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Alicia Keys Says Original 'Snow White' is 'Totally Sexist' & Misogynistic'

Alicia Keys Says Original 'Snow White' is 'Totally Sexist' & Misogynistic'

Alicia Keys is not a big fan of some of the original Disney movies, particularly the classic Snow White.

The 35-year-old singer recently expressed her disapproval of the movie’s portrayal of the lead character’s role, noting that she won’t let her sons watch the film.

“They say that every child learns from their mother – and it’s ingrained from babyhood,” Alicia told The Edit magazine. “I get real funky about the classics; I don’t like [my sons] watching [the original Snow White]. It’s totally sexist, misogynistic – she’s cleaning for seven dwarfs.”

“There’s nothing wrong with a woman who chooses to stay at home with her family, it’s a hard-ass job, but it’s the way it’s spoken about,” she went on.

“For the first time, I’m recognizing how art, activism, socially what we’re going through, all go together,” Alicia added. “For the longest time I thought it was all separate.”

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  • Kitty

    Snow White needed a place to hide from her murderous step-mother. She finds refuge in a house where 7 employed dwarves live. They go off to work… in a freaking coal mine… and Snow White is NOT supposed to do anything in the home?

    People like Alicia Keys make me sick. They think they’re fighting for equality but what they want is not “Equal treatment”, they want “Special treatment”. A woman should not clean? A woman should not cook? A woman should not carry her load in a home if sharing it with a man? These guys did her the favor by letting her in and her helping out is what created the bond that helped her out in the end. So what lesson is she teaching anyone by saying “women should never help any man”.

  • :)

    Does Alicia know this is just a children’s bedtime story?

  • totalobvi

    the movie is 90 years old, pick your battles gurl!

  • Just Saying

    Is a children bedtime story, stop trying to turn everything into a “feminist statement”. Lena Dunham, Emma Watson and their white feminism are becoming a decease.

  • Casey C

    Id be more pissed at the fact her stepmother wants to kill her because she’s ‘more beautiful’, thus her entire worth is wrapped up in her looks. if she thinks hte Disney version of these tales is bad she should read the originals. lSleeping Beauty, in the original, was raped while unconscious and left pregnant with twins.

  • Rubywbevins4

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  • shoes4life

    Oh geez, really Alicia, really??? Let’s talk about the real reason why all of a sudden you’re not wearing makeup & dressing more demure, is it to please “so called” Muslim husband?? Since you want exaggerate stuff.

  • Dee

    maybe u should read wut she said before u go nuts?

  • Dee

    the story was of its time, so yes it was all those things.

  • adyona23

    I grew up on Disney cartoons and Snow White was the first one I ever saw. As I young girl I never ever saw Snow White as an under-pressed woman cleaning after 7 dwarfs (men). These Disney cartoons also never taught me that this is what women are only good for. As a little girl all I saw was a fairy tale. Nothing more than that. And that is how I still look at them. Sure, young kids love to watch cartoons and boys quite often pretend to be princes and girls pretend to be a princess. But girls won’t pretend to all of the sudden wanting to clean houses all day. I have seen every Disney cartoon more than once when I was little and I still grew up as a woman believing in equality. Each to their own, but if Alicia Keys thinks these cartoons have an influence on young kids, similar to the age of her sons, regarding equality then she is honestly missing the (disney) plot. Her sons will learn all about equality through her and her husband and the choices they make and what they decide to teach their children. If she is worried that a fictional character like Snow White will have a bigger influence on her kids then what she will teach them then that is pretty worrying towards herself. There is a huge problem in the world towards equality. But let’s not blame that problem on old cartoons such as these. That is admitting like you have no idea how to solve it yourself.

  • xyz

    Tool, puppet. And an idiot one

  • Lo Mo

    Yeah, and to balance that out, there are several other 90 year-old fairy tales about princesses gaining the throne themselves or having other goals in life than being the trophy for the main character (a prince) I can tell to my daughter every night ! No need to get upset here!

