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Nicole Kidman Discusses Keith Urban's Battle with Addiction

Nicole Kidman Discusses Keith Urban's Battle with Addiction

Keith Urban has been very open about battling addiction throughout his life and now his wife Nicole Kidman is talking about how she has supported his sobriety.

The 49-year-old country singer checked into rehab for a problem with alcohol abuse in 2007, just four months after he married Nicole, 49.

When asked by People what advice she would give others going through what she did, she advise loved ones of an addict “to get help. To put your hand up, to reach out. There is absolutely help out there. You can’t save somebody, they’ve got to save themselves.”

Nicole says that lesson “is a very big thing for people like me who go, ‘I can take care of you. I can do it.’” She realized that she wouldn’t be able to do it all by herself and “at some point, you just have to say, ‘I love you and I’m here when you decide to do the work. If you don’t, then that’s it.’”

Watch the full interview below!

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  • Chicken_Paprikash

    A fake woman with a fake marriage

  • 1MzLiz

    What a coincidence, just when rumors are rampart concerning their marriage, Ms Kidman brings up Keith’s past addiction problems and how she ‘saved’ him. She’s also bringing up her perfect marriage to Cruise. This would be a good time for them to get back together. She’s past menopause and intimacy isn’t a big issue, and that’s fine with Tommy boy, because it never was with him. Keith, OTOH, will go on to greener pastures because he’s still one hot and delicious fellar.

  • Barbarassharma

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  • Joy

    WOW! You are a doozy… one minute you’re happy they’re “back together” and the next you rip Nicole to shreds, just like the infamous “1urbanfan27″ does daily! Keith and Nicole have NEVER been “apart” or “separated,” and to imply that without knowing anything at all about them is absurd! Many of us know them personally, and they’re closer and more connected than they’ve ever been!

    BOTH of your statements are absolute lies based totally on outlandish headlines in tabloid fodder! Nicole did NOT “bring up Keith’s past addiction problems and how she ‘saved’ him’” at all, and that would be clear if you even listened to the interview. Jess Cagle, the editorial director of PEOPLE & Entertainment Weekly is also a recovering alcoholic. CAGLE requested the interview with Nicole so she could share what it was like as a partner/ spouse who has and IS living through the daily life of SUPPORTING a recovering addict, which continues for the rest of his life! BOTH Nicole and MOSTLY Keith have shared a LOT this year about what it’s been like for ten years now– in order to HELP OTHERS. Keith has reached out to MANY people, especially in the country music community, to lend his support to them as they go through their own addiction issues with rehab and life changing experiences. A few have shared that, but Keith has not himself, helping them quietly. NO one ever speaks of the role of the spouse, either, so Keith has! Nicole never wavered in her love and support, attending sessions herself with him at Betty Ford! Since Jess Cagle knows Nicole well, he reached out to her to tell people how the partners can help by not turning away but loving and supporting their spouses through the nightmare.

    Nicole NEVER said that she “saved” him… quite the opposite!! She said that she could NOT do that at all, and that any addict has to “do the work to save themselves!” She ‘wanted’ to save him and do all the work, but she realized that HE had to make those choices. She’s praised him royally for how committed he is daily, to “walk the walk, not just talk the talk”! He is totally committed to his sobriety and his FAMILY, as they give him his purpose in life. Keith and Nicole are amazing together, in spite of hateful people who ‘work’ at creating miserable lies!

    And WHAT “perfect marriage to Cruise”?? Nicole has said in every interview she’s ever done that “the marriage to Tom was good while it lasted but it ran its course.” She has stressed in every interview that her “perfect love is Keith” and “she wished she’d met him ten years earlier to share more children with him”! My god, how you twist and spin everything! And then to add this: “She’s past menopause and intimacy isn’t a big issue, and that’s fine with Tommy boy, because it never was with him.” HOW would you know ANY of that?? YOU DO NOT!! And WHY would she be “past menopause” at the age of 49?? And to assume that “intimacy isn’t a big issue”?? YOU are as delusional as ol’ 27!! If all you ‘know’ about Keith and Nicole is from the tabloid headlines, then you need to either listen to them speak in live interviews or quit spreading your trash!

  • 1urbanfan27

    YOU think you know him…But YOU do not…And STOP lying about me “JOY”…Before it bites you…

  • 1urbanfan27

    And those words about him saving himself, were mine…From years ago…And you “JOY” need to STOP defaming me…And you only repeat what you read…Nothing more…

  • 1urbanfan27

    Also you can live in the same house and be apart…And you can be with somebody else, while residing WITH someone…I know that for a fact…

  • 1urbanfan27

    By the way JOY…YOU know nothing at all about “perfect love”…NOTHING at all…

  • Joy

    I don’t repeat things I “read” since MOST of what is printed is TRASH. YOU are the one who reads the tabloids, as you post it constantly on your Twitter feed, adding Keith’s name to all of it! You’ve done that for years on his website, too, naming the trashy sites. I DO ‘know’ Keith, much better than you ever will. You seem to forget that I spend a LOT of time with Keith and I DO know him personally. I know Nicole, too, and they are the sweetest couple in the world. Their love and dedication to EACH OTHER is palpable, and everyone who KNOWS them knows and says that about them! REAL love cannot be ‘faked’!

    YOU have a short ‘memory’ 27- YOU are the one who only ‘met’ Keith in a Meet & Greet in 2003. YOU are the one who chased Keith all over northern FL, GA, and then NASHVILLE since you first ‘saw’ him 1999. You BRAG about how you LEFT your husband in 2005 and moved to Nashville “for” Keith. But that does NOT MEAN that you were “with” Keith– since HE was dating and then ENGAGED to Nicole. They were living and traveling together– totally inseparable and all well documented. His TRUE FRIENDS confirm all of that, and you have no clue who his REAL friends are! All you do is spread evil insinuations, stalking Keith all over the internet!

    You’ve been so ANGRY since 2005 that you’ve spent your LIFE dedicated to getting revenge against Keith AND Nicole! Talk about denigrating someone- YOU are the queen of “defamation”! YOU attack both Keith and Nicole every time they are together or he even mentions her, but what you say about Nicole is shameful! Keith has grounds to SUE YOU over defamation, but why would he want to give you even two seconds of his time? He IGNORES the “crap” and “bullsh*t,” as HE calls the trash that YOU spread. How on earth you can live with yourself, as angry, mean and nasty as YOU are to Keith and Nicole, is the real question. Misery loves company, and you are wallowing in it!

  • 1urbanfan27

    YOU are a lying beeotch…I don’t attack anyone…I have been provoked by the likes of you…Defamed by the likes of you…Lied about by the likes of you…YOU make things up…YOU chase my words everywhere…The stupid promotions are just that…HIS talent doesn’t need it…And revenge? YOU are completely CLUELESS…Blind…And sue me?…Oh good lord…I don’t think so…Too much explaining to do…YOU are the angry, mean, nasty one…YOU aren’t involved…So stay out of it and mind your own dang business…YOU don’t own him…And you will NEVER be able to do anything about it…So STOP wasting your time…I’m NOT going anywhere…

  • 1urbanfan27

    Oh yeah…BTW…Get the stories straight…You sure stalk me enough…One would think that you could get them straight by now…Well documented?…Aye…There’s the rub… :) Big fail for you…

  • 1urbanfan27

    You seem to forget that you are a liar…And I believe that you know him…Like I believe that you are anything but another stalker of a celebrity couple…You may think that all that BS you read is all the truth…But you would be sadly mistaken…So…”joy”…I don’t believe you, any more than you believe me…So check…Mate…#QueenRules