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Celebs React to Donald Trump Winning the 2016 Election

Celebs React to Donald Trump Winning the 2016 Election

Donald Trump has been elected to be the next President of the United States and celebrities have taken to Twitter to share their reactions to him winning the election.

Almost all of the reactions are ones of shock and dismay as most people never expected Trump to defeat Hillary Clinton in the election.

The election was called just around 2:30am EST after a long night with a race that was too close to call.

Clinton called the new president elect to concede in the early morning hours of Wednesday (November 9) and she will take to the stage in the morning.

Click inside to read more tweets from celebs on election night…

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  • xyz

    I want to see all these famous hypocrites and ‘tards how they leave America as they said, some even promised to, since Trump won. Whos gonna be first?

  • Sofnr .

    Hopefully you :)

  • 777

    I have no idea who half of them are tbh.

  • David Webb

    Same! They all thought this was joke, that real red-blooded American’s weren’t tired of being told how to think, how to act, and how to live by pompous, self-appointed SJW’s.

    Well, tonight they got their answer!

  • David Webb

    Same. Then again, it doesn’t take very much these days to be considered a “celebrity” — certainly not talent!

  • Johnny Cage

    Shut up trash liberal. This isn’t your country, this is ours! We took it back from liberal garbage like you who are hateful, arrogant and just plain ugly. MAKE AMERICA BEAUTIFUL AGAIN!

  • bbm

    America’s gone crazy, i guess someone will try to kill him sooner or later..

  • Krant

    If everyone is unhappy, who voted for Trump? – Restoftheworld

  • Natas Reficul

    With control of the House, Senate, POTUS, and soon to be SCOTUS, perhaps it is liberals who should flee. Welcome to hell, you only have yourselves to blame…

  • FerCat

    People who didn’t want a dangerous hawk in the White House.

  • Ana Esteves

    Damn, americans! You couldn’t even keep this crazy cheeto away from the White house! Winter is coming…

  • 777

    It’s the same as Brexit.

  • 777

    Winter is here.

  • Robert Casi

    they speak as if clinton was a better choice

  • Jack Bauer

    I love how liberals espouse tolerance and free speech but when their candidate loses all you hear is hate, racism, vitriole and violence. I wonder if there are any liberals out there that understand the meaning of hypocrisy.

  • Jack Bauer

    As opposed to a murdrous, lying, smug, condescending, crooked and evil candidate. Just shut up and be glad I am not President!

  • xica

    Hate and ignorance rule the world. Richer but dumber.

  • Arrow 12

    Can’t wait for all these so called celeb move on to Canada. Not sure why Mexico isn’t on their list of places to move to???

  • xica

    They don’t speak english in Mexico and Mexico is very dangerous

  • Matt

    You nervous?

  • Matt

    Only their version of the truth is tolerable to them, anything (even logic) which disagrees with this fantastical delusion they view as reality, to them, is hate.

  • beware the mac

    God forbid.

  • fabinhoalmeida

    I’m from Brazil and here the repercussion of Trump’s victory is enormous. The biggest national celebrities are upset and dissatisfied with him victory as can be seen on this brasilian website:

  • HG

    Can’t believe the one bozo above actually thinks KKK endorsed trump lmao!! We have a pic of killary kissing their founder years ago , probably gave her money the only language she speaks , regardless all media proved that was a lie and false about trump and KKK!! Celebs are really stupid !!

  • HG

    Whose gonna help me get them packed for Canada ?

  • keymanjim

    They don’t want to move in with “the hired help”.

  • Paralyzed_Patriot

    I love my country and I love being an American.

  • SquidBillie

    Half of these self-important “stars” aren’t even American citizens. Shut up and go worry about your own countries.

  • zaggle

    suck it up Georgie

  • Nahalban

    That happens and SJW’s might not like the backlash or even survive it.

  • Travis

    I’m such a deplorable. The only one of these ‘Celebrities’ I’ve heard of before is Piers Morgan and he was the only one that had anything nice to say about Trump lol

  • Travis

    I’m such a deplorable. The only one of these ‘Celebrities’ I’ve heard of before is Piers Morgan and he was the only one that had anything nice to say about Trump lol

  • Travis

    I’m such a deplorable. The only one of these ‘Celebrities’ I’ve heard of before is Piers Morgan and he was the only one that had anything nice to say about Trump lol

  • Mark Newman

    I have only heard of TWO of those people!

  • Guest

    Piers Morgan is creep. He is a presenter on a TV breakfast show in the UK and he acts like its his show. People have switched off in droves.

  • David Webb

    Why don’t you save taxpayers the overtime pay and just turn yourself over to the Secret Service for that little remark, m’kay? Pretty sure you wouldn’t have said that for Obama, much less tolerated to even hear it. Thanks, idiot!

  • David Webb

    How many “celebrities” vowed to leave America if Trump won?

    If their reaction is to abandon America if they don’t get their way, then they obviously don’t love this country and we’re all better off without their ilk around! Of course, how many SJW’s are known to have served in America’s military? Haven’t seen one yet.

    Actions still speak louder than words!

  • David Webb

    Hahahaha! Ya’ know, I never thought of that, LOL!

  • Julain Assange

    Put some cream on it, whiny celeb bitches. Grow up and move on.

  • Julain Assange

    How tolerant and peaceful of you. A shining example of the left.

    Stay classy.

  • bbm

    lots of love, crazy american

  • David Webb

    Your ilk doesn’t know the meaning of love!

  • Slam256

    I am from Canada and please keep these idiots in your country. I am a lefty and I say let’s destroy the SJW movement.

  • Paul Klenk

    Have some close Canadian friends who stated that they’d start their own wall! And, yes, the alleged celebs made express statements about leaving the country. Let’s see who will lead the parade! And, Arrow, Mexico is certainly a better choice for them. It’s easy to get in, but it might be a bit harder to get out. While we’re on the subject, take Kaepernick along as a guide; he’s lived a repressed existence. Also, the dope who made the “threat,” just opened the door for a visit from the Secret Service. Think the Service will appreciate the change? Sorry, rhetorical question, I know they will.

  • Paul Klenk

    Count me in!

  • Paul Klenk

    Is Brazil interested in providing sparse living quarters for the disenfranchised celebrities? Take Elizabeth Warren and Nancy Pelosi too!

  • nkm56

    Gee, came here to see what “famous” celebs had to say about the win, but I have never heard of most of these idiots.