  • Lo Mo

    Yeah, and to balance that out, there are several other fairy tales about princesses gaining the throne themselves or having other goals in life than being the trophy for the main character (a prince) or helping out cleaning and cooking I can tell to my daughter every night ! No need to get upset here!

  • Lo Mo

    Yeah, and to balance that out, there are several other bedtime stories about princesses gaining the throne themselves or having other goals in life than being the trophy for the main character (a prince) I can tell to my daughter every night ! No need to get upset here!

  • Lo Mo

    Yeah, to tell little girls that a fairy tale (the most wonderous thing) is being a trophy? to clean? not to get the throne for herself..?

  • Douglas from Brazil

    She dress like a muslim woman.

  • Douglas from Brazil

    LOL at her. That’s why the new Beauty and The Beast movie, Belle is an inventor and did not wear a corset. They’re changing an old story to please those liberals because God forbid a woman cleaning a castle for man.

  • Loather

    Snow White is supposed to do anything but clean the shit for 7 men? A princess? So would you make (adult) princess Charlotte clean the shit if she were chased and you were hiding her in your house??? A vulnerable refugee to serve you, just because you “”"work”"” all day??? The dwarfs did the housework well before Snow White and did after her gone.
    Why are you against women and YOU? Why do you want to free men from housework at any costs?
    And a man why NOT SHOULD clean, cook??? Why should men be served by any woman, even if she is a royal? A woman should be domestic servant of men at all costs under any circumstances? A woman can do nothing else but serving men for gratitude? No other way? THAT’S NOT ‘HELP’ BUT SERVICE. The dark Middle Ages is over 400 years, why are you darker than a black hole? “Women should never ‘help’ any men to clean their shit, to cook and more instead of them!” TELL ME A TALE WHERE MEN ‘HELP’ any WOMEN TO CLEAN, COOK??? Where is the “equal treatment” in the tales?
    But you can come to me to clean the shit if you like it so much…I also need ‘help, because I also work all day’.

  • tcvajv

    Oh come on, AK. This is crazy. Just like so many other items. Let your children see these old films. They are absolute classics, groundbreaking cinema achievements. I was raised on these and similar others. And enjoyed every minute of them. I looked at the simple story, I didn’t read deep into it to try to find something objective. I turned out fine. I didn’t take away that I was subservient to the male sex. I just laughed and enjoyed.

    Yes, today we need to work on race, sexism, and all other social ills, but let’s not destroy our history. People like AK are why there are increased problems in these areas. They don’t work on the present, they try to live in the past.

  • JustThinkingLogically

    I wonder if she knows that Show White is from the Brothers Grimm who wrote social commentary disguised as fairy tales?

  • JustThinkingLogically

    Hate much?

    How about she was actually a trespasser who the 7 men could have killed from breaking and entering.

    From a mans perspective consider these at a MACRO level. Of course, there are exceptions to every situation however, generally speaking, these are pretty accurate:

    1. Women have the privilege of free entry into many nightclubs and bars

    2. Women have the privilege of not having their motives questioned when they play with children

    3. Women have the privilege of being 90% less likely to be homeless

    4 Women have the privilege of being given free stuff because someone finds them attractive

    5 Women have the privilege of being considered the most valuable gender

    6 Women have the privilege of women-only scholarships

    7 Women have the privilege of an education system tailored to their needs

    8 Women have the privilege of having their feelings considered at all times

    9 Women have the privilege of paying less retirement contributions and claiming more due to longer life expectancy

    10 Women have the privilege of never being expected to do manual labor

    11 Women have the privilege of it being socially acceptable to be deceptive about their level of attractiveness

    12 Women have the privilege of being a stay at home parent as the norm for their gender

    13 Women have the privilege of having access to contraceptive pills

    14 Women have the privilege of being able to opt-out of parenthood after the fact

    15 Women have the privilege of receiving custody of the children if they do not exhibit a major character flaw

    16 Women have the privilege of alimony

    17 Women have the privilege of female-specific cancers being taken more seriously than non-specific cancers

    18 Women have the privilege of having biased, pro-woman movements that are taken seriously by the state, media and public at large