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Celebs Are Freaking Out Over Election's Super Close Results

Celebs Are Freaking Out Over Election's Super Close Results

Celebs are getting very nervous about the possibility of Donald Trump winning the presidential election after many states are coming in very close tonight.

Trump is looking likely to defeat Hillary Clinton in some key battleground states and a lot of celebs are surprised by the amount of votes he is receiving.

Some celebs are tweeting about how nervous they are while watching the election coverage and others are imagining what life could be like with Trump as president.

See what Khloe Kardashian, Seth MacFarlane, Emmy Rossum, and more are tweeting.

Click inside to see what more celebs are saying about the election…

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  • Kitty

    Regardless of whose side you are on personally… these reactions show just how out of touch Celebs are with the average person.

    Not everyone with an opinion goes around screaming it in people’s ears. We’re not sure which side will win but there is a silent majority that keeps their political views to themselves.

  • gradybridges

    White people vote. If the voter turnout with minorities was the same or higher than 2012 then Clinton wins.

    Very scary night. Really the darkest of timelines.

  • BrooklynsFinest718

    It’s official. There are more people in the US with their heads up their ass. How did a clown like this even get so close?!

  • gradybridges

    They just thought Americans were better. Turns out we aren’t. Trump is a hateful man.

  • Kitty

    But thats the point. Instead of calling people idiots and dismissing very valid opinions, then why not consider what it is that voters of the other side are actually after?

    The media (and bloggers) are trying to make this about racism and sexism and hate. But the American People dont see that. They want something that is being pushed aside. So why not look at what is making either candidate more appealing to them

  • Mona

    This country is so screwed.

  • Lynndi

    The black voter turn out dropped this election compared to the last

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  • FerCat

    Some see Hillary’s penchant for war and kinda not want to get nuked.