suggestion, that you Ms Aniston, STOP making more versions of your perfume. It will only hurt your sales because of many choices. Please continue to sell it in exclusive distributors like Sephora and Harrods at same max price.

    What did the Ford do with their car models?

    Henry Ford made a firm decision to manufacture only one model of his car, whether the people will like it or not they have to deal with and get only that black car from his company.


    In the same way, whether the people of many generations will like 50 year old Ms Aniston or not, the Warner Brothers Studio will continue to cast her as their recycled tool on their pictures. The business must go on when they make a software among 50 movies per year. Directors of photography will take care of that physical discrepancies. The major studio wants pieces of those 50 movie per year earnings or loses.


    As a fan, I want to see Ms Aniston in a realistic movie that will make me laugh, that is all I need from movie producers.


    Her Emirates advert alone has FREE 1.7 million VIEWS in 5 days.

    I just don’t know where these million of viewers came from but they are real hits of the video, some of them are her solid fans around the globe, if no one will argue that PLANET EARTH IS FLAT. For sure majority of people are websites viewers now than TV.


    You Ms Aniston need a webmaster computer engineer PR to promote your products or software. I think Mr Huvane had made an empire of that line of expertise.






    I was thinking that most fans are thinking about Ms Aniston’s married life.

    I wrote this before on 14 Sept 2015 response to a comment.


    I don’t know Jen A or J Th.

    I just could sense that J Th is a very kind person.

    He is the intellectual strategist organizer of Jennifer Aniston’s life, aside from Jennifer’s smart manager. I just guess he’s a confirmed workaholic.

    I heard he’s a vegan/vegetarian health conscious who tried to quit smoking.


    As a partner of Jennifer A who is most of the time a vegetarian weight and fitness conscious actress, they are quite the same in their daily routine. Thy both work out for fitness. He work out at the gym on regular basis. A normal belly without a work out has a bulging fatty love handle. That is a profile of a well self-disciplined artist.

    A peaceful relaxed laid back confident boyfriend then husband of the rich and famous wife. Women have a good intuition to sense what is going on with a person next to her. I just trust what Jennifer sees on him for years of being a friend, 4 years of being a boyfriend, living inside the same house for 3 years. Justin Theroux has third person bodyguards now and also are in friends with Jen’s hired assistant, house helpers, chef, drivers, Jen’s loyal bodyguards, stylists, make up artists, Jen’s neighbors and old friends. So if he had passed with flying colors that eye of the needle Jennifer Aniston’s litmus test, Justin T is a professional well educated very patient normal sane man of integrity. He had two courses in college.


    He doesn’t mind if his wife push him over at times, for he is also loyal and resilient. I know a lot of smart men who married wives or picked a partner less smart than them.

    We all know that Jennifer A is dyslexic (reading problems or hard to learn out of reading), this shows that they compliment each other’s good attributes.

    He don’t mind if she was older. I think Jen A as she was always been, kind, loving, generous and loyal, that 4 characteristics are enough for him, who won’t?


    Men are not vocal of what they feel, but you just could see what he feels for her with his actions towards her, HE TOOK THE RISK TO MARRY HER DESPITE OF a lot of difficulties and giving up his old happy go-lucky life, that alone is a sign of true love. When they became a couple there seem a chemistry that occurred on both of them that on his own he is not the same person anymore as he was – before she became the girlfriend.


    Now another thing, Justin Theroux has passion for dramatic arts and theater, scriptwriting, movie screenplay, directing, film producing, and being a character actor himself. He is dyslexic too. Except for writing plays or scriptwriting, his passion to areas of performing arts are her passions as well.

    Justin Theroux fits to her world, and even makes her world a better place to live.


    Time could only tell, how he was able to materialize his goals to move up on his career and be successful on what he does. I think, I wish he would rather die than to dishonor himself as the husband of Jennifer Aniston at the pages of entertainment Hollywood history. Therefore, I really believe that their marriage will last until death do they part.


    I am repeating myself that I don’t see them getting a divorce. Their love chemistry is too strong like a little less than Prince Charles and his wife Camilla, Duchess of Cornwall.


