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Silicon Valley's Thomas Middleditch & Kumail Nanjiani Harassed by Trump Supporters at L.A. Bar

Silicon Valley's Thomas Middleditch & Kumail Nanjiani Harassed by Trump Supporters at L.A. Bar

Thomas Middleditch and Kumail Nanjiani, the stars of HBO’s series Silicon Valley, were harassed at a bar in Los Angeles by Donald Trump supporters this weekend.

The two actors took to their Twitter accounts to explain what happened when they were approached by two white dudes in their 20s who said they were “big fans” of them.

Kumail says the guys told them they are wrong about Trump and went on to call them “cucks,” which is an alt-right that has been used by the president-elect’s supporters.

“This happened at a bar in LA surrounded by ppl. I can’t imagine what it must be like to be someone who looks like me in other parts,” Kumail said.

Click inside to read the rest of the many tweets from the guys…

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  • John Dow

    You forgot to mention that these two morons are both anti-Trump and they were very vocal during Tuesday’s election results. Too bad those alleged Trump supporters didn’t kick these fucktards’ asses.

  • frances.paulin

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  • Hypnotist

    What a couple of fucking pussies.

  • ola akande

    the difference is, had Hillary or Bernie or any other Republican nominee like a Jeb Bush for example, had won the Presidency….u wouldn’t see their supporters taunting other ppl lmao

  • Gina

    Trumps win made hateful people more bold. This is just the beginning, sadly.

  • John Dow

    What? Hillary and Bernie supporters, those who protest against Trump victory not just taunting other ppl, but they are burning and looting businesses and cars, attacking and beating other people and police. There are multiple reports of sexual assaults etc.

  • ola akande

    yes bc the only candidate & the guy who won, was a guy who started his whole campaign dropping racists statements lol.

    i think most ppl would protest that lmao

    u didn’t see Jeb Bush mocking ppl of other races lol

  • John Dow

    1. Examples of racist statements?
    2. Jeb Bush mocked blacks

  • ola akande

    lmao u need examples? “mexico doesn’t send their best, they sent rapists, drug dealers, & maybe some of them are nice ppl”

    u don’t think thats gonna rub ppl the wrong way? lmao

    Trump whether he did it consciously or subconsciously mocks a reporter who is clearly physically disabled lmao

    what other candidate even closely did that? no one lol

    see Republican candidates lightly tap the racist button (Jeb)…Trump clearly making overtly offensive, racist, xenophobic, sexist comments & kudos to him, it worked. But don’t act surprised that ppl are rubbed the wrong way by this.

    If Jeb, Kasich, Bernie, or even Hillary had won, u wouldn’t see nationwide protests against the winner. nobody protested in the streets nationwide when GW Bush or Obama won. Ppl were happy or pissed BUT they weren’t ready 2 set the country on fire. Thats the difference

  • John Dow

    You’re showing your ignorance again.

    1. That was not a racist statement. Mexican is not a race.
    2. If Hillary had won, we would have seen civil war.
    3. When Obama won there were protests. Texas even wanted to secede from the United States.

    Are you really that ignorant or you’re just trolling?

  • ola akande

    1. obama won & u named 1 state that had a problem. 1 state lol. that still doesn’t equal nationwide protests.

    2. so u don’t know a negative statement from a positive one? lmao. Name 1 other candidate that openly mocked a litany of ethnic, religious groups & a disabled guy haha.

    i understand that ur trying (keyword: trying) to defend his actions BUT his actions during his campaign aren’t defensible. no other candidate was this disrespectful to such a diverse group of people across the nation.

    if any other candidate won, A LOT of ppl would’ve been pissed, none of that would’ve equaled THIS.

    dude, he mocked a disabled person openly, WHO DOES THAT?! lol what kind man mocks a physically disabled person lol how do u not understand this? ohh i forgot, ur just trolling

  • John Dow

    Our «conversation» reminds me this:

    - Blacks in the U.S. are stupid
    - What? You’re racist.
    - Here are 25 studies that prove my statement
    - But… but…. i don’t care about the facts, you’re racist
    - I want to help bla….
    - I don’t care, you’re racist!
    - I wa….
    - Shut up! You’re racist!