    They have the same manager now, there seems a possibility that his PR right now is also Mr Huvane. They really work well together as confirmed on the recent statement of Justin Th. Did you notice their respective careers are thriving at mainstream media?

    For me that is rare in entertainment industry to come up with a team up like that of Mel Brooks & Anne B, Charles Rodgers and Mary Pickford, Ronald R and Nancy R actor-actress couple whose marriages last till death.


    There is an old adage saying, in “every man’s success behind it is a woman,”

    (behind the success of Nimrod the Mason builder is Semiramis the mother of ancient occult pagan worship) or vice versa.


    J Th is loyal one woman man who is dependent on her physically and emotionally.

    J Th is more of a career driven workaholic guy than physical intimacy driven.

    She has more boyfriends than J Th’s biography of girlfriends.

    He has more time allotted going to school, on his computer and work than to his girlfriends in the past. He seems the kind of guy who don’t collect a lot of girlfriends. His former girlfriend before his wife was been his same girlfriend for the last 14 years.



    If J Th and Jen A have a fake relationship in a fake marriage,

    it is just watching ‘Picture Perfect,’ they dress for the job they want. And they succeeded in doing it. In the end of the day, they are in a fixed relationship ending up living close to each other than any other human beings around them.

    Being married allows Ms Aniston to legally own the body of his husband.


    What I don’t like with J Th is his latest tattoo ‘never again again’ at his mature old age, it only shows he is a push over of his friends. Like that guy friend of J Th who wears a Satanic t-shirt inverted cross of the occult secret society who worships Lucifer.

    Friends, please leave your friends alone to their respective spouses now that they are married.


    UNLESS JEN A LEAVES HIM FOR AN UPGRADE OR FOR SOMETHING BETTER than him, there is no more turning back for her when she leaves him for a younger more loving, more beautiful, loyal, kind and smart vegan guy. She leaves high school BFs for McD for CS then leave CS for singer I forgot who, then TD for BP and so on.


    Possible good chemistry with Ms Aniston is Ben Affleck

    (I think Ben A is still loyal to his wife JG), or married Matt Walsh.

    There are more beautiful younger actors or more handsome stable sane men out there that she might like.

    I could rate J Th 7 out of 10, while Brad P and Chris H are 9 out of 10.

    But that guy must go along comfortably with her in her real world.


    I don’t think Jen A had that enough time to go back to 0 relationship, then start with friendship, lover, fiancée, husband stages of intimacy.

    Jen A wants stability in life base on the shape of her car and houses.

    She is ready for a mother stage life now that she has a husband.


    J Th is like a normal supportive confident smart nice loyal husband.

    If his friends before was able to build a pattern of his lifestyle,

    his bossy wife now could give structure to his non-plan plan life.

    If no guy could stand her domineering mean character,

    this guy will be the last guy who will leave her in a room if she is being rude.


    Put it this way that Justin Th could be her loyal friend fan like us.

    I don’t think that I will have another favorite actress next to Ms Aniston because she was and will always be my only favorite actress.


    Actors and actresses are not an ideal profession if you want to be a saint.

    Unless maybe when you do only wholesome commercials or advertisements for a clean living and documentary film or biography about Jehovah or play in a Christian programming.

    There is no such a vocabulary or a valid description called a porn actress saint. Or a stripper saint. Or a prostitute saint, a practicing homosexual saint, or drunkard (addicted and alchohol drinker) saint, or a glutton (eat all you can all the day long) saint. Sins could not exist in a saint when Jesus Christ comes in the clouds of glory at His second coming.


  • Joy B Angie

    The only reason of black color of the Ford-T car
    was a time of black paint drying.
    Just a technology and nothing else.
    But movie making is not just a technology.
    It’s an Art as we know.
    Some Jen’s movies just make a money and no more.
    But some of them must bring new values in to our life.
    To stay in the history forever.

  • Joy B Angie

    Jennifer Aniston is not a dyslexic.

  • Stop Iphaggitism

    Well it’s not like she’s a decent actress. It was either this or a career in dog grooming, wedding planning or massage therapy.

  • Joy B Angie

    No dog grooming is possible
    if you was born in Hollywood in actors family.

    If Jennifer Aniston is “not a decent actress” – so who is ?

  • travel gurl

    Would like to look like her when I’m 47!